PR 2015: Top 100 Influencers & Brands

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At Onalytica we have been looking closely at the transformation of PR as we know it. Influencer relations is a truly essential part of modern PR (we also offer a B2B influencer relations platform for PR practitioners). We were interested in seeing which PR professionals and brands were leading the online discussion. Below you can see a network map of the online conversation around PR. PR: Top 100 Influencers & Brands Click To Tweet. PR News.

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How Content Marketing Can Help You Earn Digital PR

Marketing Insider Group

Everyone knows how important PR is for building your brand reputation and attracting new customers. But traditional PR can be time-consuming, expensive, and limited in its reach. The good news is that anyone can get started with digital PR. What is Digital PR?

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4 Media Relations Lessons…Learned the Hard Way

Marketing Craftmanship

Media relations (or press relations) involves risks and consequences that can quickly derail any career, either as a corporate executive or PR agency rep. Tripped up again…by the “When did you stop beating your wife?”? ”? question.

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PR Lesson from the Lolo Jones / New York Times Controversy

Marketing Craftmanship

Putting aside Longman’s opinion or Jones’ reaction, and discounting speculation that Jones’ spokesperson made a serious tactical error in declining to participate in the story, there is a simple but valuable PR lesson in the New York Times coverage of Lolo Jones, which is: MEDIA RELATIONS 101. Or perhaps his rant was based on moral grounds, exposing the hypocrisy of self-proclaimed virgins who appear nude in sports magazines. Did Jere Kill Lolo’s Mojo?

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How We Went Viral: Promoting Content with Influencers, Ads & PR


Magazine , MarketingProfs , and Forbes. We got lucky last week. One of our research posts went viral. Ok, it wasn’t anything like a Buzzfeed post, but it is now the most shared post on content marketing in the last 6 months.

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A tech journalist on the 5 best and worst practices of B2B PR


It’s no wonder PR professionals are frustrated. Cutting through the noise has never been harder, but some PR pros manage to do it consistently. Find out what they do right and what too many PR pros still do wrong. He was the social media columnist for B2B magazine for seven years and is currently one of our B iznolog y authors. The post A tech journalist on the 5 best and worst practices of B2B PR appeared first on Biznology.

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LeadsRx Ranks Among Highest-Scoring Businesses on Inc. Magazine’s Annual List of Best Workplaces for 2021


magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2021. magazine editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk. Fishburn PR for LeadsRx. Magazine’s Annual List of Best Workplaces for 2021 appeared first on Multi Touch Attribution Software. Portland, Ore.,


3 Easy Ways Your PR Campaign Can Boost Thought Leadership

B2B PR Sense

Lately, I've been talking about how you can make your PR campaign more effective. The best PR campaigns contain clear-cut deliverables that ensure visibility, boost leads, and build thought leadership. Grab the checklist here: So today, let's talk about how to extend the life of your PR and, at the same time, use it to build thought leadership. If your PR campaign landed you press in a trade magazine or other publication, use the article as the basis for a speech.

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How to Easily Boost Your B2B PR with Native Advertising

B2B PR Sense

How can it be combined with B2B PR to make a truly powerful and effective weapon in the marketing field? Many noteworthy websites have begun to offer this marketing option, including The New York Times and Time magazine. (To Native Advertising - A Friend or Foe of B2B PR? People are generally pretty skeptical of native advertising in theory, which should be welcome news to PR professionals. ” ~ Jim Dougherty. Time Magazine. B2B PR paid media

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Crowdfunding PR Tips for Kickstarter & Indiegogo

Altitude Branding

The stakeholders in your company – The people that require evidence that your PR is working . Once you have compiled everything, you can search keywords of your ideas on search engines for the relevant newspapers, magazines, etc.

PR 70 Social Media Tool or PR Nightmare?

Marketing Craftmanship

For many of the 65,000 companies it currently covers, can be a PR nightmare waiting to happen. For example, Texas-based Beryl Health (formerly Beryl Companies) is well-known for its employee-focused culture, and is a “Best Place to Work in Healthcare” according to Modern Healthcare magazine. Learning to Live With Employee Opinion.

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How to Empower Your Small Business PR with Thought Leadership

B2B PR Sense

In small business PR, it’s easy to suffer from product or service egomania. Why Small Business PR Often Fails at Thought Leadership -- And How to Fix It. Pulizzi continues with this insight: "Think of yourself as the trade magazine for your industry.". It isn’t always easy to pursue thought leadership in small business PR, but the rewards are worth it. How to Grow Your Business with Thought Leadership PR.

5 Things You Should Know About B2B PR

B2B PR Sense

Ask five different people in PR to define public relations and you'll probably receive five different answers. Now, narrow it down to the specialized field of B2B PR, and you may even receive a few blank stares. Is B2B PR really that difficult to define? By the end of this post, you'll know: How to define B2B PR. The difference between PR and advertising. What elements are critical to a PR campaign. If PR results can be measured. B2B PR

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Inbound Marketing Secret Ingredient of Effective Business PR

Tomorrow People

What has changed in PR? Once upon a time, PR for business used to be simply about gaining coverage in the local and national press. Today, many businesses continue to undertake their own PR activities, or buy in PR support to help boost their profile. The explosion of the internet and, more recently, social media, means that truly effective PR is a very different thing from gaining a few column inches. How to make PR work for your business.

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How to Send a PR Pitch That Resonates During a Major News Cycle

Contently - Strategy

Editors are quick to treat a PR pitch like a pest, sweeping it into the trash after no more than a glance at the subject line. Even if a major story dominates homepages and feeds, there are still ways to find an unexpected news peg to strengthen your PR pitch. ” Another option for a time-sensitive PR pitch is to submit a press release to platforms like PR Newswire or the UK-based Press Association. Strategy journalism PR

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FIR B2B #136: The Best and Worst COVID-Related PR Pitches


Louis magazine. The post FIR B2B #136: The Best and Worst COVID-Related PR Pitches appeared first on Biznology. Is your inbox overflowing with a virus? Sadly, it isn’t ordinary phishing or malware, but all COVID, all the time, with pitches and experts offered from all walks of life.

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Event Magazine: Brand Experience Report - The Rise of PR Stunts

The Freeman Company

FreemanXP''s SVP, International weighs in on this growing trend

Blogger outreach is earned media PR, isn’t it?


Long-story-short is that my long-tail strategy for blogger outreach, influenced heavily by the Cluetrain Manifesto , digs much deeper than just the top-50 or even to top-600 bloggers; in fact, my strategy doesn’t care anything at all about Klout , Compete, Google PR, or even page views or age of site. The reason they come to Social-Ally or an agency like mine is because what they get for that money up front is PR garbage.

15 Personal Branding Experts You Need to Check Out

B2B PR Sense

Personal branding is an important part of your business's PR and marketing strategy. Magazine. Magazine's list of "100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference.”. She is co-founder of Bell +Ivy , a marketing and PR firm in Santa Monica, CA, and Las Vegas, NV.

You Know You Work in PR When…


You tell people that PR stands for “Public Relations,” but they have no idea what you do. So you make an awkward joke about having a “BS” in PR. You’re obsessed with Brian Solis’ insights about Diedre Breakenridge’s book, “PR 2.0.” You feel super cool because you are close friends with writers and publishers from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes magazine. Author: Megan Ziman 1.

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PESO Model for PR: Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned Media


Earned media was the primary focus of PR. Traditionally, earned media is a PR pitch sent to a journalist who may include the brand in a featured story or mention it in an article in some way, whether it’s a print or online publication. Today, PR and marketing pros aren’t just pitching journalists; they’re pitching blogger and social media influencers with large followings who trust the influencer’s recommendations.

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The More Industrial Marketing Changes, the More it Stays the Same

Industrial Marketing Today

Also notice that more traditional marketing tactics such as trade magazine advertising, PR and direct mail have made it to the top ten marketing channels in 2012. Industrial Lead Generation Industrial Marketing Strategies Integrated Industrial Marketing email marketing industrial lead generation Industrial Marketing Integrated industrial marketing PR Trade Magazine AdsI’m not trying to be clever or facetious with my headline.

Poll of the day: What’s your PR approach for the future?

Tomorrow People

Once upon a time, PR for business used to be simply about gaining coverage in the local and national press. Today, many businesses continue to undertake their own PR activities, or buy in PR support to help boost their profile. The explosion of the internet and, more recently, social media, means that truly effective PR is a very different thing from gaining a few column inches. ” Content is still an essential part of an effective PR campaign.

PR 120

Smartfeed Technology Across the Daily Express, Daily Star, and OK! Magazine


Magazine. Magazine appeared first on Company News and PROutbrain , the world’s leading native advertising platform, announced today the extension of their long term partnership with a subset of publications now under the umbrella of Reach PLC; as well as early results from the implementation of Outbrain’s proprietary publisher solutions, Smartfeed and Native In-Feed, which are producing revenue uplifts of nearly 150%.

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Media Relations, Influencer Marketing & PR in 2020: An Interview with Brant Skogrand


Starting in the early ’90s, Brant seems to have done it all: from PR for an entertainment retail company to corporate communications for Thomson Reuters to financial services PR at Thrivent Financial to news editing at University of St. The world of PR is always changing … except when it isn’t. “I’ve always been excited about guiding the next generation of PR professionals,” Brant said.

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B2B Lead Generation Blog: Lead Generation for the Complex Sale Listed Among BtoB Magazine’s Best Marketing Books

B2B Lead Generation

« Article: Why Most B2B Websites Fail To Convert Sales Leads | Main | Using White Papers for Lead Generation » Lead Generation for the Complex Sale Listed Among BtoB Magazine’s Best Marketing Books Ellis Booker, editor of BtoB Magazine, posted a short list of five of the best marketing books published in the past 12 months, as well as a couple due out imminently. B2B Lead Generation Blog About Free Resources Get FREE Updates Instantly Get A FREE Chapter from my book.

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The Dirty Secret Behind Sir Richard Branson’s Attack on the Suit and Tie

Marketing Craftmanship

So it’s no great surprise for Branson watchers to see him crank up his PR machine to attack formal business attire – specifically the suit & tie – as the greatest threat to capitalism since Joseph Stalin (who, ironically, was never photographed wearing a business suit.). He’s in Entrepreneur Magazine extolling the virtues of the open collar workplace. Joseph Stalin Refused to Wear a Tie.

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7 Reasons Why Brandpoint is the PR Agency’s Choice


If you’re a PR agency looking for a progressive content marketing agency, you can count on Brandpoint to custom-tailor an effective content plan that meets your specific needs. Learn more about how we partner with PR agencies to create mutually beneficial media products at

How Social Media Helps Marketing, PR, And Sales Become Better Friends

Marketing Insider Group

And it often extends to our colleagues in PR. The alignment problem is what drove me into here… BtoB Magazine recently reported on a Forrester survey that proves the point that this is huge challenge: only 8% of B2B companies say they have tight alignment between sales and marketing. So how can marketing and PR lead our organizations to better alignment with sales? This is really where PR can take the lead. They can get along?

Press Coverage Done Right: A Story Of Social Media, PR And Stalking

Marketing Insider Group

You know what they say, “there’s no such thing as bad PR.” I’ve always read CIO Magazine to learn more about the IT business, and to keep on top of the latest news. My first story in CIO magazine was around the Vancouver Olympic Games (Atos is the Worldwide IT Partner for the games). But for marketers, there is nothing better than good press coverage in a respected trade publication.

Press 177

When does Time not mean time?


So, when your social listening success depends on knowing Time magazine from every other mention of the word time , it is no wonder that you are defeatist about what is possible. Social Media/PR machine learning social media social media listening time Time magazineWhen does Time not mean time? Just about all the time. I asked someone this question today at a meeting at Time-Life headquarters because social media listening is expected to get it wrong.

4 Tips to Uncover Company News for Your B2B PR Program

Schubert B2B

You have to grab the interest of the gatekeeper — making sure the editor finds your item relevant to the magazine’s audience. The post 4 Tips to Uncover Company News for Your B2B PR Program appeared first on Schubert b2b. Getting trade publications to publish or post your company’s news can be a challenge. But what if you don’t have any news to share at all?

PR 62

Marketing Counterpoint: Why PR Does Help Sales


This blog post is written in reaction to an earlier post “Why PR Doesn’t Drive Sales.” Both new HubSpot employee Christine Huynh, the author of Friday's post “Why PR Doesn’t Drive Sales” , and I have public relations experience, so our views come from years in the trenches (thus the phrase “PR is not pretty’). For the purpose of this blog post, when I say PR, I am talking about corporate public relations - both B2B and B2C.

PR 61

The Responsibility of Advertising and PR to the General Public in 2017


However, there seems to be one part of the news-making equation that has so far been given a free pass, and that’s the information provided to newsrooms by PR. Something has to give in this scenario, which means an increasing percentage of journalistic output is reliant on the information fed through by PR. According to the PR Census 2016 , the PR industry employs 83,000 people in the UK. He is acutely aware of the situation PR currently finds itself in.

PR 61

7 Ways to Get More Value From Your PR Campaigns


Squeezing every bit of value out of a PR campaign is something very few of us actually do. It’s very easy to call a close on proceedings once the press grab hold of your campaign, but there are a still a few things you can do to turn your PR campaign from 90% to 100% effective. Check out these seven helpful tips for becoming the ultimate PR completionist below. 7 Ways to Get More Value From Your PR Campaigns. This is a happy side effect of a successful PR campaign.

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Don’t Publish a Press Release. Create a Product Story Instead


It reads like the title of an award-winning magazine feature. Storytelling PR product story88 Acres: How Microsoft Quietly Built the City of the Future…. Should’ve been, really.

How Social Media and Influencers Have Radically Changed B2B Marketing

Webbiquity SMM

As traditional PR has evolved into influencer relations , influencer marketing has become key to “earned media.” Social media and influencer marketing have each significantly impacted the work of B2B marketers.