[2009, Sales] 11 Habits of Highly Effective Marketing Technologists
    According to IDC, data will expand 44-fold from 2009 to 2020 to reach an astounding 35.2 While collaborating with Scott Brinker on the 2017 edition of the martech landscape , we identified that sales and marketers now have more than 5,000 solutions in varying categories with a breadth of offering. The following is a guest post by Anand Thaker , CEO of IntelliPhi and my co-collaborator on the marketing technology landscape since last year.
    [2009, Sales] Less Brand, More Identity: The Zombie Business Cure
    Yet examples abound of companies that behave in zombie-like ways, often paying the price in lost sales and damaged reputations. Melissa gives plenty of examples of problematic brands, including the 2009 story of the self-proclaimed “friendly skies” airline, United, refusing to replace a passenger’s guitar damaged by its employees. (As No company wants to be a zombie – an uncaring, brainless, ruthless, inhuman thing that does whatever it takes to keep going.
    [2009, Sales] 7 Books That Will Help You Develop More Empathy
    Leaders make critical business decisions every day, and any lack of empathy on their part can produce unhappy employees, self-serving marketing and sales processes, and inferior products. Siegel (2009). 2) The Age of Empathy: Nature's Lessons for a Kinder Society by Frans De Waal (2009). 4) Wired to Care: How Companies Prosper When They Create Widespread Empathy by Dev Patnaik (2009).
    [2009, Sales] Research Says "Bullies" Dictate Most Buying Decisions
    Although this study was designed primarily with sales reps in mind, the findings will be valuable for B2B marketers. Risk B2B marketing and sales professionals have long recognized that many business buyers are risk averse. Specifically, B2B buying is all about minimizing fear by eliminating risk." ( The BuyerSphere Project , 2009). The conventional wisdom is that B2B buying decisions are made by buying groups that must reach a consensus.
    [2009, Sales] Influencer Marketing: What is it and Why Should You be Doing it?
    Building relationships with the right influencers can therefore be the catalyst to improving brand value and increasing sales. Shift from ‘deference’ to ‘reference’ As Marketing Week published back in 2009, there has been an “evolutionary shift from deference to reference; deference being people accepting what they are told and reference being people asking advice from peers.”
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, JULY 24, 2017
    [2009, Sales] 50 amazing facts about Amazon.com to inspire your company
    million in sales. In 2009, Amazon acquired Zappos for $1.2 While investors have grumbled about this fact for years, others continue to be encouraged by the company’s explosive sales and growing investments. Amazon.com facts are especially relevant now; with Amazon making some of the most expensive company acquisitions in the most unlikely industries, there is lots of speculation as to why and what is really going on.
  • HG DATA  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 2017
    [2009, Sales] A Customer-Centric Approach to Sales Intelligence
    RelPro is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that delivers a unique combination of smart prospecting, quality leads and targeted intelligence for sales, marketing and business development professionals. The company was recently ranked as a top 3 sales intelligence product for mid-market companies by G2 Crowd. Congratulations on being named a top 3 sales intelligence platform! The post A Customer-Centric Approach to Sales Intelligence appeared first on HG Data.
  • EMEDIA  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2017
    [2009, Sales] How I Learned to Stop Worrying and (Sorta) Love the Phone
    I Haven’t Checked Voicemail Since 2009. As a result, marketers and sales professionals must use the phone judiciously. If you’re using the phone to qualify leads, someone who answers the phone and talks to the marketer or sales rep could be pretty far down the funnel. The first person to reach a buyer by phone is 238% more likely to close a sale. The answer is that that moment is when I’m most likely to be interested in what the marketer or sales rep has to say.
  • CONTENTLY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017
    [2009, Sales] Mozilla’s CMO on Lazy Marketers, Battling Trump, and the Future of the Open Web
    Mozilla’s Firefox phone and OS was a gigantic flop , and it’s share of desktop browser traffic has fallen from a peak of about 30 percent in 2009 to 11.8 And it’s not like sales-pitch content, it’s content that’s relevant to the audience and the concerns of the conscious user. Five years ago, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff sat in a board room, wondering if he’d wasted his life as a marketer.
    [2009, Sales] How Data is Democratizing Growth and Driving Disruption
    From high-growth companies MongoDB, Cloudera, Birst, Actifio, and DiscoverOrg, come first-hand insights on finding success through high-quality sales and marketing intelligence. Sales and marketing professionals should carefully evaluate data accuracy and credibility before investing in a data source. Once the problem of sourcing high-quality data has been resolved, the focus can shift to embedding data effectively in sales and marketing processes.
    [2009, Sales] Building an Audience Is Not a Chore: 5 Brands That Began with Content
    From 1977 to today, the Star Wars films have generated over $7 billion in ticket sales. And as Mint’s head-spinning success story unfolded from 2007 to 2009, experts intensively analyzed the “how.” What are the brothers’ annual sales today, you ask? What is Star Wars, truly? Is it a film franchise? Or a great marketing and content strategy? The answer depends on whom you ask.
    [2009, Sales] Observations from the 2017 Marketo Summit
    The event has transformed since 2009, when the customer party fit (literally) onto a suburban restaurant patio. They’re incorporating sales outreach, social media, account-targeted display ads, and even (gasp!) This week was my eighth consecutive Marketo Summit, all of them as a sponsor/exhibitor. For a more detailed recounting of those early events, read this great article on LinkedIn by Sandra Freeman.).
    [2009, Sales] The Eight Best Social CRM Tools
    According to Google Trends , the average number of monthly web searches for the phrase “social CRM” quadrupled from June 2009 to June 2011. Both help sales, marketing, and customer service personnel plan and schedule follow-up activities. ” Here are eight of the best social CRM tools for capturing and scoring leads, facilitating prospect and customer social media engagement, and managing sales processes, customer relationships, and marketing programs.
    [2009, Sales] Mario Martinez Jr.'s Expert Advice on Social Selling (Part 3) — Future Predictions
    According to research published in 2009 by the University of British Columbia, “an incidental similarity shared between a salesperson and a potential consumer in a sales situation… can result in a more favorable attitude and a higher intention to purchase and the need for social connectedness can underlie the effects.” As discussed in Part 1 of this social selling series, some of the top tools you should be leveraging are LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Twitter and One Mob.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 3, 2017
    [2009, Sales] 7 Creative Stunts People Used to Land Their Marketing Dream Jobs
    After Pasha Stocking was laid off from her job as a marketing and sales director in Connecticut back in 2009, she took all the usual steps to find a new job: sending resumes to prospective employers, going to job fairs, and even registering with temp agencies. Hire Me" is a three-minute music video Biedrzycki created back in 2009 to use in place of a traditional resume and cover letter. My career didn't really start until I launched this [video] in 2009.
    [2009, Sales] Content Marketing: Is it Something or Is it Nothing?
    ” Now, to be fair, even though I have had a “Director of Content Strategy” title for many years and have essentially made my living since 2009 doing things related to “content marketing,” I am actually sympathetic to his main point: The hype has been outrageous ever since content marketing became a thing and the word “content” is so generic that it can mean anything. A couple weeks ago, I came across this post and it really stuck in my craw.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MARCH 20, 2017
    [2009, Sales] 6 Branding Mistakes Undermining Your Company's Image
    For example, Disney came under fire in 2009 for releasing Hannah Montana -branded cherries. When it comes to writing good brand copy -- if you aren't in a position to hire a professional -- use this old advertising and sales trick: Focus on features, not benefits. In 1982, Colgate decided to jump on the frozen food craze by releasing a line of Colgate-branded frozen entrees called Colgate Kitchen Entrees.
    [2009, Sales] Changing the Currency in Advertising: Chartbeat Founder Tony Haile on the Future of Content Measurement
    What brought you to Chartbeat in 2009? Advertising will still be a key part, but if there’s a little less pressure on the ad sales people, they can focus on the deals they really want to do. In 2014, Tony Haile was in the midst of leading a publishing revolution. As CEO of Chartbeat, a web analytics company, he pushed the industry past the pageview and toward metrics that valued quality over quantity.
    [2009, Sales] Why Do Insurance Companies Advertise So Much?
    And yet HeadOn sales rose 234 percent from 2005 to 2006. billion in total sales across all product lines in 2015, an increase of more than $3 billion from the previous year. While it’s impossible to directly attribute those sales to a single campaign, former SVP of marketing Jennifer Hanley said that “from a paid-media perspective, it’s one of our single most effective ads ever.” trillion in premiums in 2015, a 15 percent increase over 2009.
    [2009, Sales] Account-based Everything, Measuring ROI, and the Future of ABM
    You’ll note that Account-Based Everything is not a new idea but it’s a trending practice that marketing and sales organizations are using, and it’s spreading like a wildfire. You need to work with sales to realize the value of your account-based efforts, and that’s why we call it “account-based everything “ There are really five or six key steps that successful account-based marketing and account-based sales development organizations have adopted.
  • PUREB2B  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 2017
    [2009, Sales] 10 Brands Show Us How Email Marketing is Done
    An essential aspect of nurturing new sales leads is email marketing. Furthermore, a study by Custora found that customer acquisition through email quadrupled from 2009 to 2013, with the 2009 benchmark set at 7%. If you’re one of their customers, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this last chance sale by Boden? Their call-to-action telling users “Quick-Clean Up” also gives the impression that the sale is a particularly good one where they can get large discounts.
    [2009, Sales] Top 15 Marketing Books of 2016
    As the host of The Marketing Book Podcast , each week I publish an interview with the author of a bestselling marketing or sales book. Aligned to Achieve: How to Unite Your Sales and Marketing Teams into a Single Force for Growth by Tracy Eiler and Andrea Austin. The co-authors are the Chief Marketing Officer and the VP of Enterprise Sales at InsideView, a software as a service company that has profitably aligned its sales and marketing efforts.
    [2009, Sales] The 24 Best Visual Content Creation Tools
    It’s a visual reporting application for creating internal or external charts across marketing, finance, sales, or other functions. The original meme generator, online since 2009, where you can create, for free, as they put it “Bluntly offensive statements and careless advice with animal icons.” More than 90% of B2B marketers already use content marketing in some form, and spending on content marketing is projected to double by 2019.
    [2009, Sales] How 4 Brands Are Revolutionizing the Customer Experience
    It will either result in a sale or increased brand loyalty. Its founder began reaching people by mail with a three-page flyer starting in 1912, and online sales didn’t surpass catalog sales until almost 100 years later in 2009. Bean has insisted they didn’t do anything special to bring these boots back in style, but kudos to their marketing team for jumping on the opportunity and ultimately contributing to record sales over the past several years.
    [2009, Sales] 12 Lessons I’ve Learned from Writing 1,000 Blog Posts
    The New York Times reported back in 2009 that 95% of blogs are abandoned, and there’s little evidence that state has changed much since then. 4) It’s not (just) about lead gen or sales—it’s about relationships. To be sure, a thoughtfully written business blog can generate leads (and sales). In Taekwondo, students are taught they must perform each kick at least 1,000 times before they can safely say they have learned the kick perfectly.
    [2009, Sales] The Art of Content: How Artsy Brought a $64 Billion Industry Into the Digital Age
    Last October, Artsy teamed up with auction house Sotheby’s for a digital art sale. Since the company was founded in 2009, its goal has been to break down the exclusivity barrier of the art industry. To bid on a Richard Prince piece replicating an Instagram selfie, estimated to be worth between $100,000 and $150,000, you didn’t have to turn up in a blazer or heels, champagne flute in hand, discretely raising an auction paddle.
    [2009, Sales] Skyword’s Top Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2016
    Could people trust a large institution in 2008 and 2009? we want more leads, we want more sales, we want more followers and comments and likes—and we want it as fast as possible.” Co-written by Linsey Morse. Cleveland: These days known as Championship City…or, at least content capital of the world for one week every September.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 15, 2016
    [2009, Sales] Should Social Marketing Still Get Your Vote?
    However, generating real demand (qualified leads and opportunities for sales), along with expanding customer lifetime value is ultimately the bottom line that marketing and CMOs get graded on. In 2009–2013 throwing money into social with a soft (or no) ROI was acceptable. My point of view to this important question is an emphatic “ NO *.” But please, indulge me for a couple of minutes as I explain that little asterisk I put next to my answer.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 2016
    [2009, Sales] NYC Sanitation, Scotch Tape & More: 10 Companies With Unexpectedly Good Twitter Content
    That’s a principle applicable to for-profit businesses, too: When you avoid saturating Twitter with sales pitches, your audience is less likely to ignore them (or unfollow you). Takeaways for marketers: Don’t bombard followers with requests for donations, sign-ups, or sales. Since joining Twitter in 2009, Poo~Pourri has achieved a type of brand authenticity that is unapologetically honest and, for its 14,300+ followers, relatable.
  • ACT-ON  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 2016
    [2009, Sales] 7 Things About Online Reviews Every B2B Business Needs to Know
    That’s according to a 2009 Convergys Corporation study, and I can’t imagine that the effect isn’t still with us. But you stand to actually increase sales by getting more reviews. Ever wondered what people say about you behind your back? If it’s your business they’re talking about, this isn’t mere paranoia – your survival is at stake. Online reviews are read by anywhere from 67-97% of consumers, depending on which study you cite.
    [2009, Sales] How 3 Insurance Companies Took Content Marketing by Storm
    We always see this positive correlation between running TV ads and eventual sales, but people aren’t clicking on their televisions,” he said. And this was back in 2009 when the term “content marketing” wasn’t as widely accepted as it is now. “Let’s face it,” said Matt Johnson, State Farm’s former head of digital marketing. “Insurance is not a high-interest category for someone aged 18 to 35.
  • CONTENTLY  |  MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2016
    [2009, Sales] The Sequel Paradox, in 11 Charts
    There are two big problems with using ticket sales as proxy for quality, though. Reboots, like 2009’s Star Trek , typically earn more money than their predecessors. How important is originality in filmmaking? Instead of heading to the theater for Batman vs. Superman or My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 last week, I took a painstaking look at the data on 600 recent movie sequels to find out. This is apparently how nerds spend their spare time.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 2016
    [2009, Sales] How to Train Your Brain to Write More Concisely: 6 Creative Exercises to Try
    An additional $5 million in funding was raised in 2007, which was followed by $12 million in May 2008, and $16 million in late 2009. It’s six words long: “ For sale: baby shoes, never worn. ”. Every time I write, my goal is to write easy-to-read sentences. I never want my audience to stumble or slow down or start a sentence over. That’s why, whenever possible, I use simple words instead of jargon, periods instead of semicolons, and active voice instead of passive voice.
    [2009, Sales] Interview with Wizard of MOZ, Rand Fishkin
    I think if we’d been more classically fitting to the SaaS model, we’d have been in big trouble in 2008 and 2009 when fundraising was incredibly hard. More content on analytics, sales & analytics based sales coming up. How do you make your startup’s marketing rock and what made Moz succeed where others failed? We had a chat with SEO superstar and Moz founder Rand Fishkin and asked him to spill the beans on his company’s success and failures.
  • CAPTORA  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 1, 2016
    [2009, Sales] CMO to CEO: Meet 3 Digital Marketers Who’ve Made the Leap
    His path: While Schott is not new to the CEO role at MuleSoft — he’s held that title since 2009 — his extensive experience in marketing no doubt has been a key factor in the company’s success. In 2009, she was hired as the first employee at cloud communications startup Twilio. It’s not a new trend, but one clearly gaining momentum: Businesses are tapping CMOs to become their CEOs. What is new is that more high-profile companies are making this move.
    [2009, Sales] Understanding the Data: The Warriors and Basketball Analytics
    Sales and marketing professionals probably see similarities between this analytical approach to basketball and their own business strategies. What changed everything, he said, was when SportVU tracking technology started being used in 2009. You can learn a lot about what happened in a basketball game from a basic box score. Which team won, of course. How many points, rebounds, assists that players accumulated. Shooting percentages, fouls and so on.
    [2009, Sales] Understanding the Data: The Warriors and Basketball Analytics
    Sales and marketing professionals probably see similarities between this analytical approach to basketball and their own business strategies. What changed everything, he said, was when SportVU tracking technology started being used in 2009. You can learn a lot about what happened in a basketball game from a basic box score. Which team won, of course. How many points, rebounds, assists that players accumulated. Shooting percentages, fouls and so on.
    [2009, Sales] Understanding the Data: The Warriors and Basketball Analytics
    Sales and marketing professionals probably see similarities between this analytical approach to basketball and their own business strategies. What changed everything, he said, was when SportVU tracking technology started being used in 2009. Account-Based Sales & Marketing LeanDataYou can learn a lot about what happened in a basketball game from a basic box score. Which team won, of course. How many points, rebounds, assists that players accumulated.
    [2009, Sales] Tapping the Brakes
    This marked the worst year for tech IPOs since 2009, according to Dealogic, as companies decided to remain private. It’s known for spending heavily on research and development rather than sales and marketing. This LeanData series examines the underpinnings of the technology economy and how sales and marketing departments could be profoundly impacted by tougher financial conditions.
    [2009, Sales] Tapping the Brakes
    This marked the worst year for tech IPOs since 2009, according to Dealogic, as companies decided to remain private. It’s known for spending heavily on research and development rather than sales and marketing. This LeanData series examines the underpinnings of the technology economy and how sales and marketing departments could be profoundly impacted by tougher financial conditions.
    [2009, Sales] Tapping the Brakes
    This marked the worst year for tech IPOs since 2009, according to Dealogic, as companies decided to remain private. It’s known for spending heavily on research and development rather than sales and marketing. This LeanData series examines the underpinnings of the technology economy and how sales and marketing departments could be profoundly impacted by tougher financial conditions. Account-Based Sales & Marketing
    [2009, Sales] Content Marketing is Nothing New
    In 2009, a study from the University of Southern California revealed that Americans consumed, on average, 34 gigabytes of content and 100,000 words in a single day. Why the change from content that’s sales-y and advertorial in nature to more subtle, value-add efforts? The need for quality content isn’t new, just the label is. Content marketing is one of marketing’s biggest, newest buzzwords, but what it actually stands for isn’t all that new.
    [2009, Sales] Video Content Marketing: The Three Es of Success
    When I joined DNS Made Easy’s team in 2009, I did so with the simple request to create animated videos in the vein of the “Erin Esurance” spots that were very popular at the time. The direct sales approach. When I first got into the field of animation, the last place I thought I would ever find myself is the world of content marketing. Really, it’s mostly because the term was never used this frequently in the history of advertising, let alone as late as 2011.
    [2009, Sales] Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 3]
    This is the question I posed: According to a report by SiriusDecisions, 2015 State of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), more than 60 percent of companies plan to invest in technology for ABM to better align sales and marketing over the next twelve months. Is ABM the Holy Grail to lead generation or just another black box solution destined to cost a lot of money, distract marketing and end up getting more bad leads to sales faster than ever before?
    [2009, Sales] Pleased to Beat You: The Stories Behind 5 Epic Brand Rivalries
    In fact, the brand went as far as introducing this shirt for sale in its online store : With Dunkin' Donuts continuing to stir the pot, it seems that Starbucks hasn't suffered from its rival's mockery. The brand beef all started with the "Get a Mac" campaign from Apple that ran from 2006 to 2009 that went on to be declared the best advertising campaign of the first decade of the new century by Adweek. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post.
    [2009, Sales] The Resurgence of Email Marketing
    52% of the US population now check email on their mobile device – this number has more than doubled since 2009, and will likely continue to rise as companies raise expectations about their employees’ accessibility outside the office. Direct mail marketing is no longer an effective tool to relay quick information about new product, sales, or other ventures simply because the timeline between direct mail delivery and the actual event (a sale, a program, etc.)
    [2009, Sales] Challenger Marketing: How To Succeed In Today’s B2B Battleground
    ” This was one of the bold statements Brent Adamson, co-author of “ The Challenger Sale ,” and the recently released book “ The Challenger Customer ” made during his kick-off presentation on challenger marketing at the Content2Conversion Conference last year. Back in 2009, CEB conducted a study to try to understand what sets apart the very best sales representatives from everyone else. “Our biggest competitors are our customers.”
    [2009, Sales] The Best Example You Will Find On The Value Of Storytelling
    What happens when you hire creative writers to make up stories about cheap trinkets, and they post these stories, along with the items online for sale? This was exactly what Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn did back in 2009, as part of their storytelling experiment. This trust is what ultimately will drive real sales and business value. I hear it all the time: “you can talk all you want about thought leadership and content marketing , but we’re here to sell stuff.”
    [2009, Sales] How to Run an Effective Agile Marketing Organization (with Vittorio Viarengo, MobileIron’s VP Marketing & Products)
    You need to create a reputation and a track record of shipping and getting stuff done because once you have that (you) can push back to (the) Head of Sales and say, ‘Hey, can you wait the sprint?’ They shipped the first release of their Enterprise Mobility Management platform in 2009 and since then have experienced tremendous growth that culminated in being recognized by Deloitte as the fasted growing technology company in the world (2009-2013) and then their IPO in 2014.
    [2009, Sales] Marketing’s Battle: How Big Data and Marketing Technology Helps Win The Game
    Although Paychex remained solidly profitable, business was flat in 2009 and declined slightly in 2010. “We Childs explains how much this changed marketing: “We need to do a lot of the educating that used to be done by our direct sales force. But Paychex’s average time from click to sale is about two months. As a result, the company has seen a 50 percent improvement in the sales call-to-appointment ratio.
    [2009, Sales] Should You Strive for Work/Life Balance? The History of the Personal & Professional Divide
    Top executives and their incentives were more focused on traditional performance measures such as sales or earnings growth. In most corporate circles, [work/life balance is] the sort of phrase that gives hard-charging managers the hives, bringing to mind yoga-infused, candlelit meditation sessions and -- more frustratingly -- rows of empty office cubicles,” noted authors Claire Shipman and Katty Kay in a 2009 Time article. "So,
    [2009, Sales] CMO Spotlight: “…No Penalties for Failed Attempts”, says Peter Doucette, VP Sales & Marketing, The Boston Globe
    As Peter Doucette, VP of Sales and Marketing at The Boston Globe said, “ We needed to think of value proposition as the center of everything we do.” It could have been much simpler for Doucette when he joined in late 2009 to make the newspaper’s 150 year-old legacy, awareness and brand equity the focus of marketing strategy. “… we’ve created a system where people know they can experiment. They see the benefit of pushing forward ideas.
    [2009, Sales] Drop the “Social” Prefix Already…It’s Just “Selling”
    But is this really the only thing sales teams should be focused on? Let’s explore… As a sales rep, I have to admit that Twitter rubbed me the wrong way once it started to go mainstream circa 2009. Seriously…I haven’t picked up my phone in two years and I’m in sales.) And if sales is your profession, you need to learn and become a master of all three channels. Sales b2b ConsumerAuthor: Ray Carroll “Social selling”.
    [2009, Sales] Stop Selling: How To Turn Your Expert Reputation Into New Relationships (And Revenue)
    Back in 2009, I ran an experiment. And just in case you’re still not convinced that if you’re in sales, you should be blogging, consider how buyers check out potential providers. If you put in an additional 2-3 hours every week, within months, you’ll see your visibility accelerate — and you’ll be a little more in control of your sales results. For six months, I dedicated myself to making a number of cold calls – every single day.
    [2009, Sales] Getting Your First 100 Customers: Strategies That Work
    Anyone with experience with startup companies and sales and marketing knows how hard it can be to engage those first 100 customers. Here’s how she tells her story: “It was in the summer of 2009 when I was shopping for a hotel and a flight to California on one of the online booking sites. Ok I realize I usually and generally deal with and write about brands that are way beyond their first 100 customers.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 2015
    [2009, Sales] Confessions of a Google Spammer
    My Mindset in 2009. Sales of our SEO SaaS subscriptions peaked at around $150,000 a month in subscriptions. We had two sales threads: one on WarriorForum, and another on WickedFire. Here's what a few hours of sales looked like back then: An Average Couple of Hours of Income at My Company During the High Times. Yet another guy (also in China, like me) was working with prison wardens who forced their inmates to mine World of Warcraft gold for sale online.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 2015
    [2009, Sales] Form Length Isn't Everything: 3 Other Ways to Optimize Your Forms for Conversions
    These exact questions have been at the center of a hotly contested debate that's been raging on since 2009. Because forms are a central component to your inbound strategy, it's important to optimize them for conversions while retaining any of the indicators of quality that you and your sales team care about. how many are actually turning into sales). Once you have a handle on close rate, speak with a few people on your sales team and get their opinion on quality.
    [2009, Sales] How Morgan Stanley’s Content Marketing Tells Branded Human Stories
    After approaching $40 million on media spend in 2009, the company scaled back considerably: Last year, Morgan Stanley only invested $10.3 Instead of a human-focused brand message, the company was focused on more specific goals, such as increasing sales for one of its new products while creating positive associations between Del Monte’s brand and its consumers.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015
    [2009, Sales] 8 Ways Home Builders Can Use Houzz for Lead Generation
    Since its inception in 2009, Houzz.com has quickly become a valuable tool to help home builders increase online exposure. The best sales leads have always come from word-of-mouth referrals. According to Houzz, the site is home to 25 million users looking for unique home design ideas and possessing an average household income of $125,000. For home builders, there’s no question the target audience is there.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015
    [2009, Sales] How choosing “Birdman” hurts the Oscars brand
    Birdman” attracted only about 5 million viewers and $11 million in ticket sales, compared to 40 million viewers and $320 million in sales for “American Sniper,” and “The Imitation Game” with 10 million viewers and $84 million in domestic revenues. viewers, its lowest rating since 2009.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 2015
    [2009, Sales] 10 User Generated Content Campaigns That Actually Worked
    Having users contribute to your content creation efforts has another interesting advantage, as consumers are more interested in hearing the views of their peers than reading cleverly written sales messages. The company launched The Art of the Trench website in 2009 , where users could upload and comment on pictures of people wearing Burberry products. Burberry’s ecommerce sales surged 50% year-over-year following the launch of the site.
    [2009, Sales] Gluten-Free, Juicing & Veganism: Marketing Strategies Behind 3 Major Diets
    Mintel International, a market research company, estimates the market for gluten-free foods grew 63% from 2012 to 2014, and it projects the industry will close more than $15 billion in annual sales in 2016. But where are all these sales coming from? Today, 39% of food companies manufacture gluten-free products, up from only 15% in 2009, according to Mintel. Vegan. Gluten-free. Paleo. Juicing. Mediterranean.
    [2009, Sales] 87 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats
    Many of the marketing automation stats we regularly use – to make strategic decisions, craft presentations, prepare for sales calls – are getting a bit long in the tooth. Case in point: “Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% less cost.”. It’s from 2009. Sales & Marketing Alignment. B2B marketers who implement marketing automation increase their sales-pipeline contribution by 10%. SALES & MARKETING ALIGNMENT.
    [2009, Sales] The Evolution of HubSpot's Email Marketing Strategy: An Insider's Story
    In 2009, we started segmenting our database for the first time. But we head grumblings from the sales team. We called them "mini CMOs" and those people would be responsible for supporting one of our persona-based sales teams, as we now had multiple. Some months, we all sent separate, more middle-of-the-funnel emails to support our sales teams. The main benefit: sales and marketing alignment.
    [2009, Sales] One-Hit Holiday Wonders: Popular Products That Totally Tanked in the 2000s
    By the 2009 holiday season -- that massive spike you see -- the Snuggie is a cultural phenomenon, and is the target of many-a-late night talk show host. You can see in the Google Trends chart that while interest is considerably lower compared to its 2009 heyday, Snuggies are still getting mini-spikes in interest every holiday season. In addition to Tyco seeing its sales increase from $70 million to $350 million in 1996 thanks to Tickle Me Elmo, an entire secondary market (a.k.a.
    [2009, Sales] From Nail Polish to Peanut Butter: 16 Unlikely Products Launched by Ad Agencies
    For example, it handled marketing for Aliph, the maker of bluetooth headset Jawbone, and receives a percentage of sales of headsets sold. Launched in 2009, MRY (formerly known as Mr. Youth) created Crowdtap to help brands connect with consumers who would perform actions in exchange for rewards. This post originally appeared on The Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to The Agency Post.
    [2009, Sales] 10 Ways to Optimize Your Lead Conversion Rate
    Tweet The ultimate goal of B2B marketing and lead generation is to help the sales team sell. Marketers spend a lot of time and effort creating inbound leads but struggle getting those leads to convert into customers after they hand them off to sales. The way you treat your leads tells them about how you’ll serve as customers (from generating interest, through nurturing and into your sales team). Sales people often struggle with developing nurturing content without support.
    [2009, Sales] Say 'Yes' to Drugs? The History of Pharmaceutical Marketing
    The Pure Food and Drug Act forbade, and I quote , “the manufacture, sale, or transportation of adulterated or misbranded or poisonous or deleterious foods, drugs or medicines, and liquors.” sales reps recommending drugs to doctors, or drug companies funding continuing education programs). And, across the board, drug companies were seeing sales increase as a result of their direct approach. 2009: FDA 2.0.
    [2009, Sales] ralph lauren for womens paul fergus
    In accordance with S McBride,Christian Louboutin sale uk Bacardi Limited president and CEO, are very excited to welcome Rafa for the Bacardi family as our new Global Social Responsibility Ambassador. a public company for auction on TSX Venture, since May 2009, at the same time the principle Financial Officer of EG since August 2003.
    [2009, Sales] 9 Successful Marketers Answer 1 Simple Question: How'd You Get Started?
    My career didn''t really start until I launched this in 2009: Connections were made, interviews were set up and I eventually landed a job at an agency later that year. My first project was building their financial model, but right after that I dove into marketing and built their customer acquisition and lead gen program, started to grow sales, and lower their customer acquisition cost. I was working in sales but always took an interest in the web, advertising, and marketing.
    [2009, Sales] 5 Reasons to Invest in Interactive Content
    The first blog post I read was in 2004, my first SlideShare viewing was in 2009, and I scanned my first infographic in 2011. Reason #5: Accelerated Sales Cycle. When you can’t measure and quantify the consumption of your content, it’s challenging for both Marketing and Sales to decipher clues on the sales readiness of prospects. You could design the content to discover how ready a sales lead is to buy, their preferred method of communication, or other relevant data.
    [2009, Sales] Insights from the B2B Barometer
    Launched 5 years ago in 2009 and now representing the view of B2B marketers with a collective spend of £95 million, it is the industry’s state-of-the-nation study. The latest wave of the B2B Barometer suggests that the money trees are blossoming in the land of B2B marketing: 56% have seen their marketing budget grow in the last 12 months (the highest level since the Barometer started in Q2 2009). Guess what it was five years ago in Q2 2009?
  • FATHOM  |  MONDAY, JUNE 9, 2014
    [2009, Sales] Why All Marketing Is Digital Marketing
    our customers) talk about it: In fact, it’s a pretty popular term that has seen a steady rise in its relative popularity since 2009. Increase sales transactions. (35%). The point being that if a marketer in the Wanamaker period said she wanted to increase lead generation, traffic volume, visitor engagement and sales transactions, you would nod up and down and think, “I get that.”
    [2009, Sales] 70 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats
    Many of the marketing automation stats we regularly use – to make strategic decisions, craft presentations, prepare for sales calls – are getting a bit long in the tooth. Case in point: “Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% less cost.”. It’s from 2009. Sales & Marketing Alignment. B2B marketers who implement marketing automation increase their sales-pipeline contribution by 10%. SALES & MARKETING ALIGNMENT.
    [2009, Sales] 70 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats
    Many of the marketing automation stats we regularly use – to make strategic decisions, craft presentations, prepare for sales calls – are getting a bit long in the tooth. Case in point: “Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% less cost.”. It’s from 2009. Sales & Marketing Alignment. B2B marketers who implement marketing automation increase their sales-pipeline contribution by 10%. SALES & MARKETING ALIGNMENT.
    [2009, Sales] How Manchester United Revolutionized Sports Marketing
    Sales of family season ticket plans increased from fewer than 500 in 2009 to more than 7,500 in 2012. Ask me which English soccer, uh, football team I would support and I would say Liverpool. Not for any defensible reason; it’s just because that’s where the Beatles are from and because I know next to nothing about that kind of football (I think they made us play it once in gym class when I was in 7 th grade).
    [2009, Sales] The Death of Salesmen, Really
    This week I got a call from a sales man with a direct solicitation to bring him into a business situation I’m working on. The call got me thinking about how the sales function – as we knew it – is dead. The sales man called and said something like, “You mentioned your client, and I have some ideas for them.” So, there’s me, the person the sales man called. They need good information (content) from your business, not a sales pitch.
    [2009, Sales] 2013 Marketing Survey Results: What Worked Best?
    Email remains a preferred form of outreach and driver of sales. Of those surveyed between September and December, 52% said that email fueled their sales pipeline directly (with events and tradeshows not far behind), and 66% looked forward to staging new email campaigns in the coming year. Photo credit: “Concert Crowd (Osheaga 2009) – 30000 waiting for Coldplay” Anirudh Koul , used under a Creative Commons 2.0
    [2009, Sales] REVTalks Smashes the Executive Knowledge Gap
    Live Talk: Join us at REVTalks’ for “ Look, Up in the Sky… It’s a… Sales Superhero! Description: Josiane Feigon , a pioneer of the Sales 2.0 movement, and author of the new book Smart Sales Manager, is one of 36 speakers who will present at REVTalks. In her talk, Feigon will not only review the desired sales and marketing alignment, but will also describe the best qualities of the most successful salespeople. Filmed at the 2009 TED Conference in Oxford.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, 2014
    [2009, Sales] 10 MORE of the Most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns in History
    Milk sales grew by 13.5 All in all, 66 commercials were produced between May 2006 and October 2009, and each one delivered an on-point message that helped bolster Apple''s reputation in a big way. By reinventing the campaign in 1988 with this slogan, Nike saw an increase in sales over the next decade -- from $800 million to $9.2
    [2009, Sales] Who’s an Expert, and Why Experts Write Ebooks
    Check out some of the latest industry data: E-book sales grew dramatically in the first quarter of 2010, jumping from just 1.5% of total US book sales in 2009 to 5% of the market in the first quarter of 2010. wholesale ebook sales for January, 2010 were $31.9 Jeff Bezos told the USA Today that he predicts Kindle ebook sales will outsell all books (including paperback) within a year.
    [2009, Sales] 20 LinkedIn Groups Every Marketer Should Join
    4) Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales, Word-of-Mouth & Buzz Innovators Innovation Network by Gerald Haman. You’ll hear from all sorts of marketing, PR, and sales professionals about their innovations and strategies so you can perfect your own. Sales. 8) Sales Best Practices. If you’re a marketer with an interest in sales, but have very little time to educate yourself further about the field, you''d be wise to join this group. Created: April 1, 2009.
    [2009, Sales] Gainsight Gives Customer Success Managers a Database of Their Own
    but Gainsight actually means something concrete: it helps customer success managers identify churn risks and sales opportunities among their clients. As Gainsight sees it, this makes them the post-sales analogue to marketing automation systems (which manage acquisition) and CRM systems (which manage sales)*. This trichotomy** ignores customer service systems, which I''d consider the major post-sales management tools.
    [2009, Sales] Why Google's Hummingbird Algorithm Is Perfect for Inbound Marketers
    According to those at the launch announcement last week (held in the Menlo Park garage where Google was founded), Hummingbird is “the biggest overhaul to their engine since the 2009 ‘Caffeine’ overhaul (which focused on speed and integrating social network results into search) and that it affects ''around 90% of searches.’ You will develop a relationship with your ideal buyers, and that relationship could lead to a sale or a referral down the road.
    [2009, Sales] 6 Smart Collaborations Between Nonprofits and Brands for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    Donations From Pink Beer Sales. The proceeds of the garment sales will go to "nonprofit organizations dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness and providing greater access to breast cancer screening and support services.". Since 2009 employees purchasing these garments have raised more than $100,000 for breast cancer awareness, which is equivalent to 400 mammograms to under-insured or uninsured women. As you may know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2013
    [2009, Sales] How to Create Marketing That's Actually Helpful [Printable Checklist]
    The foreword to Youtility contains a business success story written by Marcus Sheridan, a marketing consultant known as “ The Sales Lion ,” and co-owner of a pool company in Virginia called River Pools and Spas (who also happens to be a HubSpot customer). Have you noticed how your Facebook News Feed contains a stream of posts from your over-sharing aunt, your latest favorite band, the Whole Foods around the corner, that one popular girl from high school, and Yahoo!
    [2009, Sales] Industrial Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales: It’s Complicated
    Remember this rom-com from 2009? Content Marketing Industrial Marketing Sales Strategies Analytics Industrial sales Industrial sales strategies Measurement and tracking Despite the critics giving it mixed reviews, it went on to gross $219.1 million worldwide. A hit movie for sure. Sometimes I feel the same way [.]. This is only a content summary. Please click on the headline to read the full article. Visit my website for more content on industrial marketing.].
    [2009, Sales] Good Reads for B2B Marketing - 8 Changes that Will Improve Your Marketing
    Online content in the sales and marketing industries is dynamic and constantly changing. According to a recent report by Custora, customer acquisitions from email marketing have quadrupled since 2009, exceeding that of leading social networks. The Marketing Sphere represents recent good reads from our digital circles about B2B marketing selected by PointClear colleagues. B2B Buyers: Traits by Generation [Infographic].
    [2009, Sales] B2B: How To Get Marketing and Sales To Work Together And Stop Fighting
    Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer B2B companies that align marketing with sales experience 20% annual revenue growth. As long as there have been marketing and sales departments, there has been tension between the two. A typical sales complaint about marketing is that the leads they generate are worthless (" marketing''s leads SUCK! "). Conversely, marketing will complain that sales doesn''t follow up sufficiently, if at all, on the leads they are given.
    [2009, Sales] Neolane Interaction Tightly Integrates Real-Time and Outbound Marketing Campaigns
    One of its offerings, originally launched in 2009, is its real-time interaction manager, Neolane Interaction. Supported channels include email, Web, social, mobile, call center, point of sale, and SMS. - As I mentioned last week , there haven’t been many new B2C marketing automation products in recent years. But this doesn’t mean the industry has been stagnant. New developments have come from established vendors who are steadily expanding their products.
    [2009, Sales] The 9 Immutable Laws of Social Marketing
    Create engagement that leads to two-way conversations and sales. In November 2009, Fresh Diet had a Facebook presence of…almost zilch. Jim Gilbert likes to describe himself as an “old school” direct marketer who applies traditional direct marketing principles to new media and channels. On Tuesday, May 21, at 11 am Pacific, Jim will present “ The 9 Immutable Laws of Social Marketing ,” a free webinar crafted to share what works today in social marketing.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2013
    [2009, Sales] B2B Marketers Should Take Another Look at E-Commerce
    Xiameter sales grew so successfully that in 2009, Dow Corning moved as much as 2500 of its 7000 products to the site. Today, Xiameter represents 40% of Dow Corning’s $6 billion in sales. Today, 100% of Symantec’s $300 million SMB sales run through this channel, which is operated for them by the SaaS outsourcing supplier Rainmaker Systems. Same for high-volume, repetitive-sales product categories, like replacement parts or warranty renewals.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2013
    [2009, Sales] Enterprise Social Networking Platforms: Think Amazon, Not Facebook
    Inc.com profiled Bezos in its Great Leader Series back in 2009, and the excerpt below gives us a glimpse of that strategy and its results: After inviting 300 friends and acquaintances to test his creation, Bezos took the site live and, within a month, the company had sold books in all 50 states and in 45 countries. Within two months, sales topped $20,000 a week. amazon.com (Photo credit: soumit).
    [2009, Sales] Why You Might Want to Be More Negative in Your Marketing
    This is about more than just recognizing that not everyone in the world is a potential future customer -- it's about recognizing that your marketing attracts certain types of people who totally clog up your funnel, waste your sales team's time, and will never become customers. This just so happens to be a common sales tactic, but marketers can use it, too. Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Of course you have. We all have.
    [2009, Sales] SalesFUSION To Promote Marketing and Sales Alignment at Microsoft Convergence
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SalesFUSION To Promote Marketing and Sales Alignment at Microsoft Convergence through “Gold In Your CRM” Promotion. March 1, 2013 – SalesFUSION™ is the maker of SalesFUSION 360, an integrated sales and marketing demand generation platform. SalesFUSION announced it will be a Bronze-level sponsor at this year’s Microsoft Convergence show, promoting its theme for marketing and sales alignment with Dynamics CRM.
    [2009, Sales] Retarget Your Way to Greater Sales
    The chance to make an online sale is not a one shot deal. Ways Retargeting Can Help Your B2B Company Increase Sales. Now that you know what retargeting is, let us highlight ways it can increase your sales: Lead Generation : Retargeting is an excellent lead generation tool because it keeps bringing businesses back to your site. You can set it up so that sales on your website trigger events on companies that later show them ads on other products or services your company offers.
    [2009, Sales] Is Thought Leadership The Future of Marketing?
    Global hybrid: Born in Scotland, raised in England, US citizen since 2009; in India two months of the year working with clients; my co-author and business partner, Craig Badings, is in Sydney, Australia. In our last interview, Steve McKee asked if Big Data was the future of marketing. In previous interviews, Doug Kessler talked about creating a content culture , Todd Wheatland predicted that content and technology would combine to drive the future of marketing.
    [2009, Sales] What is the Difference Between Thought Leadership and Content Marketing?
    In a post from 2009, Why Thought Leadership Is Your Most Valuable Asset , I wrote that thought leaders: Develop relationships with customers, prospects and others by engaging them in non-sales, industry-relevant conversations. by Jon Miller The other day, I asked the following question: How would you define the difference between thought leadership and content marketing? — Jon Miller (@jonmiller) February 7, 2013.
    [2009, Sales] Why Case Studies Work in B2B Sales
    But if prospects are ignoring sales reps as much as they can in favor of readily available customer testimonials on social media, we think it’s time for the case study to make a comeback. Case studies give buyers a way to promote a message from a customer to a potential buyer, and offer what we think is an invaluable sales pitch. A case study communicates your sales pitch to your customer without the sales rep. How Case Studies Increase B2B Sales.
    [2009, Sales] The Future of Marketing: Is The Science of Marketing Taking Over?
    I started my career in the CPG industry and worked in a variety of sales and marketing roles working for companies like Danone and Diageo. I joined SAP as Head of North America Marketing in 2009. We have been doing some “internal marketing” to re-position the role of Marketing beyond its traditional support role of helping the Sales organization sell to one that drives and builds the business.
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