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(Im)proving Content’s Impact Using Marketing Data Analytics


Marketers can de-emphasize poorly performing platforms and formats and invest more in higher-performing alternatives. You need to track it over time, clean the data, de-duplicate it, and validate that it complies with your organization’s governance policies. That can increase the ROI from content marketing.

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How to improve marketing ROI with clean data


Things like missing data, bad or old data, siloed data over to the side, duplicates spanning across multiple systems.” Consolidate duplicate data : Determine what types of duplicate data pieces are within your system, merge them, and set automated de-duplication rules.


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Leveraging Integration Projects: How to Keep Your CRM Data Clean

SmartBug Media

This could mean removing incomplete data, data that is not formatted correctly, or data that is duplicated. Remove Duplicate Information. When compiling a lot of information or maintaining a large CRM, it’s common to run into duplication issues.

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Technical SEO 101: 8 Methods for Improving Technical SEO

There are three main ways to optimize your content for SEO in this regard: Remove duplicate content. If you have duplicate content or thin content, those are the most important areas to focus on first. Duplicate content. Google knows when content has little to no value to a visitor and will de-value web pages like this.

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Why Your Small Business Should Care About Clean Data

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

” Clean data — or data and records that are free of inaccuracies, duplications, and blanks — helps your small business run faster, smoother, and more efficiently. Are there lots of duplicates or contacts with old addresses you know aren’t valid anymore? Do you have a lot of duplicates?

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Pioneering the Use of AI for B2B Sales & Marketing


Data as a service (DaaS) is a suite of products and services that automatically cleans, enriches, normalizes, de-duplicates, and unifies data sources together. ZoomInfo’s DaaS solution — OperationsOS — is built to address these critical enterprise needs.

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How to adapt your marketing for the new era of data analytics by Salesforce


Last year, 83% of marketers described their cross-channel coordination as dynamic as opposed to siloed or duplicated – up from just 68% in 2021. What gets measured, gets done,” said Erika De Haas, vice president of marketing communications at Sobeys. “As