What Bizible + Marketo Means


It’s been about a month since we announced Marketo’s acquisition of Bizible on stage at Marketing Nation Summit, and with time to reflect and have many conversations with the Bizible and Marketo teams, I couldn’t be more excited for Bizible’s future at Marketo. We remain passionately committed to our mission, and now, we’re on that mission with Marketo, the world leader in marketing automation. Marketo’s version only had one word different: “Plan, Engage , Measure.”.

Observations from the 2017 Marketo Summit

The Point

This week was my eighth consecutive Marketo Summit, all of them as a sponsor/exhibitor. Marketo has their mojo back. It’s been a tumultuous year for Marketo since being acquired by Vista Equity Partners in late 2016. ABM acceptance is now a given, but to deliver on the technology’s promise, companies like Marketo and Engagio (and their partners , ahem) will need to help those customers execute.

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Help! I Just Inherited a Legacy Marketo Instance


Every Marketo MOPS professional has a dream that one day he or she will be able to build a pristine, well-organized, optimized Marketo instance from scratch.

How Marketo Engage Creates Customer Advocates for Life — Q&A


In the most recent installment of our customer success webinar series, I had the opportunity to chat with the two rockstars behind Marketo Engage’s award-winning customer advocacy program: Kevin Lau, Global Head of Customer Advocacy, and Will Harmon, Customer Marketing Manager.

7 Marketo Report Types and When to Use Each

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Whether you’ve been using Marketo for five weeks or five months, it’s likely that you spend a lot of time reporting on your efforts. Marketo Report Types. Use Cases for Each Marketo Report Type. Analytics Marketing Strategy Marketing Automation Marketo

How to Create a Custom Marketo Popup (The Easy Way)


Are you looking for a quick and easy way to create a custom Marketo popup that converts? By the end of this post, you’ll know exactly how to easily create a custom Marketo popup that will help your business grow. Why Create a Custom Marketo Popup.

Understanding Marketo Program Types

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Someone I worked with once told me that Marketo is like a Swiss army knife, while the marketing automation tool she was used to was more like a plastic spork. Like a multi-tool, Marketo gives you options. Every time you dream up a campaign, you have to choose which type of Marketo program to use. Marketo offers four different program types. What Are Marketo Programs? In Marketo, programs are containers for marketing initiatives.

Error-Proofing Your Marketo Instance


The webinar held on March 11, 2020, featuring Perkuto Director of Solutions Architecture Justin Norris and Senior Consultant Anna Leary, covering what your organization should focus on to better safeguard your Marketo instance.… READ MORE > Marketing Automation Marketing Operations coffee MUG webinar Email QA marketing operations Marketo Marketo errors Marketo Program QA QA testing Webinar

A Guide to Attribution Reports with Marketo

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According to Marketo , marketing attribution is the process of determining which interactions influence a customer to purchase from your brand. You need to understand how your Marketo channels are set up and, more importantly, make sure that you are giving program members adequate success so when you pull reports, you can be confident that they are accurate. Whether you measure success in FT or MT attribution, setting yourself up for success in Marketo is a necessity.

Apply for the 2021 Marketo Engage Champion Program


I am thrilled to announce that applications are now open for the 2021 Marketo Engage Champion program. Next year is extra special as it marks the 10-year anniversary since the Marketo Engage Champ ion program was first launched. . Marketo Engage Champion Program Overview .

Marketo Blunders: When Mistakes Happen


In our haste, we accidentally deployed a promotional message … READ MORE > Marketing Automation Marketing Operations Marketing Technology Marketing automation marketing operations marketing operations best practices marketo mistakesMistakes happen. Let’s be honest.Marketo isn’t exactly easy to use. And, who hasn’t made a mistake? I remember my first day as a Perkuto employee. It was late in the day, and my team and I were rushing to get one last message out the door. sound familiar?)

How to Get Started with Marketo's Revenue Cycle

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Do You Need Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Modeler? But once you’re ready for it, Marketo’s funnel analysis tool can help you score some big wins. The Revenue Cycle Modeler (RCM) is a tool that helps Marketo understand and track your Buyer’s Journey. Photo credit: Marketo).

Email Marketing and Marketo’s Engagement Program

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As your leads come into Marketo, it's nice to have a way to continue the conversation and build up the trust of your company. You can do this by creating nurture programs with Marketo's Engagement Program. Marketo simplifies the process with dynamic features. With Marketo's Engagement Program, you can create nurtures that drive your prospects to the next stage of your funnel. Marketo’s Engagement Program.

How to Use Snippets in Marketo

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In one sense, sudden changes that impact everyone are exactly why Marketo snippets exist. What Are Marketo Snippets? Anyone evaluating marketing automation tools knows that Marketo has a wide range of options for personalizing content: Tokens pull in fields from specific records. Snippets are linked to Marketo’s segmentation functionality, so each audience segment can see a different version. The benefit of snippets in Marketo is that they are universal.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Marketo Investment


However, despite the demonstrated power of personalization, not to mention … READ MORE > Marketing Automation Marketing Technology Marketing automation marketing automation maturity Marketing Automation Tips Marketo Marketo tips

Getting Started with Marketo Segmentation

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One of the most overlooked functions in Marketo is the ability to segment lists. Rather than sending email blasts about a sale in Denver to prospects all over the country, you can use segmentation within Marketo to target based on geolocation. Marketo segmentation is crucial for creating personalized emails, web content, and more. Let's dive into how we can get started with Marketo's segmentation. Marketing Strategy Marketing Automation Marketo

The ANNUITAS Perspective on the Adobe Acquisition of Marketo


A Memo from CEO Adam Needles to ANNUITAS clients on the Adobe Acquisition of Marketo. You probably saw that late yesterday Adobe bought Marketo. For those of you with Marketo in your Demand Process technology stacks, your next question is probably what does this mean for me ? In fact, Marketo has been bought and sold a few times now. And we don’t expect anything other than business as usual from the Marketo ecosystem for the next 6-9 months. (So

How to Set Up a Zoom Webinar Event Program in Marketo

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While Marketo integrates with several webinar platforms to allow you to set up, promote, and track your events, Zoom is a certified launchpoint partner application. The Zoom integration provides Marketo users with data, including totals for attendees, invited, and registered.

How To Decide Whether Marketo RCA Is Right For You


Advanced marketing automation systems like Marketo offer some form of attribution but it can be difficult to understand exactly how it compares to other attribution solutions like Bizible. In this article we’ll clarify some of the details around Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics, i.e. Marketo RCA, so you can understand whether it is perfect for your needs, or whether a specialized marketing attribution solution fits the bill. Marketo RCA)?

Your Complete Marketo Migration Checklist

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Migrating from another marketing automation tool into Marketo is no different. Here’s a checklist for the planning and packing stage of your Marketo migration. Make a Marketo Migration Chore Chart. By the time the ink is dry on your Marketo contract, people should already have a high-level sense of what’s coming. Marketo charges based on the number of people in your database. Communicate that you will not migrate completed campaigns into Marketo.

History of Marketo and Salesforce Lightning

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But changes under the hood meant plenty of work for administrators and partners like Marketo. Here’s a brief history of Marketo ’s compatibility with Salesforce Lightning. Marketo and Salesforce Lightning Timeline at a Glance. October 2015: Marketo Sales Insights (MSI) is a Salesforce-based tool for sales reps. Marketo announces that MSI is now available in Lightning. May 2018: Marketo acquires sales automation tool ToutApp.

Key Trick for a Successful Webinar with Marketo and GoToWebinar

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Here are a few tips for designing a successful webinar, plus instructions for how to put it all together with GoToWebinar and Marketo. Technical Considerations for GoToWebinar and Marketo. If you’re using GoToWebinar and Marketo, you will handle registration through Marketo.

Three Tips for Marketo Account-Based Marketing

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Marketo has account-based marketing functionality, giving marketers and sales teams alike the capability of running successful account-based marketing campaigns. Here are three tips to help you get Marketo set up for success. Once you have identified your accounts with the necessary fields, it’s time to upload the list to Marketo. Create a CSV file with all the accounts’ pertinent information and use Marketo’s import feature to import your list into the system.

When to Use Marketo's Transition Rules

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If you’re familiar with Marketo’s program types , you know that engagement programs are great for drip nurture emails. Marketo has plenty of documentation of how to use transition rules , but when should you use them? As Marketo user Guy Goldstein put it , “An engagement program represents a series of related messages with a goal of driving a lead from one point to another in the funnel. Marketo’s engagement program reports can be filtered by stream membership.

Lattice x Marketo Accelerate


Lattice Engines proudly joins the Marketo Accelerate partner ecosystem, which is the industry’s first MarTech partner accelerator

Guide to Analyzing Marketing Performance with Marketo’s MPI Dashboard

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Marketo Performance Insights (MPI) dashboards track your entire funnel from lead acquisition to revenue—without much work from you. The same logic applies to program costs: Marketo will only count a percentage of costs to each opportunity.

Marketo Engage consultation, measurable impact at CFA Institute


background: Marketo Engage consultation for a global leader in investment management. challenge: implementing Marketo Engage to realize customer-first strategy. We needed to lift and shift those basic communications into Marketo, but we also had to earn their trust.”.

Marketing Attribution Advice From the Marketo Champion of the Year


So I sat down (virtually) with Ajay Sarpal, 2020 Marketo Champion of the Year, to discuss the challenges of marketing attribution and how he’s tackled them throughout his 20 years of experience. Marketing Automation marketing attribution marketo champion ROI

How to Prepare for a Smooth Marketo Implementation


It’s no secret: a Marketo implementation is a big undertaking, with many moving pieces and full team involvement. However, we also know how much there is to … READ MORE > Marketing Automation Marketing Operations implementation timeline marketing automation implementation Marketo Marketo implementation

Orion is 17.5 light years away, and so is Marketo’s Big Data Project


If you are a practitioner or follower of Marketing Automation, you’ve probably read a few recent articles about Marketo’s challenges with rolling out “Orion” to their install base. If Marketo’s customer communication plan for the Project Orion rollout is any indication of your future engagements with them, then I suggest you weigh your options. To help, we’re offering a switch-and-save program for all existing Marketo customers.

We Should Be Asking: “Why Didn’t Marketo Raise More?”


When I heard word of Marketo’s $50 million round, my immediate response was, “Good for them; better for the industry,” predictable though it may sound. I fully expect this round – which, according to industry observers, brings Marketo’s total raise to $107 million – to brighten the spotlight that’s already shining on marketing automation and related categories like revenue performance management. Marketo recently launched a low-cost product that competes directly against HubSpot.

7 Steps to Create Your First Email Newsletter in Marketo

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Marketo is a powerful tool that can automate marketing campaigns for every step in the customer journey. Marketo makes it easy to build, customize, and automate email newsletters at scale, even across multiple geographies or verticals. Here are seven steps for getting started with email newsletters in Marketo. Marketo offers four program types for different kinds of email automation. Segmentations in Marketo help you do that.

How to Set Up a GTW Webinar Event Program in Marketo

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A previous post by my colleague Caroline Graham, covered key tips and technical considerations for running a great webinar with GoToWebinar (GTW) and Marketo. With success in mind, here’s a rundown of how to set up a great webinar program in Marketo. Sync Marketo and GTW.

Marketo’s Top Features, According to the Experts

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Marketo can do just about anything: Personalize emails? This month, we asked Marketo’s 2020 Champion Class about their favorite features in Marketo. They wrote odes to foundational features like Marketo’s cloning ability and folder structure. Here are the experts’ top Marketo features, in their own words. From Chelsea Kiko , Marketing Operations Manager at McGraw-Hill: The biggest functionality win I get from Marketo is the cloning capability.

The Best Marketo Add-Ons for SMB

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For newbies, Marketo proves its value right off the bat as an excellent email automation tool. Marketo allows you to manage truly multi-channel marketing experiences across social, web, and digital ads—and sales empowerment tools help your reps build consistent email journeys throughout the customer lifecycle. Here are five popular Marketo add-ons for mid-sized businesses, along with a few considerations for each. ABM pulls account information from your CRM into Marketo.

SMB 46

Kickstart Your Marketo Summit Experience


As we get closer to Marketo Summit, our planning intensifies, both as sponsors of the conference and as attendees. While creating value is clearly the top priority, attendees of Marketo Summit also know how to have fun. What better way to kickstart your Marketo Summit experience? Even though we’re still many weeks away, the conference is at the forefront of our minds.

5 Great Marketo My Token Tactics to Use

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Tokens are part of the genius of Marketo, offering an incredible opportunity to streamline your marketing automation. In one instance, I was able to use program tokens to reduce the time it took to get an event program out the door from four hours down to about 45 minutes,” shared 2020 Marketo Champion Brooke Bartos. Marketo Token Strategy: A Bird’s-Eye View. Types of Marketo Tokens. Types of Marketo My Tokens. 5 Marketo My Token Tactics to Try.