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How Marketo Engage Creates Customer Advocates for Life — Q&A


In the most recent installment of our customer success webinar series, I had the opportunity to chat with the two rockstars behind Marketo Engage’s award-winning customer advocacy program: Kevin Lau, Global Head of Customer Advocacy, and Will Harmon, Customer Marketing Manager.

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The Night Before Marketo


T’was the night before Marketo, and I could sleep not. Not a creature was stirring, not even a bot. Please enjoy a fun, marketing operations twist on the holiday classic poem.

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How to Track Your Paid Advertising Through Marketo

SmartBug Media

Here’s how: Track Paid Advertising in Marketo Using UTMs or Integrations. At a high level, you should use a different UTM for each ad you create and point all your ads to forms that push data into Marketo. Create UTM fields in Marketo to easily capture parameters like source and campaign for each of your leads.

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Apply for the 2021 Marketo Engage Champion Program

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

I am thrilled to announce that applications are now open for the 2021 Marketo Engage Champion program. Next year is extra special as it marks the 10-year anniversary since the Marketo Engage Champ ion program was first launched. . Marketo Engage Champion Program Overview . Attend Marketo Engage Product Update Calls

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The ANNUITAS Perspective on the Adobe Acquisition of Marketo


A Memo from CEO Adam Needles to ANNUITAS clients on the Adobe Acquisition of Marketo. You probably saw that late yesterday Adobe bought Marketo. For those of you with Marketo in your Demand Process technology stacks, your next question is probably what does this mean for me ? This is a huge opportunity for Adobe + Marketo.

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How Ready Are You to Track Attribution Reporting in Marketo?

SmartBug Media

When used right, Marketo can breathe new life into your marketing efforts and shine light on the fastest path to an online traffic explosion. Before Marketo can start banging on all cylinders, you need to know your team’s marketing needs, spot holes in reporting, and establish goals. The downside? If you’re a marketer, you’re busy.

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10 Things You May Not Know About Marketo

Heinz Marketing

Here’s a list of 10 simple things that you may not know about Marketo. #1 If you add a 5+ minute wait step, your campaign’s priority is now considered low , and the action will be deprioritized for the system-wide CRM sync that happens every 5 minutes (and almost every other process Marketo runs). But what does that really mean?

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