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Why Demand Generation Requires a Strategic Mindset

Marketing Insider Group

7,000-piece jigsaw puzzle complex. Demand generation is complex. This dynamism is the root of demand gen’s power, as well as the seeds of its downfall. When marketers don’t get the whole puzzle to fit together, the result is a jumbled mess of marketing tactics rather than the masterpiece you get when every piece works in […].

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CMO Perspective: Breaking Free from the B2B Dark Ages – A Brief History


The LinkedIn Takeover Let’s talk about Jigsaw – not the horror movie, but the platform for collecting crowd-sourced business data. Back in the day, Jigsaw was the place for anyone looking to gather public data sets that could help in all sorts of business and research endeavors.

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Are you telling stories with a point or creating a verbal jigsaw puzzle with your talk?

Leading Results Rambings

What ensued from each was a 45 minute verbal jigsaw puzzle. In the past two days, sitting at very large conference, I got to listen to two different keynotes. Two individuals were given the stage in front of 5000 people – to make a point, to inspire, to teach.

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Salesforce Buys Jigsaw – What it Means for B2B Marketing and Sales

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

Salesforce today announced a definitive agreement to buy Jigsaw, a provider of business information and data services that uniquely leverages crowd-sourcing to build and maintain its database. Note: Jigsaw is also a Marketo customer and partner.). What do you think? How will this acquisition affect your B2B marketing and sales efforts?

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Integrate and 6Sense announce ABM partnership


Integrate and 6Sense have proffers aimed at solving parts of the B2B jigsaw. Few offer a complete B2B revenue platform, hence a series of acquisitions , integrations and partnerships in the space. It makes sense to bring them together. How it works.

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Perkuto acquired by MERGE


This is an example of how the two big parts of modern marketing fit together like two pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. At the same time, Perkuto will be able to leverage creative, performance marketing and CX design capabilities from MERGE. Why we care. Yes, MERGE already had engineering, app development and website design. It had technology.

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Consultants Collective Profile: Sue Serna


Baking, gardening, jigsaw puzzles (I do 30-40 puzzles a year.). Alan Grant (Jurassic Park). Who is your favorite composer? Rachmaninoff! What is one of your hobbies? This is an unfair question. How can I pick just one? What’s the last book you read? Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke. Why do you do what you do?