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Killed by the buzz: Why we’re losing words to the buzz effect (and what to do about it)

Velocity Partners

And then the buzz effect sets in. That’s the buzz effect. If I had to write an equation for it, it’d probably look something like: (Lack of relevance or clarification) x (Number of times people see the word) = Buzz effect Why does the buzz effect happen? The buzz effect is a direct result of laziness. Hard truth.

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What everybody was buzzing about during the Super Bowl


Game-related buzz. That said, only 10% of social media buzz related to the Super Bowl spoke directly to the ads. Rihanna buzz. The post What everybody was buzzing about during the Super Bowl appeared first on MarTech. Below are the biggest takeaways. The Super Bowl is more than just a game, it’s a marketing bonanza.

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What Is Buzz Marketing?

Single Grain

Buzz marketing, however, is as close as you can get to trying to create viral content, but it’s more reliable and typically has longer-lasting benefits than a single campaign that goes boom. So What Exactly Is Buzz Marketing? While most buzz campaigns don’t exactly “go viral,” this is about as close as plenty of businesses will get.

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How We Recreated The End-of-Year Sales Floor Buzz Remotely


We were determined to reproduce that buzz during our first-ever virtual company-wide live New Year’s Eve party — dubbed Henry Schuck’s New Year’s Closin’ Eve — which ultimately lasted ten productive and entertaining hours (imagine the content creation!).

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SEO copywriting buzz


The post SEO copywriting buzz appeared first on Biznology. Can one word replace two? Most importantly, have fun. That’s when the magic happens. What did you think? Like this post? Sign up for our emails here.

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As you plan logistics and content for a strategic, impactful sales kickoff, it is equally important to build anticipation, buy-in and buzz around your organization for the event. While there are many tactics for building sales kickoff buzz, we have outlined key elements to consider as you build your internal promotions.

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How to Create Online Buzz for Your Launch

Convince & Convert

You need to build online buzz well in advance of your actual product launch (highlight to tweet). Building online buzz takes work, but it’s well worth it. If you pick the right bloggers, you’ll amplify the buzz by tapping into their audience. This is one way that Pinterest created buzz. Mystery and Suspense.

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