How, And Why, You Should Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)


The true value of a customer is not just the size of the deal. Instead, it should be calculated with other (more important) factors such as how long they are likely to remain your customer. What is Customer Lifetime Value? Are you finding your most valuable customers?

How, And Why, You Should Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)


The true value of a customer is not just the size of the deal. Instead, it should be calculated with other (more important) factors such as how long they are likely to remain your customer. What is Customer Lifetime Value? Are you finding your most valuable customers?

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3 Insights to Help Build Your Unified Customer Database

Customer Experience Matrix

The Customer Data Platform Institute (which is run by Raab Associates) on Monday published results of a survey we conducted in cooperation with MarTech Advisor. All central customer databases are not equal. The most common answers are personalization and customer insights.

Our Favorite Blog Posts & Articles for 2016: 5th Annual Edition

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But, as Arnie Kuenn points out, if your target customers aren’t looking for the type of content you’re putting out, you’re already swimming against the tide. How To Track Customer Acquisitions. Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends.

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Singing the Customer Data Platform Blues: Who's to Blame for Disjointed Customer Data?

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I’m in the midst of collating data from 150 published surveys about marketing technology, a project that is fascinating and stupefying at the same time. Many surveys present a familiar tune: most marketers want unified customer data but few have it.

The 6 Biggest Marketing Storylines of 2016


The internet changed all that—and we’ll look back at 2016 as the year that digital officially assumed the mantle. 2016 was a landmark year for the marketing, media, advertising, and tech space. Like most trends on this list, this story isn’t contained to 2016.

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4 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

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It’s the work of finding a market need and plugging it with a product, the search that happens to fill a talent hole on the team, or the sale that converts a lead into a customer. When Gallup studied the subject, it found only 25% of millennials are “fully engaged” customers.

Top 10 Modern Marketing Blog Posts of 2016

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The following are the top performing posts from 2016, that were published this year: Demandbase Launches ABM Solution for Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation. It was a big thing for Modern Marketers in 2016 and it was a big thing for us.

2016 Cross Channel Marketing Trends

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Top 10 Omni-Channel retail trends for 2016. She believes in letting the customer create her own experience - and that marketers need to bring entertainment back into the equation. IAB: Identifying Cross-Channel Audiences Key To Marketers In 2016.

6 Social Media Publishing Best Practices

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"It is 2016 and we are still talking about social media marketing. Believe it or not, there are still companies that have not embraced social media as a means to improve marketing, customer service, lead generation and product development.

Why Publishers Are a Huge Threat to Ad Agencies


Every brand wants to be a publisher. Meanwhile, legacy publishers have started creating in-house studios, born out of journalistic roots, to meet branded content needs. ” “The line between publishers and agencies is eroding.

Why Publishers Need A DMP

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Publishers are recognizing that while content is king, the real power of content is realized through their first party audience data. And, smart publishers are getting more sophisticated in their data management, and using data to better understand, grow, and monetize their audiences.

What Plato Can Teach CMOs About Customer Experience

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Customer Experience (CX) continues to be a top priority for major brands. In a report published by Accenture (“Digital Transformation in the Age of the Customer”), “improving customer experience” was listed as a top priority for the companies surveyed.

The 10 Best Marketing Action Blogs of 2016


2016 was a grueling year, for many reasons that we don’t need to mention (Carrie Fischer, and her mom … REALLY 2016?). While some people can’t wait to put the year behind them, we want to take a minute to revel in some of the best of 2016. Here are the 10 best marketing action blogs from 2016, appearing in no particular order except that they’re all #1 in our hearts. How (And Why) Your Team Should Personalize the Customer Experience.

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GITEX 2016: ScribbleLive to Showcase Content Marketing Solutions


We’ll be at GITEX 2016 – one of the largest tech events on the planet – to showcase our content marketing technology to the 140,000+ professionals attending this year. Our team will be there to showcase the ScribbleLive-powered solutions that enable the world’s largest brands and media publishers to create innovative content experiences. The post GITEX 2016: ScribbleLive to Showcase Content Marketing Solutions appeared first on ScribbleLive.

November 2016 Release: Customize Your URL Domain Name


When a SnapApp is published, you have the option to deploy it to a SnapApp-hosted landing page. By default, this is formatted as [link] where you can customize the ending text to anything not already in use, such as [link].

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Keep Your Customers Coming Back in Times of Content Overload

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Getting the Most Out of Free Real Estate Wikipedia is regularly a top Google result for brands and many customers will check out a company's page before visiting the brand's very own website. If your customer finds your articles irrelevant, they aren’t likely to click.

Pega Customer Decision Hub Offers High-End Customer Journey Orchestration

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The Customer Decision Hub from Pega (formerly PegaSystems) is certainly mature: the product can trace its roots back well over a decade, to a pioneering company called KiQ Limited, which was purchased in 2004 by Chordiant, which Pega purchased in 2010. Pega positions Customer Decision Hub as part of its core platform, which supports applications for marketing, sales automation, customer service, and operations.

How a Newsroom Approach Helps Barclays Publish at the Speed of News


The newsroom began its revamped content operations by focusing purely on Barclays’s retail customer base, a demographic the organization knew very well. The company felt it had a duty to help its customers understand the implications—and people wanted information fast.

Lead exponential digital growth through publishing and advertising


But publishers have declined because they lost advertising to the exponential growth platforms of Google and Facebook. A new 21st century digital growth paradigm is needed if publishing and media are to remain prosperous leaders. Lesson for Leaders.

20 Experts Provide Their Content Marketing Predictions For 2016

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The leading marketing trend of 2016 will be the maturing of the age of ad blocking. It will force more marketers to consider how to create and publish content their customers actually want. Joe Pulizzi – 2016 will be the year for content marketing M&A.

How Empathy Will Grow Your Sales and Marketing Pipeline

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Writers note – This as a primer for my session at Dreamforce 2016 next week. We have more marketing channels and more content than ever before, but it’s become harder to actually connect with customers. Our customers aren’t saying, “We need solutions.”

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The Best of the Best: 2016 Video Marketing Awards


So, across 9 categories, and 9 extraordinary companies doing great things with video, here are your 2016 Video Marketing Award winners! They decided to pick the most impactful stories and publish high-quality video testimonials with those customers.

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2016 Update from Apparao Karri


Are You Ready to Make 2016 the Year of Customer-Centric Marketing? Good news everyone, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, meaning 2016 will be a year of shortened winter and (cross your fingers) warm weather for those of us in Boston and other chilly parts of the world.

Publish or Perish and What It Means For CMOs

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A staggering 93% of CMOs believe they need to become publishers. They hold this belief because " well organized and high quality content has become the fuel that runs modern digital, mobile and social marketing systems" according to a Forbes research paper entitled Publish or Perish.

Inbound Marketing or Outbound? Which is the Winner?


According to a 2016 Demand Metric survey , the answer is a resounding no. At its core, inbound marketing is really about getting your customers to come to you. Tactics used to push your marketing message to mass audiences, in hopes of reaching potential customers or prospects.

Our Favorite Blog Posts & Articles for 2016: 5th Annual Edition

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But, as Arnie Kuenn points out, if your target customers aren’t looking for the type of content you’re putting out, you’re already swimming against the tide. As I performed keyword research throughout 2016, I began noticing more and more terms returning an “Answer Box” result in Google SERPs. How To Track Customer Acquisitions. Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends.

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IoT 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

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How can you create sustainable success from the Internet of Things as a part of the numerous customer journeys? Like in any data-driven business model, customer-centricity and relevance are key factors to excel. IoT 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands Click To Tweet.

My Top Content Marketing Predictions For 2016

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No, it’s time for content prognosticators and marketing futurists to get out their crystal balls and start predicting the biggest trends for content marketing for 2016. My Main Content Marketing Prediction For 2016? I don’t think we will know how this shakes out in 2016.

The Risks of Blending Customer Signals from Disparate Sources

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When it comes to business-to-business customer analytics, there’s a wide range of signals to choose from – a company’s business model, technology vendors, relevant job postings, public filings, social presence, website activities, marketing engagement, third-party intent data, and other attributes.

Revisiting Content Marketing Predictions in 2016


I thought it would be interesting to revisit some content marketing predictions for 2016. Top 5 Mistakes Content Marketers Will Make in 2016. The post Revisiting Content Marketing Predictions in 2016 appeared first on Annuitas.

How 3 U.K. Companies Became High-Class Publishers


marketers have plans to produce more content in 2016 than they did in 2015, with 66 percent increasing their budget to do so. JLL tailors its content to meet the needs of busy, bombarded customers. You really need to understand how customers are absorbing content,” Hirsch said.

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Your Audience Called. They Say You’re Fired.


Here’s how Joe Pulizzi frames this idea for content marketers, specifically “ content marketing non-believers ”: “Your customers don’t care about you, your products, your services…they care about themselves, their wants and their needs. There was no talk of customers.

What customers want from their mobile marketing experience


Original article published on Mobile Marketer. Therefore, creating a mobile experience that allows customers to navigate without the hassle of downtime is fundamental to winning deals. Rohrs gave the following advice to help put things in perspective: “The customer journey is comprised of a thousand moments and each one of those mobile moments matters just as much as the one that preceded or follows it. Analytics is the buzzword of 2016.

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Great B2B Customer Experiences Require Customer-Centric Marketing


Only 12% of B2B marketers rate themselves as “very effective” at delivering a great customer experience. It’s a finding from the 2016 B2B Customer Experience Benchmark Report from Kapost. Random acts of content do not make the grade for customer-centric marketing.

Why account-based marketing is a game changer for Japan


His new book, Ultimate B2B Marketing: ABM , was published only last week, and has already leaped to #1 on the Amazon Japan business book list. I predict that we will overcome these problems, and be able to share with you some useful methods for managing customer information.

Ask the Experts: Delivering a Consistent Customer Experience


Customer experience. Because when it comes to delivering world-class B2B businesses, an on-point customer experience is a cornerstone of both customer acquisition and retention. As a marketer, is delivering a consistent customer experience something you and your team prioritize?