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4 Secrets to Make the Most of Your Digital Marketing Budget

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Ever since marketing became digitized, companies tried to optimize the numerous benefits digital marketing had to offer. Digital efforts are not only faster and more efficient but they are also more convenient for both businesses and consumers.

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ABM Best Practice vs Malpractice

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Where's Email in Your ABM Strategy? 59% of B2B Marketers rate email as effective for driving early stage engagement, 81% say it's effective at driving conversions later in the funnel. Let that sink in for a moment.

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Why You Need a Content Marketing Agency to Build Traffic and Leads

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Content Marketing agencies like ours exist for one simple reason: to attract potential customers. Content marketing does this by creating the content your audience wants, using the keywords they use.

Email Marketing Automation Strategies to Optimize Your Marketing Funnel


You have likely put quite a bit of time and effort into generating new leads. Made use of landing page campaigns and social media lead generation strategies – do you know what’s next? You have to figure out how to nurture all of these leads in an effort to build your actual sales conversions.

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ABCs of Data Normalization for B2B Marketers

Data normalization. It’s not a far stretch to suggest that the topic isn’t exactly what gets marketers excited in their day-to-day workflow. However, if lead generation, reporting, and measuring ROI is important to your marketing team, then data normalization matters - a lot. In this eBook, we’ll break down the ins and outs of data normalization and review why it’s so critical for your marketing strategies and goals!

6 Learning Techniques and Tips for Digital Marketers to Stay Ahead of the Curve


Surviving and thriving as a marketer in the competitive and ever-evolving world of digital marketing is undeniably a great challenge. One way to stand out is by keeping yourself updated on the latest trends, techniques and technologies.

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5 Interview Questions to Ask Your Account Based Marketing Hire


2018 was a big year for Account Based Marketing. A number of organizations adopted account-based strategies and innovative technologies, like Engagio, to execute those strategies. With that increase in market adoption, our clients began asking an obvious question: Who will lead this change?

3 First Steps to Data-Driven Marketing ROI


“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker There are few things marketers want more than to understand the. The post 3 First Steps to Data-Driven Marketing ROI appeared first on Kapost Blog. The Future of Content

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5 Lead Generation Techniques for Small Businesses in 2019


You’ve got a loyal following of delighted customers. Now it’s time to grow. But to do that, you need leads. The question is, how do you go about getting them? What techniques and approaches will help you generate a consistent stream of leads this year and beyond?

Fast Company names Conversica #6 in “2019 The World’s Most Innovative Companies – AI” list



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Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Are you considering behavior-based personalization?


If you are like most marketers, you’ve probably been salivating over personalizing your website for years. It has always seemed like a good idea, but it’s never seemed possible. At first, you thought, “If Amazon can do it, we can do it!” ” But then your IT folks told you the way Amazon does it. Amazon has so many products and so many purchases in its history–and so many repeat visitors–that it is relatively simple to guess what people want.

Learning from Female Leaders to Build New Ones


Growing up in a family that owned a diner, I had little exposure to the corporate world. My first experience came when I started my sales career in a male-dominated industry.

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The Hot Seat: Alan Philips on Brand Marketing, Perpetual Beta and More


The media landscape is a scorcher these days, am I right? Journalism — whether in business, politics, restaurant reviews and world news — has been almost completely superseded by hot takes.

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2018 Wrapped: Choozle edition


Now that 2018 has officially wrapped, we’re taking a look back at a year of steady growth, hard work, and positive change. 2018 year in review. 2018 was one for the books. Our team moved offices, added partners, won impressions, and—as always—had tons of fun doing it.

The 2019 Technographic Data Report for B2B Sales Organizations

In this report, ZoomInfo substantiates the assertion that technographic data is a vital resource for sales teams. In fact, the majority of respondents agree—with 72.3% reporting that technographic data is either somewhat important or very important to their organization. The reason for this is simple—sales teams value technographic data because it makes essential selling activities easier and more efficient.

Creative B2B Marketing Tips to Refresh a Tired Strategy

BOP Design

Is your B2B marketing strategy looking a little tired? Has it lost that luster it once had? Are the results starting to stagnate? Is your audience fatigued by the same old stuff?

Using the Funnel Velocity Calculator - A guide and a glossary of terms

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How to use this blog. If you want to read about the background to Funnel velocity, why it's important and how to use it in your business start reading from the top.

Search Intent: The Key To Successful PPC Campaigns

Directive Agency

As digital marketers, we recognize how essential it is to know where our target market hangs out online. You can’t effectively sell your product or service if you’re putting it in front of the wrong people – that’s marketing common sense! .

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15 Quotes About Social Media to Inspire Your Marketing Strategy


With all the algorithm updates, changing content preferences, and memes sprouting up on social media, it can be more challenging to adapt your marketing strategy to the channel than it was acclimating to the awkwardness of puberty.

The Time-Saving Power of Intent Data for Sales

By using the power of intent data, capturing buyer interest has become more feasible for sales. Not only that, but using it will save immense time during your workflow; a win-win on all fronts.

Why SaaS providers need to get braver about proprietary data

Velocity Partners

Standing out is hard for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers. It’s a crowded space full of loud voices and sharp elbows – a cool, slick product is just table stakes. To actually win, you need some extra edge.

The Top 7 Pinterest Categories & How to Decide Which to Pin to


More than likely, your company's social media strategy revolves primarily around Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Perhaps, if you're trying to attract a younger demographic, you use Snapchat, too. But sticking to those platforms alone could mean a major missed opportunity -- Pinterest.

Knowing Your Strategy With Julia McCoy from Express Writers [#AtomicFeature:004]

Atomic Reach

As a company who relies heavily on content marketing, we always look to the best for tips, tricks, insights and more. We're connecting with more and more of the top content marketing influencers as 2019 goes on, and will continue to share their insights with you.

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Back to Basics: PPC 101

EMagine B2B Blog

As much fun as it is to get into the nitty-gritty details of digital marketing, we realize that not all of our readers are looking for that level of tactical discussion. To that end, we’d like to take a moment to provide a PPC 101 and get down to basics.

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How ZoomInfo Enhances Your Database Management Strategy

Forward-thinking marketing organizations have continuously invested in a database strategy for enabling marketing processes. Download this ebook to learn how to maintain a strategy that includes refreshed information, database cleanses, and an accurate analysis at the same time.

List Unsubscribe: Give your subscribers the freedom to leave


List-Unsubscribe: Give your subscribers the freedom to leave. We know. Breaking up is hard to do. You put a lot of effort into gaining every subscriber to your list. But push come to shove, your subscribers need to have the final say in whether they stay subscribed to your mailings or not.

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Step By Step Guide to Create an Awesome Brand Identity


If you want to design a brand identity you have to know that it will never be easy. However, if you are willing to invest all the time and energy required, you will learn a lot and you will also get to have a lot of fun. There is a lot of pressure behind this […]. Design

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On The Trail

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Analyzing the trends in personal finance in the APAC region. Current Events APAC Asia Pacific Consumer Insights financial services Financial Technology finserv FinTech personal finance

AI Advancements for 2019


Artificial intelligence automates “intelligent” processes – i.e. human-esque tasks like decision making, problem solving and learning – that would otherwise require human intervention.

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How ZoomInfo Enhances Your ABM Strategy

For marketing teams to develop a successful account-based marketing strategy, they need to ensure good data is housed within its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. More specifically, updated data can help organizations outline key accounts for their campaigns. And to begin the targeting process, marketing teams must develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with appropriate firmographic and behavioral data to ensure they’re going after the correct audience.Download this eBook to learn how to start improving your marketing team's data!