Welcoming Our Latest API Partner: Kairos Technologies

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Products & Technology insideview api insideview api partner insideview integration insideview kairos insideview partner market intelligence apiToday we announced that Kairos Technologies, a global c […].

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How APIs help make application integration intelligent

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Application programming interfaces (APIs) are crucially important in enabling the rapid development of these AI applications. Conversely AI is also being used to validate APIs, themselves, and also to analyse and optimise their performance. How APIs are used in AI.

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Developers, Check Out Our New API “Starter Program”

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Products & Technology b2b apis business data apis contact data apis developer apis insideview api insideview apis insideview open linkedin apis linkedin developersAt InsideView, we believe real-time data and intelligen […].

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Oracle API Platform Cloud Service Overview by Rolando Carrasco

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Oracle API Platform Cloud Services - API Design This is the first video of a series to showcase the usage of Oracle API Platform Cloud Services. API Management Part 1 of 2. Oracle API Platform CS - How to create an app This is the 4th video of this series.

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API Gateway resource policy in Cloudformation with Conditional Nested Property


There is a blog post on building a CloudFormation Template (CFT) for an API Gateway and Lambda integration on the ReachForce blog. Check that out if you are trying to get the basics for these resources in CloudFormation. This post will build off of the previous template

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Update UTM Fields Via API


We added new functionality for the API so developers can edit UTM fields. The post Update UTM Fields Via API appeared first on The ONTRAPORT Blog. Engineering

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Demandbase API vs ReachForce Form Appending Solutions


We are often asked the question: How are ReachForce SmartForms different from the Demandbase API for forms? In recent weeks, we’ve welcomed a number of new customers switching over from the Demandbase API forms solution, the only area of business overlap between our two fine companies.

Building a CFT for a CORs Enabled API Gateway and Lambda Integration


API Gateway combined with AWS Lambdas are simple to get running, but it’s also very easy to make breaking changes that can be difficult to track. AWS CloudFormation is a great tool to build out your infrastructure as code and is more maintainable than using the AWS Console to make changes.

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InsideView Provides an Alternative to LinkedIn API Developers Left Out in the Cold

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Data InsideView Open Technology Umberto Milletti crm api insideview api insideview linkedin insideview technology Last Thursday, LinkedIn announced that they will be lim […].

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We Talk APIs With DevNetwork Leading Up to API World Conference

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Products & Technology devnetwork event insideview apis insideview developers insideview devnetwork insideview events insideview integration insideview open insideview partners insideview world conferenceDevNetwork, which produces industry conferences for mob […].

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Ascendix Technologies Uses InsideView APIs to Open Doors for Commercial Real Estate Market

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Partners insideview api insideview ascendix insideview data hooks insideview integration insideview open insideview open api insideview partnerThe growing interest among app developers in tapping in […].

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5 Disruptions to Marketing, Part 2: Microservices & APIs (2018 Update)


MICROSERVICES & APIS (2018 Update). The mash-up possibilities of APIs have inspired an explosion of combinatorial innovation. touchpoints in the API economy). This is part 2 of a five-part series, providing an update on the 5 Disruptions to Marketing as we head into 2018.

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Demandbase API vs ReachForce Form Appending Solutions


We are often asked the question: How are ReachForce SmartForms different from the Demandbase API for forms? In recent weeks, we’ve welcomed a number of new customers switching over from the Demandbase API forms solution, the only area of business overlap between our two fine companies.

An introduction to ecommerce APIs for non-developers


The following is a guest article by Mike Sedzielewski , co-founder and CMO of Voucherify , a coupon and referral infastructure through API. In the last year: Over $500M was invested in API companies , not including a few massive acquisitions and Twilio’s IPO. Why APIs?

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5 Disruptions to Marketing, Part 2: Microservices & APIs


Microservices & APIs (and open source) form the fabric of marketing infrastructure. MICROSERVICES & APIs. all offer robust APIs to their data and services. The image above is from a MuleSoft presentation, Application Networks: Microservices at Netflix.

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When Screen Scraping became API calling – Gathering Oracle OpenWorld Session Catalog with.

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It is very well possible that the rich client web application is using a REST API that provides the data as a JSON document. An API that our server side program can also easily leverage.

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Google Maps API Changes and What It Means For Your Website


As of May 2, 2018 Google Maps made some big changes to the way their Maps products work. Because of these changes, effective July 16, 2018 maps that currently exist on websites could see a service interruption unless billing information is added to the Google Account being used to access the map. To help you avoid service interruptions on your maps, we're here to help. Technology Industry

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SAS by the Sip: SAS Viya Offers Open APIs to Individual Services in the Cloud

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The new SaaS software has also been relatively easy to integrate with other systems through open APIs and standard scripting languages such as Python. More exciting than the cloud deployment (which SAS had previously offered for SAS 9), Viya will be accessible through open APIs and scripting languages including Python, Java, and Lua, and – gasp – some components will be offered as on-demand services.

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Instagram Has Limited (or Cut off) API Data Available to Developers. Here's What That Means.


Late last week, it was discovered that Instagram had lowered the rate limit for its Platform API for some developers and completely removing access to it for others -- without warning. Our Experts Weigh In: Instagram Has Limited (or Cut Off) API Data Available to Developers.

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Fathom SEO Pulse #51: Local Markup, Google APIs & More


Google My Business API Has Launched”. Google has launched the Google My Business API. Google Releases Knowledge Graph Search API”. Google has launched a Google Knowledge Graph Search API.

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New Partner ConnectUp Leverages InsideView Data to Enrich Your Relationships

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Partners insideview api insideview api partner insideview connectup insideview integration insideview partner market intelligence apiToday we’re delighted to announce that ConnectUp, one o […].

A Marketer's Guide to APIs


One solution to this problem can be leveraging the work and data of others, available on the web through Application Programing Interfaces (APIs). To keep up with the future of marketing, you need to understand APIs and how they may integrate with your strategies. Need more leads?

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Versium Launches Developer Portal with API Access to AI-Powered Marketing & Data Solutions


Redmond, Wash. – August 14, 2018 – Versium , a big data and AI-driven marketing empowerment company, today announced the launch of its Developer Portal, an API-accessible developer platform. Ward added, “We have found that the Versium API infrastructure is very configurable and can easily address a wide variety of industry use cases and application needs.”.

5 Reasons to Break from the Dreamforce Frenzy to Check Out QuotaFactory’s New Prospect Relationship Management Platform

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Partners insideview api insideview api partner insideview apis insideview data insideview developers insideview open insideview quotafactory insideview sales prospect management prospecting toolsDreamforce is upon us, which means long days, too many […].

New Snapchat Marketing Opportunities Arise with Upcoming API

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Based on Snapchat sources, Digiday reported that marketers may soon have access to API support for the vanishing images app. The API Playing Field. When it’s rolled out, a new API would be a huge step for Snapchat. Will the API solve these Snapchat marketing problems?

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Got an Open API “Gamify Green for Good” Idea for Oregon?

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With the “Gamify Green for Good” Hackathon, Act-On wants to make it easy for inspired coders and designers to create an open API mashup that drives green, community-based offline behavior. The post Got an Open API “Gamify Green for Good” Idea for Oregon?

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4 Ways All Marketers Can Use Facebook’s Offline Conversions API to Optimize Campaigns

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Author: Mike Stocker Facebook’s recent announcement of their new Offline Conversions API generated a lot of buzz and excitement among marketers and for good reason. Before I get into the details of how you can use the new Offline Conversions API with Marketo, let’s start with some basics.

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What is a keyword ontology?


And because the keywords in your search tool are always evolving, it’s best to try to build an API between your keyword tool and your graph database, which updates at least weekly.

Sales Leaders: You’ve Got the Data, Now What?

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Partners Sales b2b apis crm api insideview api insideview api partner insideview app partner insideview livehive insideview partner insideview partnershipInsideView is proud to partner with some incredible companies that are redefining the B2B sales and marketing space by integrating real-time data and insights into their applications.

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More App Developers are Realizing the Power of Market Intelligence

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Partners insideview api insideview app partner insideview data insideview data integration insideview developer kit insideview infer insideview integration insideview new partner insideview news insideview open insideview open api insideview partners insideview sdk

Twitter to Launch New Ad API, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


With social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn offering ad APIs of their own, Twitter has decided to jump on the display advertisement bandwagon. Twitter will be turning up the heat on its advertising platform by introducing its new ad API this quarter.

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‘May the Force be with You’: How to Connect Salesforce to the NetLine Portal


Pipeline Development Video 3rd party integration API connector CRM demo NetLine Portal Salesforce video

Why animation works for technology business video


That is what is needed for technical/conceptual topics like process automation or API management. Animation and technology explainers.

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Tech surrounds us, so use the best of it to succeed immediately


An API that apps and devices can add, to make remote control possible from almost anywhere with a minimum of time and code. Lesson for leaders. We are invisibly surrounded by the world’s best tech. Adding remote control makes it accessible. Then active resources can switch users to what they need in each task. Active knowledge will show them how to use it well. This adds another way to make this a digital Earth where everyone can succeed at the world’s highest levels.

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Knowledge management in the age of social media


The leaders in the artificial intelligence field have developed API s that can be used to manage unstructured content such the one found on social media. Ever since the days of MySpace , it became pretty clear that social media platforms have a bright future ahead.

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The Bot That is Getting Rid of Buyer’s Remorse

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Fortunately for the business community, there is currently an API based bot that may have an answer to some aspects of buyer’s remorse. A new technology that is based on an API from Mastercard makes the price comparison journey much easier for these consumers.

Take Your Marketing Campaigns to New Heights with InsideView and Campaign Stars

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Marketing Partners insideview and campaign stars insideview api insideview api partner insideview partners insideview partnership“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening my axe.” When Abraham Lincoln uttered these immortal words, he wasn’t speaking about content marketing, but he may as well have been. The best, most creative and dynamic content in the world is no more useful than a […].

Holy, Hubspot! 4 Easy Steps to Real-time Lead Fulfillment


Step 2: Enter the Hubspot API Key in the URL field: [link]. Step 4: Generate your unique API key for your connection to the Portal by using the Integrations settings in Hubspot, then test your connections.

Beyond the buzzwords


Designing for scale with give us the capacity and the room to explore how we can create new revenue streams for an organization, while we optimize how we use technology, define the best API strategy and structure our microservices implementation roadmap.

SAP Debuts Apple Watch App Powered by InsideView Intelligence

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Gotta have it! These words only begin to de […].

Connecting On24 to the NetLine Portal: The real-time fulfillment solution for webinar warriors


Generally, establishing a connection to external MAS/CRM relies on gathering identification credentials from the site (API key) and then ensuring that all of the label conventions are an exact match.

5X More Coverage, 100X More Speed, and Developer Trial Stays Free!

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Products & Technology insideview apps insideview api insideview apis insideview integration insideview data hooks insideview data insideview partners insideview developers insideview developer kit insideview sdk insideview platform

InsideView Market Intelligence Now in Microsoft Outlook

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Do you live inside Microsoft Outlook, like I do? It’s the first app I open in the morning and the last one I close at night.