How to Grow Your Audience with Video Content Marketing

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As video marketing continues taking the world by storm, more businesses adopt it as a pivotal strategy to educate consumers, generate leads, and boost ROI. Video marketing can be a powerful way to reach new prospects and provide extra value to new and long-term customers alike.

How promotional products fit in with the modern consumer


That is where promotional products, branded gifts, and giveaways shine. Perhaps that is why promotional products have stood the test of time through the technological advances in advertising. This article will take a look at how promotional products fit in with the modern consumer and still do a very effective job when it comes to helping advertise your business. These opportunities to reinforce branding and messaging increase the exposure of your promotional products.


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The Ultimate Guide To All Types Of Videos And When To Use Them


Using video as a marketing tool to build your brand is a smart, effective, and compelling tactic. But as with any form of content, there are different types of videos that are best used in certain situations, or in specific phases of your marketing and sales funnel.

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How Video Email Affects Your Audience (and More Content Examples)

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New research into video email shows how it gets audiences’ synapses firing. And a helping hand in the greeting card aisle turns into a savvy way to promote a new service. A content collaboration taps into the drive to create.

10 Inspiring Examples of Promotional Campaign Videos for Startups

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For many, video content is that edge. Considering that most online users nowadays no longer have the patience and time to read through an article or blog post, using creative, well-produced video content as a promotional tool is a great way to reach and engage them in no time.

7 Mother’s Day Promotional Ideas (+ Tools You Need)


Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day promotional ideas to honor and celebrate moms everywhere? That’s why, in this post, we’re going to share 7 Mother’s Day promotional ideas that you can use this year. 7 Mother’s Day Promotional Ideas.

How to engage your audience with Q&A videos


This format has overcome most others in the preference of web users, and among its possibilities, the Q&A Video is one of the most interesting. Companies, digital influencers, and any content producer can use Video Q&A as a strategy. What is Video Q&A? Boost audience.

Five Tips for Promoting Your WordPress Website with Testimonials


The value of customer testimonials is well-researched and documented , which is why every business should solicit and promote them. Go a Step Further with Video. While written testimonials are still the norm, consider going a step further and producing video testimonials.

Create B2B Content Your Audience Actually Wants to Read

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With these foundational pillars solidified, the next challenge is understanding how to make your content attractive to your audience. To get started, your brand voice should contain a few adjectives that capture the personality of your brand and the characteristics of your audience.

Promoting an Affiliate Deal [How to Increase Your Affiliate Income Via Email Marketing]


Fuel the excitement with Email Sequences Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote affiliate deals. It’s not as simple as buying a list of email addresses and spamming them with promotional emails everyday. Below are my suggested timings: Send on the first day of the promotion.

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How to Create YouTube Videos that Generate Views & Subscribers


There are so many platforms for marketing your business with videos , including Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But the biggest and best video network is YouTube. This is because it began as and remains solely a video network. So, create short videos.

Video Marketing; A recap of the potential platforms and placements for promoting your product video


The digital frontier is growing in sophistication, and companies worldwide are scrambling to find the silver bullet technology that will help them effectively promote their product, ideally resulting in a healthy and sustainable expansion of their bottom line. This is where video marketing enters the fray. As download speeds increase, and streaming video becomes the norm, a wall of text with a value proposition hidden in the middle simply will not suffice.

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13 simple ways to promote your YouTube videos (without spending a fortune)


Why YouTube video promotion is so important. Step #1: Optimize and promote your YouTube videos. Step #2: Promote your YouTube channel. Step #3: Promote your channel outside of YouTube. Stop waiting for your videos to go viral. Jump ahead.

3 Scalable Content Promotion Strategies to Blast Your Funnel

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We’re always putting our top effort into the content we create, but what about our content promotion strategies? Introducing yourself to a new audience requires finding new networks for distribution. That’s where content promotion gives you a boost. 1) Niche Community Promotion.

How to Create a Promotional Plan for Your Business (with Template!)

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Promotional planning is becoming more and more necessary for big as well as small businesses around the world. A promotional plan highlights key elements of a company’s strategy and creates a roadmap of future tasks in a way that’s more likely to achieve business goals. Target Audience.

3 Scalable Content Promotion Strategies to Blast Your Funnel

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We’re always putting our top effort into the content we create, but what about our content promotion strategies? Introducing yourself to a new audience requires finding new networks for distribution. That’s where content promotion gives you a boost. 1) Niche Community Promotion.

4 Unconventional Ways to Promote Blog Content on Social Media

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The same old content promotion tactics don’t work anymore. With organic reach rapidly declining on social media, you need new ways to effectively promote blog content without paying for it. In this post, I’ll walk you through four effective and unconventional ways to promote your blog content on social media without paying for it. Well, one of the most underused forms of content promotion on Facebook is live video. Create static Facebook videos.

15 Ideas to Promote Your Next Event


Well, event promotion is similar. If you put on an event but don't promote it, will it even happen? Without promotion, you probably won't get any attendees because no one will know it's happening. Of course, you've seen large-scale event promotions. Free Event Promotion.

How to Generate More Leads Using Video and Other Digital Content


Explainer Videos. Video marketing is valuable throughout the sales funnel. Among the different types of marketing videos , well-made explainer videos can be effective at multiple stages. Ideally, each video takes your prospects on a brief, fun, and entertaining journey.

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How to effectively integrate video content onto your website


According to Syndacast , 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video-based. When integrated properly, videos are a fantastic way to give your brand a face and increase customer interactions. Studies have shown that blog posts with videos attract three times as many inbound links as blog posts without videos. To get you started, here are four video integration methods you should consider. Video + Blogging = Vlogging. Create a video gallery.

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9 Tips To Get Seen By Your Email Target Audience


This makes it difficult to get seen by your target audience. You have to stand out among thousands of other promotional emails and avoid being ignored, sent to the spam box, or thrown in the trash folder. The problem isn’t just that highly promotional emails look salesy.

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Why B2B Email Video Marketing Should Be Your Top Priority

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If you’re not prioritizing video marketing in 2021, it’s time to start taking this marketing tool seriously, especially since 86% of businesses are already using it. Why Should My Company Invest in Video Marketing? To put it simply, video marketing is a versatile medium.

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7 core ways to promote affiliate links (and actually make profit)


The company you’re promoting does the rest. In one month, Ryan made $17,000+ from showing his audience the products he loves and uses regularly. You can only make an affiliate commission if you actively promote your affiliate links.

Company Newsletters Shouldn’t Be a Bore: How to Create Compelling Newsletter Content for Your B2B Audience


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Seven Types of Videos You Need to Power up Your Marketing


Video is becoming a must for content marketing across industries. Online video offers numerous established benefits: increased brand awareness, site traffic, time spent on the site, conversions, and social media engagement, to name a few. But like any component of content marketing, video requires a strategy in order to have the desired impact. You need a a plan, compelling scripts and images, and the right video editing tools. Explainer Videos. How-To Videos.

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How to Promote an Event (Even if You’re Not Hosting it)

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There are a lot of partnerships available for your organization to sponsor events, speak at them, or simply help promote them in exchange for lists. This usually involves promoting to your set database to get X amount of registrants. Email Promotions. Social Promotions.

17 Engaging Video Content Types that People Love to Watch

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This post about the best types of video content that keeps people engaged has been updated for 2020. In 2020, consumers are watching more video content than ever before. Now, it’s arguably the most effective strategy you can use to connect with your audience. watch video content.

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20 Pre-Production Tips to Create Successful Video Content in 2020

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If you’re an experienced digital marketer, then you know that when it comes to content, video is increasingly more important. Whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, consumers love video. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer Internet traffic.

Five Secrets of Engaging Video Content


As online marketing becomes more about storytelling, video content has a crucial role to play. Video can add drama, comedy, poignancy and other aspects to a message that is challenging to convey in other content formats. From simple animation to Hollywood-budget efforts, if a video isn’t part of your message, you could be missing out. Here are five helpful ideas you may not have thought of to help you craft compelling video content and maximize its impact for your brand.

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How to Promote Your Business on Facebook


Below, let's discuss how you can use Facebook to promote your business. Additionally, you'll want to draft several posts that will engage your audience. A great way to promote your business on Facebook is to participate in Facebook groups. Promote events.

How to Produce Paid Facebook Video Ads for Mobile Like a Pro

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This comprehensive how-to guide for Facebook video ads was updated and expanded for 2020 to provide even more information. billion daily active users worldwide on Facebook, so you’re dead on the money by choosing this social network as your ad platform of choice: And, by the way, you’re in good company: 6 million businesses are using Facebook ads to reach their target audiences. This means that by using video on Facebook, you can improve your reach. NEW & IMPROVED!

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Paid Content Promotion: Advertising Audiences Actually Want

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However, I see tons of resistance when it comes to rerouting ad spend to promote these content efforts. Why would decision-makers agree to the value of owned content experiences and then balk at the suggestion of paying to promote them? Granted, it can be difficult to convince stakeholders to allocate funds toward paid content promotion. The inner cover was also prime real estate meant to attract audiences to explore the brand’s video studio.

How Video Marketing Strategies Can Elevate Sales Efforts


While basic philosophies still stand the test of time, social media tools and video-based platforms have turned sales into a totally new ballgame. For many modern sales professionals and digital marketers, that efficiency is enhanced by employing a video-based strategy.

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7 Effective Ways to Promote an Event on Facebook


An event is a fantastic opportunity to delight existing customers, while also reaching new audiences and increasing brand awareness. Of course, one of the biggest challenges when hosting a Facebook event is spreading awareness of the event to both new and existing audiences.

6 Ad Copywriting Best Practices to Get Your Audience Clicking

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In this blog we’ll cover six copywriting best practices for creating paid media ads to capture the attention of your audience and have them click on your ad content. Target local audiences. Use video when possible. The video below caught my attention recently for a few reasons.

State of B2B Content: 5 Trends That’ll Get You Promoted

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Today’s audiences come across so much mediocre content that looks and sounds the same. Those types of tools are just as useful for Google’s marketing team as they are for its audience. The key ingredient is knowing what your audience wants.

3 Tips To Connect With Your Audience In A Video

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Video allows you to tell a story in your own time. The audience, whether it’s your clients or potential clients, is able to virtually spend time with you. By using the power of video to supplement human connection, you’re able to save time and effort, while still building relationships. If you’re new to creating videos for your financial practice, you might struggle with feeling comfortable on camera. 3 Tips for Engaging Financial Advisor Videos.