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User-Generated Content on Social Media: Showcasing Customer Experiences in Retail

Benchmark Email

Many consumers are wary of traditional advertising and brand-generated content because they perceive it as biased or promotional. This skepticism can make it difficult for retailers to… The post User-Generated Content on Social Media: Showcasing Customer Experiences in Retail appeared first on Benchmark Email.

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10 Ways to Increase Traffic With User-Generated Content

In a world where AI is taking over quite a few functions, including writing, genuine human-generated content is still valuable, as humans can provide a context to their content. The same survey also revealed that 58% of consumers worldwide viewed user-generated content as the most authentic content amidst everything a brand published.


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Rethinking Marketing Search and Promotion with Pinterest

Top Rank Marketing

Over 450 million active users is no small number. Male users increased 40% year-over-year. This gave me a great opportunity to reimagine how marketers can re-position Pinterest for optimal promotional success. Helping to extend the life of a pin, Pinterest users save pins. How is your business using Pinterest?

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User-Generated Content: How to Use It for Good and Avoid a PR Crisis


It’s high time businesses tap into the power of user-generated content (UGC), a form of content marketing where your customers take center stage. UGC leverages the voices and experiences of real people to promote your brand. Think customer reviews, social media posts, and photos or videos shared by loyal customers.

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Crowd-Powered Impact: Benefits of User-Generated Content


UGC or user-generated content is an original and brand-specific content created to spread awareness and goodwill about the brand. In this blog we talk on everything related to UGC and answer questions like what the benefits of user-generated content are, how to utilize UGC for marketing, and where does user-generated content come from.

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Sourcing User Generated Content

Stevens & Tate

One source of content generation you may not have tapped into yet is user-generated content. Even if you’ve managed to regularly generate high-quality content, you should look for other ways to create new content for variety’s sake, such as high quality user generated content. Free content.

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5 Ways B2B Organizations Can Leverage User-Generated Content

KoMarketing Associates

User-generated content (UGC) is one of the best forms of content: your users create it for you, and all it takes on your end is simply to organize and publish it on your website or other online platforms. Luckily, there are at least five other ways that brands can use user-generated content in B2B marketing.