How To Measure Paid Media ROI (ROAS)


Before we cover how to measure paid media ROI (or return on ad spend - ROAS), we’ll first discuss some other key paid media metrics. ROI / ROAS. Paid Media - whether it’s search, social, display, etc. - is a critical component of every B2B marketing plan.

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Stop Ignoring Facebook Ads: Your Keys To Success

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Merchants are seeing 500%+ returns from Facebook ads – you simply can’t ignore that kind of Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) if you plan on growing your business in 2015. Facebook ads – you either love them or hate them – but if you’re in ecommerce, you better cozy up to them quickly.

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Case Study: People-Based Measurement Enables Top Retailer to Discover 350% Increase in Return on Ad Spend


Case study in point: we worked with Ovative/group on a top ten retailer’s people-based measurement strategy, helping them discover more than three times the return on ad spend (ROAS). Discovering ROAS Optimization Opportunities. Testing revealed a massive enterprise ROAS optimization opportunity: Display, when combined with direct mail, resulted in 4x greater sales lift than other channel combinations.


Why Your PPC Agency Needs to Focus on the Full Funnel


In order to define success for a traditional B2B PPC Agency, we must first look at the definition of Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): According to , “ Return On Advertising Spend, is a marketing metric that measures the efficacy of a digital advertising campaign.

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A Guide to Google AdWords Paid Search Bidding Strategies


Target ROAS (return-on-ad-spend): If you want to optimize for the value of a conversion, use Target ROAS to help increase conversion value while targeting a specific return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). They also recommend 50 conversions in the past 30 days for Target ROAS.

How to Tell if You’re Wasting Money on Google Ads


For super high volume/ low-value conversions, we recommend using a ROAS threshold instead of conversions. So we recommend using a ROAS threshold instead of Conversions. Note If you are using a ROAS threshold instead of Conversions, then replace “Conversions” with “ROAS Threshold.”


Case study: Choozle’s advertising strategies


765:1 average return on ad spend (ROAS), versus 321:1 ROAS for paid search campaigns. Choozle is a business just like any other, and our B2B marketing and digital advertising strategies reflect that.

7 Ways to Make Retargeting More Effective

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You could then apply that algorithm’s learnings to your ad buy, and maybe get the sort of ROAS (return on ad spend) that marketers dream about – not just the 300% ROAS which retargeting often delivers, but a ROAS like 3000%. Everybody leaves. Well, most everybody.

4 Keyword Filters to Run in Every Search Account


If the keyword is converting well and within your CPL or ROAS goals, increasing the bid will help with your competitiveness and could yield additional conversions. High CPL or ROAS below target. Anyone who manages paid search campaigns knows how important efficiency is.

choozlechat: Learning from your holiday marketing strategies with Megan Dyer


MD: It’s important to keep the cost per acquisition (CPA), return on ad spend (ROAS), and a customer’s average lifetime value in mind.

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7 Ways to Use Google’s Keyword Planner That You Haven’t Thought Of


Find the point on the graph where your CPC bids reach diminishing returns and compare that number to your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). #7: If you’ve used Google AdWords, you’re probably familiar with the Google Keyword Planner.

How To Use RLSA To Help Increase High Quality Leads

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RLSA is a powerful yet simple way to increase conversion actions from past visitors and potentially increase ROAS. While Remarketing Lists in Search Ads (RLSA) have been out for a while, it’s still a very powerful – yet underutilized – function in Google AdWords.

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Going Global in Marketing Involves More Than Just Translating The Words

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” After analyzing 20,000 companies in 30 countries, HBR “found that companies selling abroad had an average Return on Assets (ROA) of minus 1% as long as five years after their move.” Globalization is key to Modern Marketing.

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3 digital marketing KPIs to tie back to your business goals


Measurement: ROAS for retargeting campaigns. Let’s face it: Being an in-house marketer isn’t always sunshine and rainbows—especially when it comes to budgets, overarching strategies , and brand consistency through it all.

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10 case studies show how web analytics prove ROI


The result are: 1) 89% increase in visits from organic search, 2) 75% increase in registrations from organic search, 3) 30% increase in CTR with AdWords, and 4) 124% increase in ROAS with AdWords. What good is data if you don’t know what to do with it?

Key Digital Branding Tips to Dominate Your Online Presence

Navigate the Channel

Many businesses make the mistake of initially strategizing with the intention of strengthening their brand—only to compromise those efforts by redirecting the campaign strictly on boosting conversion rates and return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) metrics.


Digilant Announces MAIA: Programmatic Power With Human Insights


Marketing, Artificial Intelligence & Analytics for the Modern Marketer. Boston — December 18, 2018 Today, Digilant — a programmatic media buying services company — introduced MAIA : Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics.


Telecoms: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

Onalytica B2B

Pedro Huichalaf Roa. Communications technology and the telecoms industry have evolved dramatically over the past 10 years, due to growth in the mobile phone industry and advancement in internet communications.

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SEM for Financial Services: Everything You Need to Know


So if you want to ensure you have a high return on ad spend (ROAS), optimize your landing pages to drive conversions. QuanticMind, in fact, can use big data insights to accurately predict opportunities to increase your ROAS.

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AgilOne’s Customer Data Platform Enhances Oracle Marketing Cloud: Three Integration Highlights

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By being smarter with targeting and ad suppression, marketers boost ROAS. This week, AgilOne announced new integrations with Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Automating PPC with the New Google Ads


The efficiencies that Shopping Campaigns provide help retail businesses reach more customers, reduce their marketing expenditures and increase their overall return on ad spending (ROAS). An experienced marketer will know how to account for customers who would have returned even if they didn’t see retargeting ads, and the marketer will be able to adjust the reports accordingly so that they show true ROI and ROAS numbers.).

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5 Mistakes to Watch Out When Measuring App Campaigns


Not Measuring True ROAS. According to a data study by Forrester, however, a stunning 67% of app marketers do not, or simply cannot, measure the (true) ROI/ROAS of their marketing efforts, often because of a perceived lack of data.


A Jargon Busting Guide to B2B Programmatic Advertising

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Return on Ad spend (ROAS) – is the measurement of how many pounds you receive for every pound that you spend on advertising. Do you know your DCO from your DMP?

[Infographic] Solving Retail’s Big Data Challenge


Leading Food and Beverage Retailer: +10% ROAS. Retail is growing – the US Census pegs traditional retail growth at 4% per quarter and e-commerce at 15% per quarter.


Healthcare Marketers Gain Programmatic Power Using Unique Deterministic Data


There are few credible experts that can help advertisers avoid programmatic pitfalls and optimize ROAS, and with more than a decade of experience in the category, we offer unique expertise. Digilant And HealthLink Dimensions Partner To Help Marketers Go All-In On Digital.


SMX West 2017 Day 2 – AdWords Attribution, Drafts & Experiments, and More Attribution


As a case study, Google highlighted German online pharmacy , which switched to DDA and noted a 29% lift in conversions, 37% higher return on ad spend (ROAS), 95% increase in mobile conversions and 148% increase in mobile ROAS. .

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Part 3 – Everything Else You Need to Know

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Target ROAS (return on ad spend): Target ROAS aims to maximize revenue or conversion value based on the target return on ad spend you set. The ROAS formula is: Conversion value/ ad spend x 100%.

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5 Simple Steps to Develop an Effective PPC Strategy


Return on ad spend (ROAS): This is a bottom line metric that evaluates the effectiveness of ad spend overall at driving financial goals. Over time you’ll identify what elements of your strategy deserve the most investment to improve your ROAS.

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United Airlines Talks Marketing: Martech Decisions, ROI, and More


Showing topline performance like ROAS and ROI are great, but it takes a good marketer who understands the industry to know whether or not we need this or that. At RampUp on the Road Chicago , Ryan Cahill, digital marketing manager at United Airlines, spoke to attendees about how United uses LiveRamp to manage its data infrastructure rather than a DMP.


How to Solve the Biggest New Problem in Search Engine Marketing


Your revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS). The biggest new problem in search engine marketing is getting bigger by the day…and is expected to cost companies trillions by 2020. How can you solve SEM’s biggest new challenge? Search engine marketing is complicated. You probably knew this.

Why Predictive Advertising is the Future of Digital Marketing


Optimizing bids to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS). That means more of your advertising budget can be redistributed to other initiatives that maximize ROAS. The advertising industry has made huge strides in attempting to understand the mind of the consumer and potential buyer. But it hasn’t been able to predict the future — that is, until now.

The GTM Learning Loop: How to Optimize Your Funnel with Applied Learning


This means that you have a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 7:1 with Paid versus 5:1 for AdWords. Kaizen. The Japanese term “Kaizen” stands for the continuous improvement of a process.

The Top 3 SEM Takeaways from SMX Advanced 2017 – Social/Mobile, Audience Targeting and Shopping


Tests suggest that mobile paid search campaigns will drive as much as 11% lower return on ad spend (ROAS) than a comparable desktop campaign. Mobile Facebook campaigns have also been observed to bring in a ROAS that is as much as 2.3x What were the top search engine marketing takeways from the paid search experts at SMX Advanced 2017?

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Get your CEO to say Y-E-S to SEO


If your CEO comes from a marketing background, speak in terms of brand metrics or return on advertising spending (ROAS). Image by oooh.oooh via Flickr. by Tim Peter.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Part 3 – Everything Else You Need to Know

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Target ROAS (return on ad spend): Target ROAS aims to maximize revenue or conversion value based on the target return on ad spend you set. The ROAS formula is: Conversion value/ ad spend x 100%. Portfolio strategy: You may have several campaigns using the same target CPA or ROAS settings. – If you’re using Target ROAS bid strategy, the only device bid adjustment available is -100%.

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The Rise of Automated Bidding


These are all tangible goals that weren’t as directly related to CPC as they needed to be, and were more appropriate to gauge against something like cost-per-acquisition (CPA) or even return on advertising spend (ROAS). Optimize your return on ad spend, or ROAS. If You’re Still Doing Manual Bidding, You’re Doing it All Wrong.

Enterprise Bid Management Solutions – Is Automation a Threat to Marketers?


We’ve found that enterprise bid management solutions that incorporate these features consistently drive stronger SEM performance for advertisers in these (and other) verticals on average: Retailers: +26% return on ad spend (ROAS).

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Google Ads: The Definitive Guide (2018 Update)


Target ROAS: ROAS = Return on Ad Spend. This strategy will help you in getting the maximum ROAS, closer to your goal. If you want the maximum ROAS from your ads, go long.

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SMX Advanced Day 1 – Google + Bing Keynotes, Conversion Optimization, Audience Targeting and Social + PPC


Tests have shown that while mobile tends to account for about 1/3 of spend for many advertisers’ paid search and social accounts, mobile paid search tends to evince an 11% lower return on ad spend (ROAS) from desktop, while mobile Facebook campaigns show a massive 2.3x

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5 ½ FAQs for More Effective Ecommerce Pay-Per-Click Spending


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an excellent way for ecommerce companies to stimulate their competitiveness for traffic from specific keywords moving through search engines.

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