Is Co-Registration a Lead Generation Tactic to Consider?


I recently re-discovered the concept of co-registration as another means of capturing email addresses of interested prospects. What is Co-registration Lead Generation? (or, or, Co-Reg). If you ever signed up for a newsletter from a publisher, and you check a box that gives the publisher permission to send you related offers from advertisers, that’s where co-registration begins. Has co-registration worked for you?

The Race to a Cookieless Future

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Build a Co-Registration Strategy. Co-registration allows you to target people on the sites they know and love , and makes signing up for your email list a breeze! Google has (again) pushed the deprecation of third-party cookies.


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Beat The Summer Heat, No Cold Calls Required

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As users browse their favorite websites, we’ll target them with a co-registration ad. But you can easily retarget these former subscribers with a co-registration ad , just like you target new leads. When we find a match, we serve the co-registration ad.

New Year, New Email List: 3 Quick Tips to Grow Your List Today

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Find New Leads With Co-Registration Ads. With co-registration ads, we grow your list with double opt-in verified leads. We can take your unsubscriber list and anonymize the data, then use to create a target list for co-registration ads.

2 Email Marketing Goals To Set For Yourself

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That’s why co-registration advertising should be a crucial part of your list-building strategy. Email Marketing Co-registration Email EngagementEmail marketing is a fantastically powerful tool. But it’s also a lot to manage.

Build Your First Party Data NOW To Prepare for a Cookieless Future

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Through a combination of co-registration advertising and highly targeted winback campaigns , we can develop a data-compliant, opt-in list tailored to your needs. Opt-In Advertising Co-registration Data Email Database Opt-in Advertising

Are Facebook Ads Right For You? Three Questions To Ask Before You Buy

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One of our most efficient opt-in advertising options uses co-registration. Facebook Tips Opt-In Advertising Co-registration Facebook Facebook Ads Facebook Campaigns Facebook Targeting Opt-in AdvertisingIt’s true, just about everyone is on Facebook.

How To Use Online Holiday Shopping to Grow Your Email List

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You can use this increased online activity to your advantage through co-registration. We’ll help you identify the publisher websites and co-registration partners that are a match for your business. Activate Co-Registration Campaigns.

Three Quick Ways to Improve CCPA Compliance

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Opt-in advertising allows you to generate leads without landing pages , eliminating costly and time-consuming development in favor of safe, secure and simple co-registration. Co-registration makes it incredibly easy for new subscribers to join your email list.

How To Use Leap Year to Generate More Leads

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When it comes to lead generation, and especially co-registration, time is of the essence. Lead Nurturing Opt-In Advertising Co-registration Lead Generation Opt-in AdvertisingLeap Year brings an extra day in February once every four years.

How To Develop A Marketing Strategy For An Unsubscribed Email List

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Advanced Lead Tactics Email Marketing Opt-In Advertising Co-registration Email Database Email List Lead Nurturing Opt-in Advertising UnsubscribersYou’ve got a solid email list. And a great email marketing strategy for turning sends into sales. But every email list could be bigger. And every unsubscribe list could be smaller. The key is to put those unsubscribed email addresses to work for you with a campaign to win back unsubscribers. The catch?

Jumpstart Your Business By Growing Your Email List

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With a co-registration campaign, you can use opt-in advertising to re-engage your existing email list or build a bigger email database. That’s the beauty of co-registration. Wondering how to grow your business?

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Summer Seasonal Marketing Strategies

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This is also a great time to try or increase co-registration ads. A compelling co-registration offer is often all you need to get them to rejoin your email list. Consumer behavior is not immune to seasonal changes, and your marketing needs to follow suit.

Using Double Opt-In to Maintain List Quality

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It’s simple, too: after joining your list with a few clicks through a co-registration form, an automated email is triggered to confirm the user’s subscription to your list. Every email address on your list will have explicitly opted in to receive marketing messages from you: once through a co-registration ad, and a second time via double opt-in email confirmation. A simple co-registration form allows them to opt-in with just a few clicks.

Two Foolproof Ways to Generate Leads Without Landing Pages

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With a compelling offer and a simple co-registration form, it’s easy to winback past subscribers and add them to your email list. . That’s why we make it easy to generate leads without landing pages , using simple co-registration forms. Ready to lose the landing page?

4 Things You Need to Do Before Running Facebook Ads

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Or, if social media isn’t your thing, we can develop a custom co-registration advertising plan that will allow you to generate leads without landing pages, quickly and at scale. Facebook (and Instagram) are great for generating mass reach and awareness.

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New Year, New Lead Generation Resolutions

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Opt-in advertising allows you to target users on the websites they already frequent, and co-registration means they can join your list in just a few clicks. The new year brings the perfect time to take a new approach to lead generation.

What It Really Means To Generate Leads Without Landing Pages

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Co-registration allows users to quickly and easily opt-in directly on the site they are already browsing. When it comes to lead generation, your website might not be helping you the way you think. A good website converts leads into customers, but even the best landing pages are wasted on lead generation.

How To: Start the New Year with a Clean Email List

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We’ll work with you to find new leads that meet your criteria with specific targeting and easy-to-execute co-registration campaigns. The end of the year is a great time to take inventory and get set for the new year ahead.

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Get Your Email List Ready for The Holiday Shopping Season

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Our unique approach to opt-in advertising uses co-registration to find new leads on trusted partner websites and allow them to quickly and easily opt-in.

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Back To School: Four Lead Generation Lessons to Learn Now

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But when we talk about opt-in advertising, we’re talking about users who are opting in to your email list through an ad shown on a third-party site, typically through a co-registration form where their information has already been pre-populated for an easy opt-in. The basic premise of lead generation hasn’t changed, but technology and targeting sure has. Today’s lead generation tactics are sophisticated and frictionless, offering a seamless sign-up without landing pages.

The Top 3 Benefits of Opt-In Advertising

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But when we talk about opt-in advertising, we’re talking about users who are opting in to your email list through an ad shown on a third-party site, typically through a co-registration form where their information has already been pre-populated for an easy opt-in. The term “opt-in” comes up a lot in online marketing. Single opt-in and double opt-in are two different methods of consent, most often used in relation to email.

Holistic Email Metrics Matrix: Are You Seeing the Whole Picture?


While the goal of one email may be to generate registrations of a webinar (lead generation) and another may be to create sales (conversions), these are generally the top metrics for determining the success of an email campaign. Email analytics are powerful… and also dangerous.

How to Rebuild Your Email List After GDPR

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Consider how people were added to your list: did they make a purchase, sign up through a lead generation form on your site, or through co-registration or opt-in advertising with a third party? GDPR has come into effect, and with it, far-reaching implications for email marketers around the world. While the General Data Protection Regulation may technically only apply to European Union citizens , most have adopted its principles on a global level to ensure full compliance.

How to Measure Your Content Marketing Effectiveness

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e-books, our blog, webinars, co-registration opportunities, etc.). However, we’ve found it’s more important to track conversions to email subscription, topics of interest, and registrations for a CMI activity such as Content Marketing World. Editor’s note: You may have missed the original post when we published it several years ago.

Industry Spotlight: Email Marketing at Nonprofits


Avoid the temptation to buy lists and be wary of co-registration and list rental, as those are the three most problematic subscriber acquisition methods. Nonprofits are less likely to acquire new subscribers using list purchases, list rental, and co-registration, according to our research, and all three of those top the list of the most problematic list growth tactics. Every industry does email marketing a little differently.

Does Your Business do Podcasts? It Should

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Educate potential buyers in the sales pipeline or existing customers on new offerings Generate new leads via a co-registration process. I'll admit that I don't regularly download podcasts via an RSS feed but I do listen to them the odd time. It looks like I'm not the only one. reports that in August of 2006, 17 million people had listened to a podcast which is 70% more then the number of people who downloaded a podcast from April 2006.

Marketing Hierarchy of Needs: Achieving Marketing Efficiency and Effectiveness

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co-registration, email list purchases, etc.) Every year, around Halloween, organizations meet to begin the battle for budget allocations for the New Year. For marketers, the news is good overall. According to research from IDC and Forrester, marketing spending is anticipated to increase between 3 to 5% for 2011.

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