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Five Tips for Promoting a Technology Solution On Social Media


Social media promotion uses platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest to connect with your target audience, build brand awareness, drive web traffic , and increase sales. There’s a wide range of social media management tools designed to help you succeed with your social media marketing efforts.

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5 Ways to Promote Virtual Events on Social Media in 2020

KoMarketing Associates

2020 has seen many shifts in marketing strategies, most notably the move to virtual events. For many companies, this has shifted digital marketing efforts from promotion of physical event attendance to online webinars, participation in online industry events, and other virtual seminars or meetups. Social Media Stories.


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How to Utilize the Power of Gmail’s Promotions Tab


The Gmail promotions tab is a marketer’s ally because context and setting matter. Similarly, marketing emails make more sense in the promotions tab than the primary inbox. Similarly, marketing emails make more sense in the promotions tab than the primary inbox. And how should marketers work with it?

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Why and How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business

Marketing Insider Group

Most businesses, when they think social media promotion, they think Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like. However, YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular social networks in the world – in fact, it’s the second biggest website in the world.

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Jambo account-based marketing platform joins ON24 Partner Network


Jambo, an ABM platform for manufacturing and life sciences, announced its integration into the ON24 Partner Network, the first ABM platform to join ON24’s roster of more than 40 partners at the premiere level. Read next: How to decide if you need an account-based marketing platform. Get the daily newsletter digital marketers rely on.

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How to Create a Promotional Plan (with Examples & Strategies)

Single Grain

You can elevate your business to new heights with a stellar promotional plan. From identifying your target market to choosing a catchy promotion name, from selecting an effective promotion type to deciding on key messages and promotional products, we’ll journey through the creation of a powerful promotional plan.

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3 Scalable Content Promotion Strategies to Blast Your Funnel

Single Grain

We’re always putting our top effort into the content we create, but what about our content promotion strategies? As many as 50% of B2B marketers create content to generate brand awareness and interest: Yet, do you know how many of your website visitors have never heard of you? ??. That’s where content promotion gives you a boost.