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Game of Thrones Meets Big Bang Theory: Welcome to CDP Industry's Next Phase

Customer Experience Matrix

Think Survivor meets Game of Thrones with a dash of Big Bang Theory. It’s a picture that makes a lot of sense. Customer Data Platforms are now widely accepted as an essential component of a modern data architecture, so it’s a market worth fighting for.

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How Can You Use Game Theory to Grow Your Advisory?

FMG Suite

Game Theory is essentially a discipline or a method of strategic thinking where the players will have to make decisions by looking from different perspectives, basically putting themselves in the shoes of the other players and anticipating their possible actions and reactions. The post How Can You Use Game Theory to Grow Your Advisory?

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Game Theory for Marketing Automation

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

by Maria Pergolino If you are a B2B marketer, you’ve probably heard the terms “game theory” or “gamification” in regards to advertising a few times. But what does gamification mean and what does game theory have anything to do with marketing? This feeling is what reinforces motivation to keep them interested in the game.

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Is Your Digital Advertising Signaling the Right Message to Buyers?

The Point

There’s a fascinating article over at LinkedIn: “ You Are What You Signal ,” in which the authors discuss the concept of “signaling theory” in advertising, best summarized in simple terms as the way in which ads “signal” a consumer into trusting a particular brand. Apple knows that expensive signals quality, which sells more phones.”.

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20 Super-Awesome Infographics to Inspire Your Content Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

While they also excel in the video and social media categories, their infographic game is also on point. The Home Depot: Color Theory. Who can make an icky concept palatable and understandable? Why, that would be content marketing masters GE. The best part about the infographic? Its use of numbers (which audiences love).

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B2B CEOs Need Marketing Insights Too!


Many business and marketing shows can be heavy on theory and light on practical tips, but the GROW show delivers the goods. Whether you're just starting out as a CEO or you've been in the game for a while, you'll find plenty of valuable takeaways from the show. We hope you can join us in whichever channel you prefer.

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The Email & SMS Campaign Calendar Every E-Commerce Brand Should Plan for in 2023

SmartBug Media

The Four Peaks Theory Most e-commerce businesses rely on a two-peaks revenue model, which means twice-a-year revenue spikes. That’s how the Four Peaks Theory helps. What is the Four Peaks Theory? The Four Peaks Theory is a model for year-round growth based on the four quarters of the year.

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