How Rating Scales Are Composed and Affect the Quality of Actionable Insights | What’s Your Edge?

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Rating scales, especially Likert Scales, are common in research instruments. share of wallet and/or referral rates. There are some common characteristics between composing good melodies and crafting good research questions, especially ranking and rating questions.

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Read Rates: Who’s Actually Captivated by Your Email?


Open rates can be deceptive. Read rates. While there are many email metrics you can measure, this one packs a punch. Only 19% of marketers currently track read rate today, according to our latest State of Email Analytics report. What is read rate?

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The Role of UX in Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion rates depend on several factors, and brand image and sales depend on multiple elements, from technical to marketing strategies. A range of technologies and experience considerations underlie conversion rate optimization (CRO), including psychology, programming, and graphic design.

How to Measure Email Marketing Success: Beyond Open Rate


When you know which email analytics to measure, how to calculate performance, and how to explain what it means to decision-makers, you’re a more empowered email marketer. Now, many email marketers are wondering how to measure email marketing success.

Lead Gen and Engagement: Find your Marketing Sweet Spot

Speaker: Dawn Colossi, CMO, FocusVision

A shift is occurring for B2B Marketers. We were measured by the number of leads we generate. So, we put gates up on our website, we stand in trade show booths and collect business cards, and run webinars or smaller events where we get people to sign up. Over time, we’ve become much better at measuring conversion rates and lead quality. Now that recent studies have shown that 49% of companies achieve a higher ROI by focusing on engagement over acquisition, there’s a shift from lead counts, lead quality to engagement. But as a B2B Marketer, what does engagement mean? How can you get there? How do you measure it? How do you show value to the business? Where does lead gen and lead quality fit in? Dawn Colossi, CMO of FocusVision and a recognized leader in data-driven marketing strategy, has answers based on hard won experience.

The Simple Measure That Can Assess the Health of Your Business

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Assuming that the teams agree on what constitutes a qualified lead , the factors that go into scoring a qualified lead , and that there is a valid scoring model , your organization is well situated to establish metrics for measuring Marketing’s contribution to the pipeline.

Score Big with a Marketing Measurement Playbook

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Why a Marketing Measurement Playbook is a Good Idea . The constant flow and accessibility of data coupled with substantial improvement in analytical capabilities means that measures are in abundance. The challenge is less about quantity and more about the quality of your measures, metrics and KPIs . Choosing the right measures, and acting on the implications of these measurements, is an essential requirement for operating Marketing as a center of excellence.

Email Marketing Analytics - How to Measure? [With Tips to Drive Business Growth]


It’s one of the most measurable ways of marketing. Open Rate (OR) It’s the percentage of people who opened your emails, out of everyone who received it in their inbox. How to calculate Open Rate = (Total emails opened/Total emails delivered)*100 Example: No.

7 Key Metrics to Track When Measuring Your Content Engagement


Your bounce rate is high. Content Analytics Tips & How-Tos analytics bounce rate content Content Marketing Institute conversion rate conversions engagement marketing measurement pages per session pageviews session duration social time on page traffic website

Make Sure CTA Measures Are on the Right Place on Your Dashboard

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We contend that CTA (call-to-action) conversion rates serve as a measure for bridging output and outcomes in the metrics chain , and ultimately a measure of Marketing’s effectiveness. How to measure CTA effectiveness. Where to put CTA measures on your dashboard.

How to Improve your Website Conversion Rate through Better UX Design


Conversion rates are the ultimate measure of business website success. Healthy conversion rates mean higher revenue and sales. Solid conversion rates are vital for a successful online business or B2B website. Actionable Tips to Improve Conversion Rates.

8 Strategies To Help You Increase Email Response Rates


One of these factors is your email response rate. Your response rates would show you how effective your email marketing strategy is. In this article, we would be looking at strategies you can use to help you increase email response rates. What Is Email Response Rates?

Foolproof Marketing Metrics to Measure


Leading Measures of Success. Don’t confuse leading measures of success with your north star metrics. If leading measures are confused with North Star metrics, then misalignment occurs. Conversion Rates. These conversion rates, if focused on, could mean the difference in millions of dollars in lost revenue. SQL conversion rate: How many qualified leads are falling through the cracks with my frontline sales reps?

When You’re Focused on Upstream, What do You Measure?

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We have some thoughts on metrics and what to measure, but before we launch into these, let’s be sure we’re on the same page about what is meant by Upstream Marketing. Let’s delve deeper into the measures and metrics. This is why it is a good example of a measure for Upstream Marketing.

How to Measure Bounce Rates for Blog Post

SmartBug Media

If you’ve been investing in content marketing,—and more specifically, blogging—for a lengthy period of time, your website’s aggregate bounce rate may be high. Let's take a closer look at the following: Is bounce rate important for SEO? How can I track the bounce rate for my blog posts?

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25 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools that Pros Can’t Ignore


Every conversion represents direct revenue or future revenue, so the higher your conversion rate, the more money you stand to make. Need to boost your conversion rates ? These conversion rate optimization tools can help you get the job done, simply and painlessly.

12 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate and Boost Your Conversions


Do you want to reduce the bounce rate on your website? High bounce rate can seriously affect your conversion rates. In this article, we’ll share 12 proven methods to improve bounce rate and increase your conversions. What is Bounce Rate? What is Bounce Rate?

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Measure Your Email Conversion Rates


Well, if you don’t, then you haven’t experienced the power of measuring your conversion rates. It is important to measure and optimize your conversion rate as it allows for lower customer acquisition costs while generating more value from existing subscribers, visitors, and users. Conversion Rate Measurement. This conversion rate, of course, varies depending on the predetermined objective of a brand. Email Conversion Rate.

Ask our experts: Other than open rates, what should creators focus on to measure success?


Open rates have been considered a vanity metric for a long time. And with the latest Apple announcement , open rates will soon become even less reliable when it comes to measuring the success of your email efforts. Conversion rates are the truest measure of success.

How 2022 Apple Mail Privacy Updates Affect Email Open Rates

SmartBug Media

At a basic level, Apple’s MPP does not disclose the email open rate of a recipient to a business. Because the email is “marked as read” regardless of whether or not the email was actually opened, open rate has become unreliable as a performance metric.

6 Key Metrics to Track When Measuring Your Content Engagement


Your bounce rate is high. Content Analytics Tips & How-Tos analytics bounce rate content Content Marketing Institute conversion rate conversions engagement marketing measurement pages per session pageviews session duration social time on page traffic website

8 Tips to Reduce the Email Bounce Rate


via GIPHY One of the greatest problems email marketers face is high email bounce rates. The email marketing bounce rate is the percentage of newsletter subscribers that did not receive your message because a mail server returned it.

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Whats Is Conversion Rate And How to Calculate It


The best way to measure this is by tracking the conversion rate. Failure to measure this rate frequently or not calculate it correctly can seriously damage your business. So if you have questions about the conversion rate , it’s time to get rid of them!

The B2B Marketers’ Perspective on Measuring Content Marketing Performance

KoMarketing Associates

Measuring the impact of content marketing allows B2B marketers to optimize campaigns for better engagement and more effectively attribute ROI. But what are the strategies, tactics, and trends behind measuring content marketing performance for B2B marketers?

How to Measure ABM


On this week’s episode of By Marketers for Marketers, Jason Widup, VP of Marketing at, and Mark Huber, Metadata’s Director of Growth, discuss how to measure ABM. Instead, help them understand WHY you’re measuring what you’re measuring.

Why and How You Should Measure Content Marketing ROI

Marketing Insider Group

As data analytics grow in sophistication, measuring the results of your marketing efforts becomes even more critical to your company’s success. So why, then, do 44% of all B2B companies not even bother to measure their content marketing ROI?

Cracking the Code: Measuring your Enablement Impact


Vanity metrics are things that are traditionally important to the party who owns the content – things like completion rates. Business metrics are those things that really matter—like quota attainment, win rates, and average deal sizes.

Case Study: Segmentation, New Creative Boosts Lead Conversion Rates by 75%

The Point

As a company that rigorously tracks and measures the ROI from its various marketing efforts, Sungard AS knew that increasing the revenue contribution from demand generation meant either a) driving more leads into the top of the funnel, and/or b) increasing the rate at which those leads convert into sales. Improve deliverability and overall email performance as measured by open and click rates.

Measure Your Way to Lead Nurturing Success

The Point

Demand Gen Report just published “ Top B2B Marketers Measure Lead Nurturing Effectiveness to Boost Performance ,” a special report in which they address the whys, whats, and how tos of measuring lead nurturing’s true impact. This new report shares insights, ideas, best practices, and real-life examples of how to measure lead nurturing performance beyond basic email metrics like open and click rates.

7 Advanced Metrics to Measure the Success of ABM

Marketing Insider Group

Accurately measuring the ROI for ABM — or pretty much any marketing strategy — has always been an incredible challenge for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The ratio of referrals who convert can be measured by: # of referred customers/total # of customers. Retention Rate.

How to Measure Email Marketing Success


To understand how to improve your email marketing and start seeing these results, you need to know how to measure email marketing success. Delivery Rate. Your delivery rate refers to the percentage of emails that were successfully delivered to contacts in your list. Open Rate.

20 Email Metrics & KPIs to Measure Success and Drive Action


But what email metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) should you measure? Fewer than a fifth (17%) measure their email marketing return on investment (ROI). And only 12% of brands measure subscriber lifetime value (LTV). Open rate. Email read rate or read time.

Measuring Influencer Marketing

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The purpose of this strategy is to help with customer acquisition (number and/or rate) and rate of product adoption. Before we jump into how to measure influence marketing, we’d like to respond to a question we’re frequently asked, “What is the difference between influencer marketing and public relations?” Should this be a viable strategy for your organization, you may want to think beyond counting, and create a way to measure influence.

6 Key Metrics to Track When Measuring Your Content Engagement


Your bounce rate is high. Content Analytics Tips & How-Tos analytics bounce rate content Content Marketing Institute conversion rate conversions engagement marketing measurement pages per session pageviews session duration social time on page traffic website

What Is Bounce Rate and What Is a Good Rate?


Bounce rate is the metric calculated when someone visits a single page on your website and does nothing on the page before leaving. More specifically, a website’s bounce rate measures how many visitors leave a page without performing a specific action. In this guide, we’ll discuss what makes a good bounce rate and ways to improve your bounce rate.

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What Response Rate Should I Expect From My Campaign?

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On , Adam asks: ““What percentage success rate do people (expect from) direct mail campaigns? We (get) 7% response rate when marketing to existing customers and 2% to new customers.”. My response: It’s a cop out, I know, but there is no right answer to this question or to its popular friend: “What’s a good response rate?” A survey invitation generates much higher response rates compared to say, a free trial offer.

Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization

There are a number of tools you can use to assist you in your conversion optimization efforts, including tools that analyze your current layout, ones that support you by automating experiments and AB tests, and ones that thoroughly measure your results.

Why I Don’t Care About Spam Rates and Sender Reputation (and Neither Should You)

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Anecdotally, I can recount any number of client email campaigns over the last 15 years or so in the agency business where a particular test cell that generated a lower delivery rate, even a lower open rate, ended up generating more leads. Response rates and even ROI are the metrics that should guide your email strategy, not spam rates.

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Meaningful metrics: Going beyond open rates


In episode 7 of the Deliverability Defined podcast, my co-host Melissa Lambert and I talk about the benefits and challenges of open rates, as well as other important metrics you should be measuring to fully understand your email performance. Why open rates aren't always reliable.

Measuring ROI for your Employee Advocacy Program


The days when it was virtually impossible to measure social media in general, and employee advocacy ROI specifically, are long gone. Here’s how to get started measuring and maximizing your employee advocacy ROI.