Writing a Press Release? 8 Awesome Tools That Will Help

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Writing a press release isn't rocket science -- but when you don't do it on a regular basis, it can be a bit challenging. But with the right tools, you can avoid any pitfalls and make your press release writing a lot easier. The 4 Culprits of Sucky Press Release Writing.

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Brand marketing: 4 ways businesses should be using press releases — but many aren’t


Ah yes, press releases: a staple of the business collateral landscape that has not just survived the transition from the print to the digital world, but has thrived. Indeed, thanks to the “evergreen” nature of web content, press releases are the brand marketing gift that keeps on giving.

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15 Smart Techniques that Will Skyrocket Your B2B Press Coverage

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You earned that B2B press coverage, and n ow your article is published for the world to see. Many pack up their PR bags and simply pat themselves on the back when they receive B2B press coverage. You can take it further, and gain triple the results of your original press coverage.

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How the Internet of Things Is Changing Marketing Forever


This is just one example of how the Internet of Things (IoT) will impact people’s lives in the future, but IoT will also change marketing as we know it. The Internet is widely available everywhere, from the airport to the local coffee shop and even the gym. The concept behind the Internet of Things is any device with an “on” or “off” switch can be connected to the Internet. Tapping into the Internet of Things is changing the future for marketers.

Death by Content: How Press Release Abuse Killed Public Relations

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Self-serving Press Release Content Has Killed PR. The origins of the press release are unclear, but in the not too distant past, this communication tool was called a “News Release.” The internet delivered news faster, and this was a good thing.

6 Benefits of Targeted B2B Press Releases

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Some might say that press releases are as useful today as fax machines. This emphasis leads to a much better fit when pitching your press release and its chances for getting your news picked up. All from a press release. 6 Benefits of B2B Press Releases.

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Introducing the Modern Press Release


Author: Megan Ziman Messaging and company stories circulate through a surplus of multichannel communication tools, so what’s the use of a press release? I keep hearing terms and phrases like “back to the basics”, “old school”, or “traditional PR” associated with a press release.

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Email Subject Lines: 295+ Best Performing (The Biggest Swipe File On The Internet)


To help you improve your open rates, we’ve compiled the biggest list of the top email subject lines (295+) to ever exist on the internet. Thanks to the internet, we now have so many people to learn from right at our fingertips giving us top notch information.

Batman, the Tortoise vs. the Hare, and Internet Marketing


Maybe your company is launching a major update of your main product, including broadcast media, press and your CEO ringing the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange. Internet Marketing agile marketing Internet marketingPhoto credit: 401(K) 2012.

The Sorry State of Internet News


Don’t worry, though, because whatever seems like an accusation of the Internet and social media marketing “news” industry applies to me as well. I have been “reporting” on the Internet and social media marketing space for the better part of four years now. That doesn’t make me a wily Internet veteran, although I was working in the space during the first bubble burst all those years ago. Internet Marketing Business

Internet of things and real time planning, or how devices talk and plan ahead


Evian recently ran a project in France where people were able to order big family-size bottles of water by pressing a plastic water drop-shaped button on their fridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

The Internet killed the "One-Day Story"


Unfortunately, the Internet has forever ended the technique of letting the storm blow over. Internet Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing publicrelations socialmediaImage via Wikipedia.

Hey Internet Industry! Enough Already!


Recently, the news has been filled with the latest comings and goings (and speculation around who’s next) among some of the Internet space’s heavyweights, starting with the A-list blogger Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. So that’s what is going on in the Internet space as of late. Internet Marketing Andrew Mason AOL Huffington Post Michael Arrington TechCrunch Tim ArmstrongImage via CrunchBase.

Is All Press Good Press? How PR Wins & Fails Impact SEO [Flipbook]


Remember the dress that broke the internet? Armed with a handful of tools, they dug into the data to determine exactly how media coverage affects press mentions, organic traffic, and backlinks. So is it true that all press is good press?

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The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing


Internet use is increasing worldwide every day -- in fact, over four billion people around the world use the internet, as of 2018. The internet offers unique benefits other marketing mediums can’t offer -- scope of reach, the option to personalize content, and the opportunity to build far-reaching relationships with customers, being just a few. In the crowded space of the internet, how are you supposed to differentiate your business to reach the right audience?

What the Internet’s Best ‘About Us’ Pages Can Teach Brands


The internet has come a long way since then, but websites are still essential homes for brands. The post What the Internet’s Best ‘About Us’ Pages Can Teach Brands appeared first on The Content Strategist.

Attack of the Customers Press Release

Paul Gillin

I’ve read thousands of press releases over the years but don’t believe I ever wrote one until now. It was more difficult than I expected! Links and tweets are appreciated, but Amazon reviews will get you undying devotion.

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5 B2B Marketing Tips for Using Press Releases


Internet users have dynamic activity patterns and today they spend more time on the web than ever. But the good news is there are a lot of opportunities in the marketplace and with a little creativity; a well written and distributed press release can turn into a successful marketing campaign.

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Internet of things and real time planning, or how devices talk and plan ahead


Evian recently ran a project in France where people were able to order big family-size bottles of water by pressing a plastic water drop-shaped button on their fridge.

Don’t Edit Your Own Work (But Double-Check These 9 Things Before You Press Send)


Sites like Wikipedia or Statistic Brain (secondary sources) make it so easy to just grab information willy-nilly, but the internet is a big, tangential place and sourcing requires us to narrow in on the data we need. It’s the rule: Don’t edit your own work.

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Good Year Gets Bad Press

Anything Goes Marketing

How is Goodyear combating this bad press? Let go of the stupid blimp - there's a new thing on Earth called the Internet. What you can do is instead of being reactive and firing off press releases and emails, go on the offense and create a new story that is compelling and brings the focus back to your core objectives and values.

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Stop Press! Ello Is Not Made Of Gumdrops And Kittens


Internet users expect everything for free, and we don’t go to Freecycle to get our social networks. The post Stop Press!

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Optimized Links in Press Releases & Guest Posts Can Harm Your SEO, Says Google


Do those search engine optimized press releases you''re sending actually boost your search rankings? And this, my friends, is where press releases factor in. Google Says Optimized Anchor Text Links in Press Releases Qualify as ''Unnatural Links''.

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Later, Haters! How Social Media Management Can Defeat Internet Trolls

Content Standard

Online trolls represent a minority of internet users, but their presence online—marked by inflammatory, controversial statements, sometimes crossing into the realm of hate speech—plays an outsized role in internet interactions.

How To Draw Attention with Press and Guests


Graham Bensinger started an Internet radio show when he was in eighth grade, and now at age 24, has been on a number of late-night talk shows including Leno , and has welcomed guests including Muhammad Ali and Adam Sandler onto his own show. How to Get Press.

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The Evolution of Language: How Internet Slang Changes the Way We Speak


Every year, hundreds of new words and phrases that come from internet slang are added to the dictionary. Why are so many new words and phrases emerging the internet, and so quickly? Is the Internet to Blame? Think about how quickly internet trends come and go.

Can Google find you in your online store?


Bush, or even Al Gore , who invented the Internet. AdSense Al Capone Al Gore Almaty Animal rights Anti-Christian sentiment Associated Press Atrios Author Barack Obama Carbon footprint Global warming Google Google Street View internet Live Earth Morrissey Saks Fifth Avenue YouTube

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Optimized Links in Press Releases & Guest Posts Can Harm Your SEO, And Other Inbound Stories of the Week


Optimized Links in Press Releases & Guest Posts Can Harm Your SEO, Says Google, via HubSpot. which basically means that search engine optimized press releases and guest posts could end up hurting your marketing, not helping it.

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Search success hinges on site speed


Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization Search Marketing Associated Press Bing Firefox Google Google Chrome Google Search internet Web browser Web search engine Yahoo

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The best automagical Twitter following tools for your business


Over the last few weeks, I have been sharing my tools and processes with you.

The 10 most fascinating people in B2B marketing in 2017


Michael Brenner was SAP ’s pioneer in developing the powerful Internet marketing strategy of building a website community to serve the information needs of top-of-the-funnel business buyers, to generate leads and “own the category.” The project turned into a huge community relations win, with enormous press coverage, books, films, and even the birth of an in-house employee-driven photography project. “I The Internet has no borders,” she says.

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Paul Entin in the News! Comments for CNBC, NY Times, Internet Retailer

Marketing In Real Life

An effective public relations program integrating feature articles, press releases, videos and other content delivers quantifiable returns as sales leads, clicks and social media engagement.

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The Role of Brand Journalism in Content Marketing


The Intel Free Press takes a similar but slightly more promotional approach, highlighting the many aspects of technology powered by Intel chips. In a sense, it’s the Intel Free Press for companies less integral to the technology platform that we’re all using. Photo credit: inju.

Backfill your corporate history onto your blog for Google


You won’t confuse your visitors or p**s off Google Search if you start posting historical newsletters, news items, press releases , product launches, and blog posts — as long as you’re honest.

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The business of reviews and search and for small hotels and restaurants


Content Marketing e-Commerce Internet Marketing Search Marketing Social Media Marketing Travel Marketing All rights reserved Assisted reproductive technology Associated Press Brazil Canada Car rental Caribbean Casino Costa Rica United States

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How to Survive The Big Sales Meeting

Sales Intelligence View

With so much information available on the Internet, it is inexcusable to present a product to a potential customer without at least a basic understanding of your prospect’s business. Looking for current press releases on the Internet.

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Research Integrity: The Achilles Heel of Content Marketing

Marketing Craftmanship

With good intentions, but given no budget or time to perform proper market research, we interviewed a total of 6 corporate CEOs and board members to provide some validation to the underlying premise of our press release.