R2C Group Locks in LendingTree as College Bowl Game Title Sponsor

Rain The Growth Agency

With performance goals in mind, R2C Group was able to structure the deal in a way that will allow the agency to measure the impact of this investment against LendingTree’s overall campaign goals, informing future sponsorship decisions and potential for additional scale in this space. “We Sponsorships of this nature can in fact accomplish branding goals and business goals all at once. is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.

R2C Group Locks in LendingTree as College Bowl Game Title Sponsor

Rain The Growth Agency

With performance goals in mind, R2C Group was able to structure the deal in a way that will allow the agency to measure the impact of this investment against LendingTree’s overall campaign goals, informing future sponsorship decisions and potential for additional scale in this space. “We Sponsorships of this nature can in fact accomplish branding goals and business goals all at once. is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.


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R2C Group Locks in LendingTree as College Bowl Game Title Sponsor

Rain The Growth Agency

With performance goals in mind, R2C Group was able to structure the deal in a way that will allow the agency to measure the impact of this investment against LendingTree’s overall campaign goals, informing future sponsorship decisions and potential for additional scale in this space. . “We Sponsorships of this nature can in fact accomplish branding goals and business goals all at once. is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.

What Teachers Need to Consider When Designing a Paperless Classroom


They are locked in a constant battle with themselves and their students as to how to maximize their teaching time. It’s the age-old struggle for educators: “How do I reach my students?” And for every generation of students, there have been different answers. It is no different for today’s teachers. Backstage

Forget Rewards: Why B2B Loyalty Marketing is Different


Once in place, companies avoid changing vendors as much as possible. So, when you think about loyalty and retention in the B2B world, the loyalty is baked into the business model. Your vendors are already locked. In fact, rewards programs don’t work in B2B, for two key reasons.

Your Chance at Lifetime Reduced Prices


We at JotForm wanted to let you in on a special deal: upgrade to one of our existing paid plans now and be locked in to that price forever — even as we restructure our price. Close your eyes and try to imagine a world where the prices you pay now would never rise a single cent. Now open your eyes! Product

Is customer satisfaction really important in B2B?


An analysis of their reasons reveals that in most B2B markets there are four distinct customer segments, each of them loyal for very different reasons. This advantage is usually in one of four areas: A better quality product or service. Sure, they value functional performance too, but the things that really make their supplier sticky are ‘softer’ in nature: They trust the supplier and value their reliability. The third segment are ‘locked-in’.

Retargeting Explained: What It Is And How Does It Work

Marketing Insider Group

Retargeting allows brands to get in front of the 97 percent of visitors that haven’t yet converted – whether they weren’t ready to buy or got distracted during the checkout process. And when a customer starts to trust your brand, they are likely locked in.

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Gmail, TLS Encryption and Why Email Marketers Need to Know About It


That’s easy to find if you are interested in the specifics of data encryption. In the past, setting up TLS was more of a “niche ask” for senders. So, what will those customers see in Gmail now that these additions are live? You can see the broken lock in the top right corner. Makes sense that you might not want to send account information in an unencrypted format.

Digital Marketing: What Happens After Your Site Launches?

EMagine B2B Blog

We’re covering why it’s important to have a strategic plan in place to lock-in long-term business success in our new video. Other great content we know you’ll love: Client Success In Digital Marketing . Stay in touch with me on Twitter: @Lindsey_Hudson1. What’s next after your website launches? Web Design & Development: Prioritize SEO. Balancing SEO With Branding & Messaging. A Common SEO Pitfall.

Sites 40

Marketing in 2021: The impact of blockchain on CX


30-second summary: Blockchain solutions are fast becoming mainstream in marketing, helping to eradicate advertising fraud that typically plagues the sector and proving their value in overcoming data inefficiency challenges.

How to boost your holiday advertising with inventory packages


In fact, the National Retail Federation expects this season to see the highest holiday retail sales on record — and an increase of up to 10.5% So, before you lock in that seasonal media strategy, ask yourself if you’ve made your list and checked it twice.

5 Logistical Tips That’ll Help You Pull Off a Great Webinar


When my class of floppy six-year-olds stood on stage to sing a song in front of our families, my body froze. In fact, he stuttered and had a lisp.) Part of my job as editor-in-chief is to inspire our audience, supplying them with engaging advice. I’m no Winston Churchill.

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Protect yourself: 5 essential tips on how to keep your website safe


You, who are looking for information on how to create a website — have you ever wondered about the importance of investing in security? You want your Digital Marketing strategy to generate an increase in revenue. All In One WP Security & Firewall.

Tips to Manage the Marketer's Personalisation Dilemma


But there are differences in degree. Imagine the resources involved in reaching these levels of personalisation: Turning Dear Sir into Dear Mr Smith. in a landing page. or Lock in your future contracts! Using financial results from annual reports to generate content like You’re 5% ahead on margins but 4th in growth in your sector - personalised to each individual’s company. Personalisation isn’t all-or-nothing.

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Does Social Media Deliver More Traffic Than Email?


Perform a Google search on the subject and it might lead you to think the two are viscous enemies locked in mortal combat. We found that while social referrals are growing fast, email is still pulling in more eyeballs and traffic. The average number of opened emails per month grew from 98,001 in Q4 of 2010 to 123,982 in Q4 of 2011 – a 27% increase.

Vision6 National Brand Campaign


So with the brand messaging and tagline locked in, we just had to transform our Vision6 HQ into a live film set, add some rainbow cake, a panda, bananas, and a Rubiks cube (plus some awesome Vision6 staff) for the perfect Vision6 brand ad cocktail recipe. It was the year 2020.

Which TV Show Matches Your Data Utilization Strategy?


In other words, don’t cram an analogy somewhere it doesn’t fit just to be “creative.” ” In this case, I think he would be quite accepting of the TV show = data challenge correlation. Including what you can do to get it all in Prime Time). Employ a name analyzer program or database scripts to identify junk content and records in the database.

5 Essential Things All Marketers Should Know about Sales


Supporting sales is at the forefront of your responsibilities, and failure to understand how they operate could result in a leaky sales funnel or missed revenue targets. Marketing and sales need to be in agreement over what determines the quality of a lead. If your sales team has a business development division, loop them in to further specify the true definition of a sales-ready lead. It’s important to stay in tune with the ebbs and flows of the sales process.

Sales 151

Finding the Best ZoomInfo Alternative: SalesIntel


There are, however, two problems customers should take into account that put these numbers in perspective: . The best part, however, is that each of SalesIntel’s clients gets access to the entire database, resulting in access to much more data than ZoomInfo.

The Composable Enterprise brings us into The Great App Explosion & Big Ops


It’s the antithesis of being locked in to the rigid and fragile monoliths of Ye Olde Times. In software engineering, the shift towards microservices, API-first development, serverless computing, etc.,

Why does the massive landscape of marketing services firms not bother people the way martech does?


The large size of the marketing technology landscape stirs many emotions in the marketing community. Although maybe in some distantly analogous way it is. However, something else has always surprised about the fervent demand for consolidation in martech.

How To Handle Your Website Security

Method and Metric

In every instance though, both the public’s trust and Google’s trust in your brand are tainted. When I first started in SEO, a colleague reached out for my help with his hacked website. The hacker(s) had gained access through a flaw in an outdated version of WordPress. In fact, 30,000 everyday occurrences. What you need to know in order to keep your users and your data safe. That little lock in the corner of your address bar wields a lot of subtle power.

A Small Glitch or Evidence of Impending CX Disaster


The process to choose a room was simple and easy, and everything was fine until I had to fill in my personal details. Postal codes in Canada are a combination of letters and numbers. Errors, easily caught in a QA process, should never be promoted to the level of stupid errors. Make sure everything you put in front of them to use is working as it should.

5 B2B Brands That “Get” Storytelling


As content marketing and brand journalism takes hold, better corporate storytelling examples have emerged, especially in B2B marketing where sales cycles are long and the need to engage an audience is pivotal. With that in mind, we wanted to point out some examples of B2B brands that truly get corporate storytelling. With that kind of partnership in place, they ensure great storytelling will live on their site. Locked in its impressive history are a ton of stories.

How to (Nicely) Push Back on Buyers Who Don't Tell You the Full Truth

The Forward Observer

In fact, one study found most adults can’t last 10 minutes without lying. Here’s how this exchange might play out: Prospect : Our customers would rather get support over the phone than over email or in the app. I’ve worked with about 45 companies in your industry, and the vast majority report that their users had to ask for in-app and email help. That surprises me, only because in a previous conversation I wrote down [the contradictory fact].

Five Impacts of CMO Budget Cuts – Gartner 2021 CMO Spend Survey


According to Gartner’s annual CMO Spend Survey, as reported by Laurie Sullivan in MediaPost , “Marketing budgets as a percentage of revenue fell to their lowest level in recent history…Marketing budgets as a proportion of company revenue fell from 11% in 2020 to 6.4%

New Forrester Research: B2B Should Use B2C Customer Loyalty Principles


For years, B2B marketers have largely viewed B2C loyalty tactics as irrelevant in their space. Plus, customer retention has long been seen as the responsibility of those in sales, service, and support. Deepen engagement to lock in loyalty. To that end, Collins reminds us that while loyalty programs may have started in the B2C world, the concept can apply to the B2B space.

How to Blog for Your Business Using Personality

Writing on the Web

When sharing personal stories with your business readers: Decide ahead of time what you feel comfortable sharing, and what remains locked in the box. (I’ll I’ll easily share about my tennis, my kitties, and our home in Mexico, but arguments with the Hubby – no!). Including your personality in business communications doesn’t mean you have to get overly personal. Put more of “you” in what you write about.

Digital Transformation and Continuous Change


You can read it in its entirety here. This can result in agile hybrid solutions that can rapidly adapt to market demands. This agility allows an organization to make multiple controlled releases to production in a single day, which is a competitive advantage.

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BMW can imprint eyelids, we’ll drive demand.


Working with DemandGen , we spent two days locked in a room (okay, the doors were open – but you really didn’t want to leave!) Dave Lewis, CEO of DemandGen, led our group in an intriguing conversation about our lead scoring and lead nurturing practices. BMW may have the ultimate driving machine – complete with bright lights with infinite ad budgets - but we’re the ones in the hottest drivers seat. by Amber Stevens | Tweet this.

Demand 167

The 'What,' 'How,' & 'Why' of Revenue Performance Management


There's always something you could be doing better — some hitch or hiccup in your sales or marketing efforts that could use some smoothing over. It's a matter of identifying cracks and strengths in both processes, so if you want to get the most out of your RPM, the departments can't be siloed.

Mailchimp Review: How Good is This Email Service Provider?


Are you looking for an in-depth Mailchimp review to see if you should sign up for this popular email marketing platform? In today’s post, we’ll give you all you need to know about one of the most popular email service providers on the market: Mailchimp.

2020 in Retrospective

Heinz Marketing

My heart reaches out to families who are not able to make ends meet due to lockdowns in various places around the world. I am noticing families spending more time together which otherwise was not happening in many cases. In many ways I feel the virus has shown us how to live!

5 ABM Campaign Ideas for Customer Retention and Expansion


A lot of work goes into getting a prospect to become a customer, but what happens after they are locked in? As featured in this year’s September Issue , here are five ABM campaign ideas for customer retention and expansion that can inspire you for the new year.

3 Ways to Build Consumer Trust in Chatbots 

Martech Advisor

Here are three ways to build consumer trust in chatbots, writes, Abinash Tripathy, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Helpshift. Learn More: AI: The Magic Ingredient for Customer Experience in 2020. In fact, 18% of consumers believe AI poses an existential threat to humanity.

Trust 87

Accountable Culture and the Future of Work


“To achieve the desired culture, everyone must have a clear, consistent, common understanding of it — and everyone must work together in a deliberate and coordinated effort to cultivate it…Everyone shares accountability for achieving the desired culture.”

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How to Make a TikTok Video: Beginners Start Here


Download the full Social Trends report to get an in-depth analysis of the data you need to prioritize and plan your social strategy in 2022. Remember to throw in a description and some hashtags and bingo-bango-bongo you’re the Steven Spielberg of TikTok!

How To Choose An IT Support Company For Your Business

Altitude Branding

Don’t get yourself locked in some long-term contracts because, honestly, this can be a trap for you. Ideally, you should choose a company that offers a month to month contract in this way. In fact, this isn’t something that you are supposed to do in a rush.

What You Should Know About Financial Stress

Altitude Branding

There are reputable companies that specialize in loans for debt relief. Fortunately, you don’t have to get dressed up and go talk to a formal person in a bank or institution. In just minutes, you’ll get a good sense of your options, costs, and personal loan requirements.