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State Of Buyer Personas 2016: Strong Correlation Between Effectiveness And Goals

Tony Zambito

Important Correlations Uncovered. These indicators also correlate to this jump: the percentage indicating they used in-depth qualitative buyer research increased to nearly 30% (27%) from 15% of the previous year. In part due to an interesting correlation. by Scott Lewis.

Interesting Infographics: SEO Rank Correlations and Google Ranking Factors 2014


As Google continues to roll out updates to its algorithm, this interesting infographic from SearchMetrics lays out the SEO rank correlations and 2014 ranking factors. There is still a correlation but it does not mean you need to ignore SEO efforts.

Research Finds Expanded Marketing Role Correlates With Business Results

Paul Gillin

At the risk of beating a dead horse, here’s further evidence that IT organizations need to take a more active role in supporting social business. IBM just released a global survey of more than 360 marketing practitioners and one of the key findings is that marketers want to be better aligned with their IT organizations. You can see a 28-slide summary of the top findings here.

Why every business needs a social media business audit


Have I noticed any correlation to posting frequency and how my audience grows? Not active on social media? You are losing ground to competitors. But you already know that.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

or very strong indirect) correlation with tangible business outcomes their. B2B Marketing.

2017: The Year Attribution and Metrics Become Symbiotic

B2B Marketing Insider

You would think that, with all the advances in technology, insights and automation, Marketing has leapt forward with an increased understanding of how initiatives correlate to business performance.

Infographic: Why Putting Your CMO in Charge of Marketing Technology Pays Off

Crimson Marketing

Improvements to business and marketing solutions are directly correlated to how your company manages digital marketing technologies and integrates marketing intelligence produced from multiplying buyer touch-points.

Predictive Marketing Analytics Drive Advertising Results

Crimson Marketing

“Similarly, predictive analytics may discover correlations among categories of potential buyers that would be unlikely to occur to human marketers.

Successful B2B Lead Generation Measurement In 7 Steps


Next, if possible, examine covariance and correlation between this variable and revenue across all accounts or ebooks (or whatever your unit of measure is). Correlation is the strength of the relationship between your variables and is measured in a standardized number between -1 and 1.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

or very strong indirect) correlation with tangible business outcomes their. B2B Marketing.

Why content marketing complements (but doesn’t replace) link building


A recent study conducted by Moz and BuzzSumo showed that there is actually no correlation between popular content (high number of social shares) and a high number of links. The correlation of total shares and referring domain links across 750,000 articles was just 0.021.”

How To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Posts with Infographic

Tomorrow People

He then analysed those posts to identify the characteristics correlated most closely with higher (or lower) performance measured in likes, comments and shares. Dan Zarrella has collected a database of more than 1.3 million posts published on the top 10,000 most liked Facebook pages.

Hey CMOs, This Is Not An Alternative Fact: Improving Customer Experience Can Increase Revenue

Modern Marketing

" As organizations have struggled to show a direct correlation between improving CX and growing revenue, the new research uses Forrester’s CX Index data to model how CX improvements drive revenue growth through increased loyalty.

Want More Engagement on Social Media? Here's How Often You Should Publish [New Data]


Data from our new 2015 Social Media Benchmarks Report shows no discernible correlation between the average number of posts companies publish per week across all of their social networks and the average number of interactions (e.g., I believe it was the Notorious B.I.G.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

or very strong indirect) correlation with tangible business outcomes their. B2B Marketing.

Stacey Epstein, Banjo CMO: Keeping it Real with Big Data and Data Analytics

Crimson Marketing

Correlating real time with real location is the “missing link to make data understandable and immediately actionable,” for brands, says Stacey. Big Data. Data Analytics. Predictive Data. MetaData. There’s no denying the buzzword status of data at the moment.

CMO 124

Net Promoter Score (NPS) in B2B – the evidence

The B2B Research Blog

Discussing his analysis of the link between a company’s NPS score and their commercial performance, Reichheld said: “The results were striking…a strong correlation existed between net promoter figures and a company’s average growth rate over the three-year period from 1999 to 2002”.

Is Twitter Using Research to Mislead Marketers?

Digital B2B Marketing

Confusing Cause and Correlation. Like so much of the research in social media today, Twitter and Deloitte are jumping to the conclusion that correlation means causation. Positive Tweets are not actually the cause of the increase, they are simply correlated.

Study Confirms Importance Of Qualitative Research To Success With Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

These facts from the 137 respondents, from a variety of roles primarily in marketing, shows a strong correlation between the use of qualitative research and the effectiveness of buyer personas. Analysis by Yamini Ahluwalia.

Team, Tools and Transformation—How to Build a Demand Gen Program that Works (ft. Mark Roberts, ShoreTel CMO)

Crimson Marketing

Back to Basics: ShoreTel in the past had “many different dashboards,” but “none of them would correlate data,” says Mark. Having a poorly understood or designed digital demand generation program does not produce results.

Demand 104

The Anatomy of a Shareable, Linkable & Popular Post: A Study of Our Marketing Blog


Ran a number of tests that compared multiple data points against each other to find correlation trends. It's worth mentioning at this point that the study was purely focused around finding correlation. I've always had a love affair going on with data.

How Buyer Perceived Risks (BPR) Affects Buyer Behavior and Purchase Decisions

Tony Zambito

Image by IceSabre via Flickr The notion that perceived risks influences purchasing behavior has been around for quite some time.

Three Value Perspectives: Business, Functional and Personal

The ROI Guy

In the session, Nancy and I discussed the importance of value storytelling and quantification and its correlation to sales effectiveness.

The B2B Lead Generation Ecosystem and WPO [Infographic]


It’s interesting how well this framework correlates with the WPO model in terms of driving new (i.e., “pre-CRM”) website traffic. The “Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem” infographic below was created by the Chicago SEO agency , Straight North.

Overcoming The Content Personalization Challenge With Buyer Persona Research

Tony Zambito

The correlation is evident. Could there be a correlation here also? by icon 54. It is clear that one of the top challenges facing marketing, especially B2B marketing, is the ability to connect with potential buyers on a personal level.

Use Buyer Persona Research To Improve B2B Customer Experience

Tony Zambito

This 80/20 correlation is not a surprising revelation. If we stay consistent with the 80/20 correlation noted above, it is a good bet that 80% of such efforts are focused on internal processes rather than what is actually happening in the minds of customers. . by Creative Stall.

For Critical B2B Marketing Insights, Try A Granular Attribution Data Analysis


Notice that there is a strong correlation between TOTAL and Desktop. In fact, the correlation coefficient is a strong 0.89 (1.0 is perfect direct correlation, -1.0 is perfect inverse correlation).

11 Reasons Having Friends at Work Makes You Happier [Infographic]


Having friends at work directly correlates with engagement and productivity at the office. Yes, it feels good to feel comfortable saying hello -- and even sitting down for lunch -- with your fellow coworkers. But did you know it can also make you better at your job?

Upside Down on Marketing Priorities


As the analysts from Regalix state, marketers are not finding a direct correlation. However, it is due to the fact that they do not know HOW to make that correlation. Regalix Research recently published their State of B2B Marketing 2015 report.

Is B2B Content Engagement Heading In The Wrong Direction?

Tony Zambito

My interaction with buyers, via hundreds of B2B buyer interviews in multiple industries, leads me to believe this outcome is a correlation as opposed to a paradox. by Juan Pablo Bravo. Sometimes more is truly less.

Using Data-Driven Marketing for Business Success

Modern Marketing

When we started our invoicing company we saw that there were patterns but didn't correlate them to data. Now we've matured and we correlate our data and study it.

Are You Measuring Event Marketing The Right Way?


Sure, you have to swing the bat to score runs and win the game, but the correlation between the number of swings and wins is not strong. For many B2B marketing departments, event marketing takes up a significant portion of the budget.

Your Role on the Customer Journey


We are talking about customer journeys – but let’s correlate this concept back to travel journeys. You can correlate these milestones to the different stages of the sales funnel: For example, the first milestone may be your cold call a customer or meeting them at a tradeshow. Do you get lost? I do. I’m infamous for my 180-degree wrong sense of direction. Come to an intersection and I will invariably go left when I should go right, north when I should go south, and so on.

What Your Desk Says About You [Infographic]

Modern B2B Marketing

Is there a correlation between the objects on your desk and the type of worker you are? Author: Jason Miller Fifty seven percent of American workers admit they judge their coworkers by how clear or dirty they keep their workspaces, according to a recent survey.

Why You Need to Create Buyer Personas (and How to Do It)


And if there’s any question of causation vs. correlation in this data, developing marketing personas might just mean you’ve got your act together (which isn’t a bad thing either).

What makes a good marketing leader?

The B2B Research Blog

There is a very strong correlation between supporting an employer’s vision and job satisfaction. There are two universal truths about all marketing plans. One, no matter how smart the plan might be, it’s worthless unless well executed. And two, no plan has ever executed itself – people make it happen. Here’s another observation. Two marketing teams with identical skills and resources, both looking to achieve the same goals, can achieve very different results.

When Do People Unsubscribe From Email Marketing Campaigns? [Infographic]


After correlating this timing information with industry segments, we put together the following infographic to highlight some standout trends. You don’t need to be an email marketing expert to know that you don’t want people to unsubscribe from your emails.

50 Things We Learnt About Content Marketing This Year


In our research with Moz we examined over 1m posts and found there was NO overall correlation of shares and links. The correlation of total shares and referring domain links was just 0.021 i.e. there was no correlation. At BuzzSumo we love research and data.

Viral 57

How to Orchestrate and Personalize the Entire Customer Experience

Modern Marketing

While true personalization builds on an organizational framework of customer-centricity, each improvement to the customer experience is directly correlated to your revenue goals.