Copyright expert Nicholas Wells on the newest Google Bowling


So, we have a technologist/marketer turned IP attorney that I was pleased be able to interview on the newest form of negative SEO or Google Bowling–illegal using copyright law against your competitors. Me: Can you describe the purpose of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act?

Understanding the New EU Copyright Directive: What SEOs and Marketers Shoud Know


In this article, we will review what the EU Copyright Directive is and what the legislation passed on Mar. The digital, internet age that we have all come to rely on has become a driving source of opportunity and innovation that our ancestors could have never imagined.

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Copyright Law on the Internet Is a Total Train Wreck Right Now


As a result, we usually either purchase stock photos or use images sourced from sites like Flickr licensed under Creative Commons, which is a nonprofit offering easy-to-use copyright licenses that make it easy for people to give permission for others to share and use their creative work.

Google Releases Algorithm Update to Punish Copyright Violators


Not only is pirating content just poor internet etiquette , but it also results in duplicate content that hurts both websites on which the content is featured in the SERPs. What in the Heck a Copyright Removal Notice Is. That's right!

Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s: Don’t Let Copyright Law Be Used Against Your Content Marketing


then filed a DMCA takedown notice with Automattic requesting that the post be taken down on the grounds of copyright infringement. The hosting service can’t be sued directly for copyright infringement if it complies with the DMCA takedown procedure.

The Cooks Source Copyright Outrage: Not the Norm

B2B Memes

One of the hottest Internet memes last week was the story of how blogger Monica Gaudio complained to a print magazine, Cooks Source , that it had used her work without permission and got told that, really, she should be grateful to have it stolen. The aggrieved author is quoted by Time as saying that the magazine “broke the rules of the Internet basically, and the Internet got pissed off.”. For the most part, the Internet blithely overlooks such transgressions.

24+ Sites to Find Free Images You Would Actually Use for Your Marketing


Nearly every image created in the last 30 years is still protected by copyright—a protection that gives virtually every author the exclusive right to use or reproduce their work. Works in the public domain are those whose copyrights have expired, have been forfeited, or are inapplicable.

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SOPA and PIPA versus? the Internet


The internet is buzzing with concern: what are they for and what does it mean for the United States? individual internet users that upload or display pirated content and takes action against them as a single entity. particularly those who run user-generated content sites.

Internet resources on information overload and productivity | ManagingIO

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Internet resources on information overload and productivity. Internet suffering from information overload - So not only the users but the internet itself. Information Overload, Retrieva l Strategies and Internet User Empowerment (pdf ) - Paper on information overload and search engines. Look Site Directory. Copyright © 2007 - ManagingIO - is proudly powered by WordPress. ManagingIO. Ideas and trends to tackle information overload.

I’m an influencer, pay me more!


OK, here’s all the rest of the info from the FIR #45 page from the FIR Podcast Network site: Yesterday’s panel featured me, digital strategist and technologist Chris Abraham , Zeno Group EVP Frank Eliason , and Cision SVP Heidi Sullivan.

Finding The Time To Tweet or Blog?

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But the growth just keeps going for the users on the major social sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I add new connections baced on the recommendations from each major site. Share: Next I look at broader news sites, blogs and my “VIP&# lists.

9 ways to reboot your digital marketing for the new year


Change the copyright to 2015. Reputation check – Review media clips and search engine results to understand what is being said about you and your business across the Internet. This includes bios, social networking sites, your resume, and even your email signature. I love January.

5 Reasons Your B2B Website Visitors Don’t Trust You

B2B Marketing Traction

When it comes to your business-to-business website, it’s important to establish credibility and trust with site visitors. Because of this type of activity on the Internet, not having your physical location listed on your website instantly makes you suspect.

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You’re doing a terrible job with search and social


My consulting includes doing very deep, thorough, site audits. All of my clients are convinced that there’s something outside themselves that have resulted in their site crashing in organic search. These sites are garbage but are inexorably linked to my clients’ sites.

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5 Sales Closing Techniques

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Pages About Michael Brenner Appearances Search Based on Traction Theme by The Theme Foundry Copyright © 2010 B2B Marketing Insider.

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Web 2.0 Social Tagging Sites, Part 5: Tier 3 Sites


social bookmarking sites. In my test, the sites below were the least productive at driving traffic directly—though they were nonetheless helpful for SEO efforts. It should also be noted that there were wide variations in the traffic driven per site (e.g. sites that performed well for one or two sites didn't perform uniformly well across the group), so your mileage may vary. Backflip One of the original bookmarking sites; they were Web 2.0

Keyword-optimized-for-SEO domain names need either full commitment or registered and fully ignored


If you do decide to forward your new domains to your current site, make sure they drill down directly to your unique product and service pages. Do this: Make sure you don’t cheat and just point that domain to an already-existing page on your site. Over the course of my life I have collected some major sites and domain names: and Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

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Are Your Company’s Social Media Activities Breaking the Law?

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It’s easier than you might think to cross a line that leads to a lawsuit for copyright infringement or reputational harm offenses, like libel, slander, and violation of privacy. Avoid Copyright Infringement. Works don’t need to have a copyright symbol (©) to be protected.

Why Pinterest Matters to Us Social Media Marketers


If you use images or photos on any of your sites, you’re already on Pinterest , whether you’ve registered on Pinterest or not. Internet Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing Facebook Google jacques derrida pinterest social media tony stone twitter

Is Content Curation an Easy Way for Content Marketers to Do More.

Industrial Marketing Today

by Achinta Mitra on July 14, 2010 in B2B Marketing Collateral , Content Marketing , Industrial Marketing Strategies , Integrated Industrial Marketing Even though “content curation” is not a common phrase, there’s plenty of discussion to be found on the Internet.

4 Ways to Protect Your Website


These include the design elements that make up the look and the feel of the entire site, the code that runs it, original photos and images, artwork and content, articles and videos. Copyrights. Lucky for you, the creator of said content automatically own the copyright rights.

Everything Marketers Need to Know About SOPA


If the bill passes in two weeks, internet marketers will definitely feel the heat, too. law enforcement and copyright holders greater power to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods. Because you host the site, you're the one liable.

22 Free Content Marketing Tools To Drive Your Content Marketing Plans

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Moz Open Site Explorer is a great free tool for checking your domain and page authority and also for checking how many links you are getting and from which source. This site got an 82 out of 100! I entered in my site and the next 2 top search results for “B2B Marketing.

Ready, Set, Launch: 7 Things to Include in Your HubSpot Website Launch Day Checklist

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You’ve spent several months mapping out the structure, designing the layout, putting everything into code in HubSpot, and you’re now ready to present your organization to the internet. Contact information is consistent and correct through your site. Copyright date is current.

7 Ways to check Your fresh content for plagiarism


The legal repercussions for copyright infringement can be surprisingly severe. Plagiarizers depend on the vast and anonymous nature of the Internet to conceal their unscrupulous deeds. How do you check written content for plagiarism?

15 Smart Techniques that Will Skyrocket Your B2B Press Coverage

B2B PR Sense

For example, if the article is about your innovative internet security software, you could use a title like. What profiles do you maintain on social media and other sites? While some may read it on the original publication’s site, many more will see it if it appears on multiple sites.

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2015 is the Year of Message Boards and Forums


In the beginning, the Internet was populated by an infinite number of ad hoc communities. Who trusts the Internet? And, when push comes to shove, you and your community own the content of your site, including copyright, usage, and all of that.

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Are People Stealing Your Content? How (and When) to Fight Back [SlideShare]


You’ve spent hours (or even days) creating content you think your buyer personas would love, only to have someone else reap the benefits on their own site? To help combat the internet thieves of the world, you’ve got to be prepared.

Everything To Know About SMS Text Marketing

US Data Corporation

According to Rexibit consulting , only 48% of people are connected to the internet, while 64% have a mobile device. Sites such as business2community claim that SMS has an average open rate of 98%.

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Everything To Know About SMS Text Marketing

US Data Corporation

According to Rexibit consulting , only 48% of people are connected to the internet, while 64% have a mobile device. Sites such as business2community claim that SMS has an average open rate of 98%.

SMS 52

50 of the Most Dependable Web Resources for University Students |

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Copyright. The Internet is a great place to find information and check facts--if you know where to go. The site has encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, maps, calculators, converters, quotes, a fact checker and much more. Other site features include a blog and a community forum.

Good Bots vs. Bad Bots: How to Tell the Difference


Copyright Bots. One prime example is YouTube’s Content ID, which is assigned to copyright owners on the network. Google, for example, has its very own Googlebot , which uses the constantly-evolving Google algorithm to determine which sites to crawl.

A Public Relations Case for Digital Marketing


We’ve had eight years – centuries in Internet time – to figure it out, but I’m not sure we’re much closer to agreement. Since 2004, digital marketing has evolved to include not just Web sites and SEO, but social media, content marketing, newsjacking, online PR, customer service, video, audio, blogs, microblogs, Tumblr, Pinterest and the list goes on. Will that viral campaign you’re putting together violate someone else’s copyright? Photo credit: Lynn Friedman.

Top 5 Social Media Trends For The B2B Marketer

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Business pros find value from social media channels in 3 main ways: to “Connect” on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook , to “Collaborate” on sites like Toolbox or the SAP Community Network (disclosure: I work for SAP) and to “Share” on sites like Twitter and Slideshare.

How Digital Plagiarism Detection of Your Content Protects Your Business

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” But it is illegal “if it infringes on an author’s intellectual property rights, including copyright or trademark.” As soon as we learned of this unapproved use of our content, we reported the abuse to the social media site and it was quickly removed.


35 Web Design and Development Terms Every Marketer Should Know

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Usually this is due to a visitormistyping the URL or attempting to access a page that has been deleted from the site. Caching – A cache is a temporary data storage mechanism that aids in site speed by storing relevant information on your computer the first time you visit a website so that your computer does not have to reload that information each time you access the site again. Meta Tag – An HTML tag that is used by search engines to index a site.

Plagiarism-Proof Your Content Marketing Strategy

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” But it is illegal “if it infringes on an author’s intellectual property rights, including copyright or trademark.” As soon as we learned of this unapproved use of our content, we reported the abuse to the social media site and it was quickly removed.