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AI-powered martech releases and news: April 11


The Adoptable campaign from PEDIGREE pet products combines AI technology with the brand’s global ad reach to create picture-perfect and location-specific ads for dogs needing a home. Even cooler, IMHO, the dogs in the ads are based on the viewer’s location and switched out in real-time when a dog is adopted.

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6 ways to use generative AI for your marketing


There are six classifications for use cases: generate, extract, summarize, rewrite, classify and question and answer. 17, 2023 Generative AI is also valuable for creating content variations, like ad copy. Personalizing content to your audience’s journey enhances receptivity, and AI can help classify content for this purpose.


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Using AI-generated content? Meta says it must be labeled


Meta knows this and is working instead to develop its own classifiers to automatically detect AI-generated content on its platforms, protecting its users from misinformation and protecting itself from potential lawsuits as AI becomes more powerful. Until these markings are mandatory, the social media giant is on its own. Follow @illuminHQ

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Technographic targeting


Scenario Examining technologies used, added, and dropped at a company can provide a wealth of important data to rank and determine potential prospects. “Technologies added” can help identify changes in the fit level of a technology profile. Use this adjusted ICP to target matching prospects.

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YouTube Hashtags: The Secret to Video Marketing Success

Martech Advisor

Hashtags on YouTube start with a # symbol followed by tags (or words) added to video titles and descriptions. Classify and categorize content. YouTube hashtags are best used to classify and categorize content. For instance, you can classify your content based on popular or highly searched terms in your area of expertise.

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Your Employees Need a Common Vocabulary — A Good Taxonomy Helps

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

While my cousin quickly adjusted and added “tech” to her lexicon, I noticed how many of us on Salesforce’s marketing and sales teams aren’t as nimble. Our Taxonomy team guides groups across the company on which terms to use and how to use them when classifying their content. A business uses a taxonomy to classify its content.

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Decoding California’s Privacy Changes: 5 Must-Read Updates for Digital Marketers


The link(s) should direct users to specific, granular choices to opt out of targeted ads (aka; ‘cross contextual behavioral ads’) associated with third parties disclosed from visits to that Business website or app. Instead of both links, businesses have an alternative option to reference a “Your Privacy Choices” link.

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