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B2B Email Marketing Metrics – Keys to Campaign Excellence

Binary Demand

[ps2id id=’introduction’ target=”/]Email undoubtedly holds significant promise as a channel for every B2B demand generation company across the globe. With many options available, navigating through them all can feel overwhelming. Customization, streamlining, categorization, and more play considerable roles in optimizing B2B email marketing campaigns.

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Navigating the B2B Maze: Challenges in Marketing to Technical Personas

Heinz Marketing

By Win Salyards , Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing When delving into B2B marketing, understanding the pivotal role of technical personas such as programmers, engineers, and IT professionals is key. Their specialized expertise and discerning preferences shape industries, making it imperative to engage them effectively. This necessitates a strategic approach that transcends traditional marketing tactics.


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How to Craft Winning Go-to-Market Strategy in B2B Marketing

Only B2B

Whether you are launching a product or updating an existing go-to-market strategy, your organization needs a solid GTM strategy to reach the right audience, drive revenue, and sustain economic challenges. To achieve this, you require a meticulously crafted actionable go-to-market plan. Crafting a successful B2B GTM strategy is easier said than done, but with the right framework, it becomes achievable.

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Only 5% of B2B buyers are in market today; but where did that statistic come from?

Sword and the Script | B2B

Sometimes statistics shared on social media take on a life of their own – that’s a problem if we don’t understand the source and methodology; here’s the source on the “95:5 rule” Only 5% of B2B prospects that vendors are trying to reach are in the market for a product. That means for every 20 people your marketing efforts reach, just one has the intent to buy.

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WorkCast's Ultimate Webinar Handbook 2024

Elevate your webinar game with WorkCast's Ultimate Webinar Handbook! Packed with insights from our seasoned webinar experts, this comprehensive guide is your go-to resource for mastering the art of B2B webinars. Learn the fundamentals, from defining webinars to exploring their benefits and diverse use cases. Discover the key elements of running a successful webinar, avoiding common mistakes, and making your sessions more engaging.

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New ways to identify B2B buying group members


Understanding and engaging the buying group is critical for B2B success. When companies need to make major purchases, they typically assemble an internal team — known as the buying group, buying committee or buying center — to evaluate options and make the decision. This group can comprise anywhere from a handful to over a dozen members, each with their own roles, responsibilities and agendas.

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Transforming Your Business with AI: How to Integrate AI Tools into Your Business & Marketing Processes


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to expand for business owners and their teams. Integrating AI tools into your business and marketing operations is quickly becoming a necessity for companies that don’t want to risk being overshadowed by their competitors. AI tools offer. The post Transforming Your Business with AI: How to Integrate AI Tools into Your Business & Marketing Processes appeared first on Alaniz Marketing.

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Let's talk ABM: 8 tips to build relationships with ABM


Every contact, interaction, conversation and opportunity starts with a relationship. Relationships are the building blocks of successful businesses – and of course, ABM is all about creating long-lasting, meaningful relationships with the accounts that matter most. We had the pleasure recently of speaking with Rhiannon Blackwell , ABM Leader, Global Marketing Organization at PwC , about the art of growing relationships with Account-based Marketing, and how she built a successful ABM program from

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Buying Signals Help B2B Organizations Reignite Revenue Interactions

Forrester B2B

Buyer expectations for immediacy, relevance, and instant gratification have carried over from B2C to B2B and been amplified with Millennials and GenZ comprising more than half of the modern workforce. From their consumer interactions, digitally savvy B2B buyers are aware they’re signaling their interests through their behavior, content consumption, and social interactions.

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Unleashing martech potential: Insights for CMO success in 2024

Modern B2B

The report, based on research conducted with 315 CMOs in the US and UK, disclosed that despite a rapid growth in martech investment, most of its potential remains untapped. The elusive martech ROI The report uncovered that a pressing concern among marketing leaders is Return on Investment (ROI), with improved marketing ROI noted as the top measure for evaluating the success of their marketing technology investments.

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The Top 3 Tips for Writing Successful White Papers

In the B2B marketing toolkit, white papers can be a powerful option for reaching decision-makers and experts, presenting them with interesting information that improves their perception of your organization's competence and thought leadership. That said, a poorly executed whitepaper will not only be unable to influence your desired audience but will also come with significant costs that other assets won't incur.

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How to Promote Your Crypto Project


In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, standing out from the crowd is crucial for the success of your project. The landscape of crypto promotion has undergone significant changes, requiring project owners to adapt their strategies to effectively reach their target audience.

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It’s Time to Retire These Corporate Buzzwords and Phrases

Trade Press Services Newsletter

“Let’s take this offline so we circle back to our synergistic partnership and go after the low-hanging fruit that will optimize our market penetration and enhance stakeholder engagement across all touchpoints.” If you found this sentence to be confusing (and cringeworthy), you aren’t alone. Excessive use of buzzwords and corporate jargon can elicit negative reactions, impede clarity , and damage critical business relationships.

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Brand Equity and Customer Value for Business Success

Vision Edge Marketing

At the heart of business value lies customer acquisition and retention. Dive into the essential metrics of brand equity and customer value to uncover the keys to long-term growth and lasting business value. Beyond short-term gains, these metrics build the foundation for sustainable success—strengthening brand positioning, fueling revenue growth, cultivating customer loyalty through a better customer experience, and delivering a competitive edge.

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How to Make Your Website “The Answer” in ChatGPT Queries


How will artificial intelligence (AI) impact search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and tactics? How will digital marketing pros need to adapt their practices to optimize their brand presence in tools like Microsoft’s Copilot, Google’s Gemini, and ChatGPT? Lots of marketers are asking. Here are some answers. Image credit: Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels In a recent post here on how AI search will impact SEO , popular speaker Chris Penn offers some helpful insights.

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21 Advanced ChatGPT Prompts To Take Your Social Media to the Next Level

Upgrade your social media game with our in-depth playbook: "21 advanced ChatGPT prompts for social media managers". These powerful prompts are tailored to supercharge your content creation, strategy development, and results analysis. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to endless creativity as you effortlessly generate engaging posts, come up with original strategies, and optimize your social media performance - all in a fraction of the time.

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Lead Scoring: Tools and Tactics to Convert Customers


Now that we’ve covered the basics of lead scoring , and how to build your model , let’s tackle the last topic in our 3-part lead scoring series: lead scoring tools. Lead scoring is a process and a framework, not a tool — but technology makes it possible to implement at scale. Here are the lead scoring tools you can expect to use in your quantitative quest.

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The ZoomInfo Modern GTM Index: How Does Your Company Stack Up?


One of the most urgent challenges facing businesses today is objectively evaluating their true go-to-market (GTM) capabilities. How reliable is the data? How lean is the tech stack? Are frontline sales and marketing teams working together, or against one another? Are campaigns and plays automated and coordinated, or one-off shots in the dark? Until now, it’s been difficult for many companies to definitively answer these questions, leading to misaligned expectations, wasted spend, and missed oppo

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The dos and don’ts of gamifying your employee advocacy program


Why should you gamify your employee advocacy program? Because many people are socially competitive creatures. Whether we beat our personal CrossFit record, score a winning goal, or close the most significant account of the quarter, we need recognition and visibility for our accomplishments. Gamification of activities enables healthy competition between employees and gets everyone motivated to become even more accomplished.

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Enjoy an Authentic Taste of Scotland Before DIGIT Expo


DIGIT Expo is right around the corner, which means that many of the best and brightest technology leaders and decision-makers will be arriving in Glasgow for Scotland’s largest enterprise technology showcase. This is always an exciting time of year and an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest in enterprise technology trends, best practices, and innovation.

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The Resurgence of Direct Mail as a Growth Marketing Strategy

Speaker: Jeff Tarran, COO, Gunderson Direct & Margaret Pepe, Executive Director of Product Management, U.S. Postal Service

Learn the secrets to direct mail success for growth marketers! Industry veterans Jeff Tarran and Margaret Pepe are here to delve into how direct mail has completely evolved in recent years, and has rightfully earned a seat at the table alongside the email and digital marketing plans of SMBs, enterprise companies, and agencies as they look into strategy for 2024 and beyond.

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3 ways brands can build trust with privacy-concerned consumers


Digital marketers are facing an increasingly regulated environment when it comes to reaching the right customer at the right time. And this new environment exists for a reason — consumers value their privacy. A recent study by marketing automation company Marigold and digital marketing consultancy Econsultancy took a closer look at how consumers feel about marketers’ messages and tactics.

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How is AI Changing Conversational Marketing Strategies?


Conversational marketing has become a key strategy in today's digital world, emphasising real-time, personalised interactions with customers. Current trends show a surge in AI-driven conversational tools, voice search, and immersive technologies like AR and VR, aiming for more humanlike and engaging experiences.

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Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Personal Branding 2024


Here’s the Thinkers360 annual leaderboard for our top 50 global thought leaders and influencers on Personal Branding for 2024. Congratulations to all our Personal Branding influencers who participated! Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Personal Branding 2024 2024 Annual Ranking Find and work with the World’s Premier B2B Thought Leaders, Advisors, Analysts, Authors, Influencers & Speakers (100M+ followers combined).

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How To Write Faster With or Without an AI Assist

Content Marketing Institute

Imagine you could write more quickly. Deadline stress would disappear. Hunched shoulders would relax. And your boss would smile more. Here’s how to turn that dream into a reality.

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What Regulations Will Impact Sustainability Comms in 2024?

Navigating the waters of sustainability reporting disclosures and regulations can be intimidating, to say the least. With various measures set in motion in 2023 to keep companies accountable, there is a lot in store for brands’ impact communication in the upcoming year. 3BL is kicking off this January with our Navigating ESG Comms Through the Cosmos - Capricorn Edition by highlighting the impact of: The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Climate disclosure rules The European Commission

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Modern email marketing: Data privacy, bulk email restrictions and more


Developing an effective email marketing strategy requires being aware of the constant change while continuing to strategize around the best way to bring value to your audience. Among the areas of change: Data privacy regulations, which remain a patchwork on a global and national level in the United States. New email regulations from companies like Google and Yahoo, which are trying to reduce spam and protect their email revenue stream.

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HARO: Is It Alternatives You’re Looking For?


Whatever the reason, in this article, I’ll share some alternatives to HARO and a few extra ways to get expert quotes and backlinks for your website. Disclaimer: I am not a PR expert.

PR 104
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A Simple Guide To Content Marketing For Small Businesses


Content marketing can be a powerful tool to drive customers, but many business owners find that their content earns little. Continue Reading The post A Simple Guide To Content Marketing For Small Businesses appeared first on Copyblogger.

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Oops, Google Did It Again — But You Still Need First-Party Data

Content Marketing Institute

The same week Google smashed its earnings report, it also announced the delayed demise of third-party cookies until 2025. Do you believe them? Does it even matter? Probably not — because you should be doing this anyway.

Google 105
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The AI-Enabled CMO: Practical Tips for Today's B2B Marketers

Speaker: Paul Slack, Vende Digital CEO

On October 11th, understand how to navigate the AI landscape confidently, turning insights into groundbreaking strategies that set you apart. Why attend? You'll learn: Practical applications/Use cases How to find and assess the right AI technology Prioritizing quick wins Mastering prompt engineering Solving marketing challenges efficiently Strategies to launch pilot programs Case studies of B2Bs building smarter businesses with AI Exclusive bonus content: Actionable frameworks to get started qui

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Data literacy: The key to correcting the C-suite trust deficit


Take a moment to search “CMO tenure” and you’ll find a wide variety of content discussing the short tenure of CMOs and how it’s among the shortest of roles in the C-suite. If you dive deeper, you’ll find that CEOs don’t seem to trust CMOs. Boathouse’s CMO Insights study (registration required) noted several sobering conclusions: 34% of CEOs have great confidence in their CMOs. 32% of CEOs trust their CMOs. 56% of CEOs believe their CMO supports their long-term vision.

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Why Big Companies Make Bad Content


HubSpot teaching you how to type the shrug emoji or buy bitcoin stock. Salesforce sharing inspiring business quotes. GoDaddy helping you use Bing AI, or Zendesk sharing catchy sales slogans. Judged by content marketing best practice, these articles are bad.

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3 Reasons a Pre-Trained LLM is an Easier Path for your Business

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Your company may be using generative AI to analyze vast datasets, shape business strategies, streamline interactions, and provide personalized responses to customers. So you may be at the point where you’re asking a critical question about your tech stack: “Should we train our own large language model (LLM) or license a pre-trained LLM?” It’s an important question and, for the majority of companies, taking the pre-trained LLM path is often the smarter choice.