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SEO Bright Now: May 20, 2022


MOZ was removed from the Google index after an overly-broad DMCA request. MOZ Removed From Google Index After False DMCA Request. MOZ was removed from Google’s index after a DMCA notice was filed, a mechanism in which copyright holders request content to be removed from a site.

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Copyright expert Nicholas Wells on the newest Google Bowling


NW: The DMCA was pretty controversial when it was passed in 1998. There were two biggest concerns that the DMCA tried to address. The DMCA prohibited interfering with DRM even when use of the underlying material might not otherwise violate copyright. Congress agreed with that assessment and formalized it in the DMCA.


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The History of the Google Algorithm


2012 – Pirate The aptly named Pirate update generated negative rankings for Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown requests. This means that it’s unclear how many DMCA violations trigger a negative ranking factor. If Penguin found artificial links, Google assigned a negative value to the site involved.

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Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s: Don’t Let Copyright Law Be Used Against Your Content Marketing

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

A “DMCA takedown notice” from GMO-full Food Co. then filed a DMCA takedown notice with Automattic requesting that the post be taken down on the grounds of copyright infringement. The hosting service can’t be sued directly for copyright infringement if it complies with the DMCA takedown procedure. s abuse of the DMCA system.

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B2B Marketers – Has Your Online Content Been Copied?

B2B Marketing Traction

The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 gives content owners the right to send an official notice to the copier’s online partners. Dealing with Online Copyrights Infringement in Accordance with DMCA by Marketing Dock. This was in 2006. How to Protect Your Blog from Content Thieves by Jean-Baptiste Jung, Cats-Who-Code.

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Practical Cybersecurity for Marketing Agencies


It’s currently at 1 million views, and we really need you to submit a DMCA claim to take it down and prevent further damage.” Just imagine: “Hey ex-client, remember that brochure that you asked us to make 10 years ago, but we convinced you not to release it because it was in bad taste?

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Website SEO Tips – Webinar Recording and FAQs – Part II


File a DMCA complaint: If the blogger does not remove the content, file a DMCA complaint against the blogger. . Inform the blogger that the content he/she has ‘stolen’ is copyright safe and be sure to add the link of the post that is in question. Register your copyright: Make sure you have a copyright notice on your blog.

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