15 Powerful Social Media Questions for B2B Sales

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“In this world of crazy busy buyers, the road to relevancy is often the road to success. Having your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your buyer’s world and then incorporating it into your messaging is a key component of success.

Are Chatbots the Next Big Thing in Lead Generation?


The search for the next innovation in lead generation is an epic ongoing quest. They generate responses based on relevance to a user’s input text. How Chatbots Can Help With Lead Generation. Think about your primary digital lead generation channels for a second (i.e., Because leads are easier to convert when they’re followed up with quickly, the speedy nature of chatbot responses are hugely beneficial for lead generation.

Marketbright Targets Sophisticated Demand Generation Users

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I had a preliminary conversation last week with Mike Pilcher of Marketbright , one of the vendors I’ll probably end up adding to the Raab Guide to Demand Generation Systems. These seem pretty minor, although they do insert Marketbright more deeply into the sales process than most demand generation products. This is something of a theme for the company, although all demand generation vendors integrate closely with sales systems.

How to Justify the Demand Generation Budget You Need in 2018


If you’re like most marketers, you are probably busily putting together your 2018 demand generation budget right about now. Demand generation spending is one of the easier marketing items to connect to ROI (compared with branding and other initiatives).

Secrets of Lead Generation Superstars

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Do the lead generation superstars have a special gift, or a bag of tricks the rest of us don’t? It’s clear that the long-term health of any business is contingent on its ability to attract high quality leads for its sales team. Are you a lead generation superstar?

B2B Lead Generation Blog: This Years Hot New Lead Generation Strategy is Thinking

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B2B Lead Generation Blog About Free Resources Get FREE Updates Instantly Get A FREE Chapter from my book. Critical Success Factor #9 Effectiveness 8 Critical Success Factors for Lead Generation 2.0 Each year, it seems, a few hot new lead generation tactics get lots of media attention.

3 Brand Marketing Strategies for Dealing with Weird User-Generated Content

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User-generated content, or UGC, has been around for some time now, and many brands continue to add this audience-driven engine to their marketing repertoire. Belkin not only got an influx of user content—it’s brand generated audience trust and interaction.

Enhancing Trade Show Presence: Moving Beyond the Booth


Designing an attractive booth and staffing it with sharp employees is a great way to generate leads, connect with buyers , and capture valuable data at trade shows. Guest post by Jessica Kane.

Appointment Setting Case Study


Valasys Media’s outbound appointment generation service was utilized by one of UK’s largest training providers. Tasked with generating assessor appointments, Valasys had to sign up business employees through an apprenticeship scheme or through National Vocational Qualification (NVQ).

Fall Conference Preview: State of Search, Pubcon & More!

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One of the amazing things I’ve learned over the years is there’s a very large contingent of search marketers in Utah. Learn how to optimize existing pieces for increased search exposure, see how small structural changes can impact traffic generation, and get ideas on how to take that content and turn it into new assets to be used across multiple channels. It’s been a busy summer here at KoMarketing and it’s hard to believe we are almost to September.

Email Marketing Automation Strategies to Optimize Your Marketing Funnel


You have likely put quite a bit of time and effort into generating new leads. Made use of landing page campaigns and social media lead generation strategies – do you know what’s next?

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The Difference Between B2B Demand Gen & B2B Lead Gen (Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse)

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B2B marketers frequently use the terms “demand generation” and “lead generation” interchangeably. Demand Generation Versus Lead Generation. Demand generation drives awareness and interest in a company’s product and services.

What Apple’s Big Shift in AI Research Means for B2B Companies


When Apple’s chief Artificial Intelligence researcher Russ Salakhutdinov announced yesterday the company’s intention to start publishing its AI research, the news generated no small amount of media attention. It isn’t contingent on any one company or experts – those who shut themselves off will ultimately get left behind, as Apple now clearly understands.

Is Data Science the Key to Marketing?

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A (very) small fringe contingent of so-called experts are putting forth the solution that reducing the amount of data collected will help companies without the ability to organize at scale. Is data science the key to marketing? In a word, yes!

How to Unite B2B PR and Content Marketing for Powerful Results

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The type of content you create is contingent on your goals. If you want to generate leads, you'll want to generate leads, think webinars, demos, case studies and other later-stage content. This includes generating: Awareness.

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5 Email Copywriting Tips for Creating Engaging Content


Padriñán from Pexels According to Forbes , email marketing continues to be a great vehicle for lead generation, inspite of the popularity of social media platforms and all the marketing methods that have been designed to help generate more leads and sales from them.

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How to Write a Marketing Budget Your CFO Will Enthusiastically Support

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Make Future Expenditures Contingent on Early Success. Rather than propose a firm budget for the full calendar year, identify certain line items that are contingent on early success. Does it feel like presenting your marketing budget to the CFO is like pulling teeth?

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Digital learning and the invisible Digital Divide


As organizations embrace mobile, social, big data, and cloud solutions, and as digital literacy becomes a prerequisite for the workplace, a very large contingent of people is silently left behind without many people noticing them.

How to Build a Q4 Spend Strategy (and Other Tips for the Holiday Season)


For many publishers, the revenue generated across these few days can outweigh months of revenue from the rest of the year. Either Way: Have a Contingency Plan.

The Impact of the Internet of Things on Marketing Attribution

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Yet, this capacity is contingent on a robust marketing attribution strategy lightyears ahead of where most businesses are today. will generate eclipses today’s standard.

15 Scenarios When to Pay Freelance Writers Higher Rates


While these prices run the gamut of freelance pay rates, it’s missing one thing: factoring in additional services or contingencies. Bylined content generates great exposure for writers, and many will charge you if you strip their name from their work.

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13 Must-Attend B2B Marketing Sessions at Dreamforce 2016


discusses how companies with tight sales-marketing alignment have 38% higher win rates and generate 208% more revenue. The official Dreamforce Agenda Builder is live! With over a thousand sessions to choose from, deciding which ones to attend can be time-consuming. So we did the work for you.

How to Build Your Marketing Technology Stack: Your Due Diligence Guide


For example, let’s say that you start a company blog and begin to generate traffic. Allow for Contingencies. Account for these contingencies to ensure a smooth transition in the future. .

Digital casualties: digital diversity at the workplace


Even though, in theory, they are unrelated to each other, the close proximity makes some unique combination of variations to be passed as a combo from generation to generation. This is the third “digital casualties” post. You can read the first two here and here.

Planning for ABM? Avoid These Common Challenges


Marketers focus on lead generation, so they care more about quantity, whereas salespeople focus on lead conversion, so they care more about quality. Account-based marketing (ABM) has gained a firm foothold in the B2B marketing world.

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Are Data Issues Preventing You From Achieving Peak SEM Performance?


Let’s face it, these days, the success of your PPC program — and your SEM performance and strategy as a whole — is contingent upon data. By now, you’re likely tearing out your hair, wondering how in the world you’re going to generate required leads, or meet conversion metrics, let alone exceed them this quarter. In the first of our new Enterprise Paid Search Pains series, we examine the biggest data challenges behind sub-standard SEM performance.

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End the Marketing Database Horror Story: Put an Axe to Unqualified Leads (Here’s How)


Bad prospect data will always slip through if you rely on manual lead governance, which then results in sales’ mistrust regarding marketing’s ability to generate qualified leads. B2B marketers face a variety of problems contingent upon their organization’s business model.

5 Key Marketing Measures That Don't Include Revenue

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Sure, marketing’s job is to generate revenue, but is generating $1 million good or bad? Even if marketers can’t measure revenue, they can set benchmarks for metrics like number of leads generated, funnel conversion rates, or cost per order. For this reason, marketers who can’t directly measure marketing-generated revenue should think twice before creating complex indirect estimates that are hard to understand and have limited credibility.

9 Attributes of High-Performance Website Copy

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Visual elements are important for lead generation, and visitors may come for a well-designed graphic or a unique page layout. Web strategists and designers can offer insight into UX best practices, project contingencies, and web design possibilities, but it’s your content development team’s job to make sure the proposed layout makes sense from a narrative perspective.

Should You Be Gating Your Content Offers?

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The practice of generating leads through gated content offers , also known as lead magnets, has become so widespread that if you don’t encounter a pop-up or slide-in form during your visit, you might get the feeling something’s missing. Generating Inbound Leads.

Decipher Your Audience’s Visual Language with Image Analysis

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If a large contingent of your regular audience is teens or younger age groups, you can also use image analysis to understand general perception. They can interact with the audience directly, finding user-generated images that show the brand and amplifying them.

Defining Lead Status: A Simple Yet Necessary Element of B2B Sales & Marketing Alignment


While each of these strategies is as true today as it was a year ago, there’s one simple contingency that will make or break your ability to align – and that’s lead statuses. What happens in most companies is this – marketing works extremely hard to generate leads from a variety of sources (Organic optimization, Paid Advertising, Tradeshows, Email – you name it).

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Put an End to Flying Blind: A Ten-Step Process for Creating a Go-to-Market Tactical Plan

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In keeping with the Boy Scout’s Motto, “Be Prepared,” this step prepares you to anticipate how competitors and prospective customers might react so you can anticipate potential adjustments and develop contingency strategies. Keep in mind the contingency strategies you identified earlier and give some thought to what other tactical programs if any might be needed to support these contingencies.

More Data Does NOT Equal Better Insights

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We generate it from our own activity or research; we collect and capture tons more from external sources. The success of this approach is contingent on the quality (not necessarily the quantity) of the data set, then following a process proven to identify core insights to support strategic decisions. . We’re drowning in data.

4 Skills for Marketing Professionals Every Firm Needs to Grow

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Lead generation. But the extent to which professionals can even secure those speaking engagements is largely contingent upon how effectively they demonstrate their expertise through digital means – blogs, social media and e-books, to name just a few. In professional services, business growth is closely correlated to the composition of marketing skills within a firm.