Sales Ready Leads: Quality vs. Quantity

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It's not a litmus test, so look for trends and patterns: If they keep talking about LOTS of meetings and production - beware. The topic of Quality vs. Quantity in demand gen has been a constant debate.

The 6 Most Important Social Media Trends of 2017


Here are six social media trends that marketers should know about. That may seem obvious, but in 2009, only 46 percent of online adults used social media, according to Pew Research. The post The 6 Most Important Social Media Trends of 2017 appeared first on The Content Strategist.

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Tracking Video Music Trends: How to Stay Current


Unfortunately, the ability to follow trends and stay ahead of the curve is still agonizingly difficult. It’s the job of a music supervisor to stay current with the latest trends in music. NYC based company ‘Next Big Sound’ launched in 2009 and they currently lead the charge in analytics tracking of artists all over the planet. Think of what’s trending on Soundcloud as being six months ahead of pop radio. Blog Video Marketing Trends

what's your marketing approach?

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 at 8:29 pm and is filed under Communication , Marketing Management , Marketing Strategy. The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking What’s Your Marketing Approach? An interesting post by Steve Johnson talks about marketing not being a list, but rather an approach to solving customers problems and helping buyers to buy.

New Infographic: B2B Lead Generation & Content Marketing Trends


The infographic summarizes key data from a variety of research reports covering B2B and technology lead generation, media strategy, and content marketing trends, from initial solution research to lead nurturing. BtoB magazine: Emerging Trends in B2B Social Marketing, April 2011.

B2B PPC Optimization: Thought Leadership with Terry Whalen of CPC Search

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We think this will continue to be a trend. The next interview in the B2B Marketing thought leader interview series is with Terry Whalen, a partner at CPC Search , a full-service SEM agency that optimizes PPC campaigns on behalf of its clients. This interview is focused on search engine marketing as it relates specifically to B2B. Prior to running CPC Search, Terry led marketing initiatives at Citrix’s GoToMyPC, and before that he received his MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

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Human-to-Human Marketing: A Trend for 2015 and Beyond


DiGiorno Pizza made a big mistake with their real-time marketing by hopping on the trending #WhyIStayed hashtag with what was declared the absolute worst brand tweet of 2014. Imagine walking into your favorite coffee shop. It still looks and smells the same, but something is off.

Interviews and Content Marketing - Ambal Balakrishnan

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Some other bits of background about Ambal: Ambal’s book “Content Marketing Tweets: Bite sized tips on creating compelling content your customers and prospects will love&# will be published in late 2009. We also ask for their suggestions on recommended reading resources to keep abreast with latest trends in their industry.

Email Autoresponders 2.0 in B2B Marketing

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In this post, I want to highlight some of the interesting trends I'm seeing in marketing automation - specifically the autoresponder email and how you can take advantage of this often neglected marketing gem.

It's Budget Season - B2B Marketing Budget Trends for 2011

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The growing trend of utilizing inbound marketing tactics is a result of the changed buying behaviors of B2B buyers and the perceived cost effectiveness of these marketing channels. this year over 2009.

Data-Driven Marketing: 10 Trends for 2013

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A few cherry-picked numbers: The US GDP grew slowly, ~2%; the S&P grew ~15%; unemployment fell below 8% for the first time since 2009. Among the findings: Email spend continues to grow, despite open and click-through rates that fell to 2009 levels.

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#FF, QR Codes, & Like-Gating: 6 Outdated Internet Trends We Should Leave Behind


Sometimes, when I think back to internet trends that came and went, it can put a big smile across my face. Googling it doesn''t really help -- all the articles are from five years ago, and they all seem to think that trend is all the rage. Do you or did you follow any of these trends?

Crunchy, salty, nutritious news & views on B2B marketing for technology companies | Velocity - the B2B marketing acceleration agency for technology companies

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So click here to find out whether they changed my mind… Read more… Stan Woods | June 16th, 2009 | one comment The Content Marketing Workbook It’s here. Read more… Doug Kessler | June 11th, 2009 | 3 comments Choose your patients carefully The most respected surgeons in the world have the best survival rates. We… Read more… Neil Stoneman | May 8th, 2009 | 4 comments Why we steal from our clients.

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Mary Meeker's Newest Internet Trends Report a Must-Read for Marketers


Meeker, a former top Wall Street analyst, puts out a big report once a year laying out the most important trends on the internet. KPCB Internet Trends 2013 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Meeker believes the trend will continue with wearables.

UGG Boots, Mason Jars & Other Trends That Marketing Made You Like


Here's a brief timeline of events that helped pique people's interest in the versatile hot sauce: 2009: Bon Appetit named Sriracha its "Ingredient of the Year.". Have you ever stopped to think about why you make certain purchases? What really goes into those decisions? I do it all the time.

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The Fun Theory: How to Change Behavior

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Webinar Presentations That Suck « The Effective Marketer

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Eight reasons to monitor social media and a list of tools for doing it

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Trend the conversation. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I think that monitoring social media is one of four key aspects of a social media engagement strategy. Social media monitoring is a way to figure out what’s being said about your brand and reveals opportunities for engaging in conversations with customers and influencers. At its most basic, social media monitoring starts with what is known as the “vanity search.”

Why marketers must become the new publishers

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One of the great trends were seeing at ITSMA is increased automation of the lead process. But this trend has an unintended side effect: it exposes our content development processes (or lack thereof). Editors always try to leave room in the planning process for the timely, exclusive scoop—the story that identifies an important trend before others do. It’s great because the software acts as a battering ram for alignment between marketing and sales.

Marketo Sales Insight Expands Salesforce Access to Marketing Data

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Eloqua provides interesting graphs of activity trends. This is THE big industry trend right now, so much so that we’re probably due for some clever nay-saying. Summary: Marketo's new Sales Insight ranks prospects for sales people, based on recent Web and email activities. It lets Marketo sell seats to sales departments, which could be more lucrative than selling its core demand generation system. But I expect the sales automation vendors to take the business for themselves.

Smashmouth Review - LeadLander - Who's Really Visiting Your Site?

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Seeing a trend in what pages a company visits gives you specifics on their interests. We thought it might be interesting to augment our thought leader interviews with some demand gen product reviews. We are keeping the reviews independent--actually using the products/services, and then critiquing them. I had heard about LeadLander from a competitor (surprisingly, not all competitors are enemies.that's another blog post).

Are You Ready for Content Marketing in 2018? 60+ Predictions

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This will finally lead to the downfall of the recent trend of snake-oil salespeople who promise to hack your way into millions of meaningless views, comments, and likes. Building Your Audience Content Strategy Industry News and Trends Influential Content Marketers

8 Key Mobile Marketing Trends


To help you better grasp this exciting industry, we have identified the 8 most significant mobile marketing trends of 2011 that are sure to change the mobile marketing world we know now. Trend 1 - Mobile Advertising Spend is on the Rise. Trend 4 - Mobile Optimization Becomes a Reality.

Technology Marketing Collateral Trends

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Here is a recent survey report on B2B technology marketing collateral trends from Eccolo Media that you may find interesting: “ Eccolo Media 2009 B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report ”. Key findings in the report: • White papers – especially those that are long on expert content and light on sales jargon – continue to be the No. 1 form of collateral influencing technology purchasers.

50 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)


What social media developments and trends should I be watching? Social Media Trends and Predictions. 2011 Trends: Make Your Corporate Site A Social Media Hub by Business 2 Community. Are These Social Media Trends of 2011 Part of Your Strategy?

Demand Generation Trends for 2009

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He recently turned the tables on me with seven questions of his own as part of his own interview series: Thought Leadership Interview #6: Miller Time: Marketo’s Jon Miller on Lead Generation and Management in 2009. What are the three trends you see emerging in 2009? Thought Leadership Interview #6: Miller Time: Marketo’s Jon Miller on Lead Generation and Management in 2009.

B2B Marketing Trends From Eloqua Experience 09 Via Twitter

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Of course, I did sift through over 1,000 tweets for trends as well the most memorable tweets. Earlier this month I left my newborn and poor wife at home for an unforgettable week at Eloqua Experience in San Francisco.

Latest B2B Marketing Trends From SiriusDecisions Summit 09

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What I have done is reviewed the tweets from the latest SiriusDecisions Summit 2009 and captured points that I thought were interesting and categorized them.

Recession Accelerates Marketing Trends Caused by Disruptive Technology

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ReTweeting: Science or Art – Is 120 The New 140?

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Another social media research scientist, Dan Zarrella ( bio here ) pulls apart re-tweet trends and success analytics. Other Twitter Topics: Twitter BackChannel for Presenters Navigating the Approval Maze Social Media: Not Just for Kids Email The Scoopdog Team.

4 Ways to be a Better B2B Twitterer


There's a tremendous amount of interest in Twitter among b2b marketers. I'm frequently asked by clients and prospective clients, "What should I tweet about?" Nobody wants to be a dork.


How Often Should I Email My Database?

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This is becoming a common question, driven in part by the trend in B2B towards more proactive lead nurturing and the rapid adoption of marketing automation systems. A client writes: “What’s best practice in terms of how many times per month you hit each key contact in your database?” Suddenly, companies have the tools at [.].

Best of 2009 (So Far): SEO Guidance, Part 4


Five Tips for Avoiding Deceptive SEO Companies by Small Business Trends An excellent piece from Janet Meiners Thaeler on manipulative practices to watch out for when hiring an SEO firm, such as "guaranteed" rankings, use of hidden links, and duplicate content on multiple domains or subdomains.

Top 80 B2B Marketing Posts for 2009

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This technique was also used to generate the Hot Trends in B2B Marketing for 2009. Top 80 Posts - December 1, 2008 to November 30, 2009. How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy - WebMarketCentral , March 24, 2009. PR Meets Marketing , February 16, 2009. Twitter Analytics: Five Practical, Lesser Known Free Tools for B2B Professionals - B2B Marketing Savvy , August 31, 2009. 42+ Social Media Marketing Tools - Junta 42 , June 2, 2009.

Best of 2009 (So Far): SEO Guidance, Part 2


What key trends in search should you be aware of, and how can you adapt to them? What two simple words answer almost every SEO question? What common SEO mistakes should you watch out for? How do you create a 301 redirect? Better yet, how can you avoid having to create one?

Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


2009 was the year in which Marketing Automation really took off. In this post I want to focus on the trends in Marketing Automation for 2010. These are the trends that are mentioned most often: Improved ROI & Reporting. With that said, I believe the overall trend towards accountability, measurement and marketing ROI will continue to pick up steam. See also her recent blog post Five B2B Marketing Surprises From 2009.

Best of 2009 (So Far): Cool Web Tools, Part 2


100 Tips and Tools to Research the Social Web by Select Courses An outstanding list of tips and tools for using social media to conduct both primary and secondary research, monitor trends, create alerts, analyze information and organize your data.

10 Hottest Topics in B2B Marketing for 2009

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One of the really cool things about the B2B Marketing Zone and Browse My Stuff is the ability of the system to determine hot topics or trends based on the content that is being brought together in topic hubs. Using the system, we found that these are the hottest topics in B2B Marketing for 2009. Why are these the hottest topics during 2009? 2009 Big List of B2B Marketing and Sales Blogs , August 27, 2009. B2B Lead Management Market Heats Up , July 31, 2009.

SiriusDecisions' Joe Galvin on Sales & Marketing Trends In A 2.0 World

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As a sales professional in 2009 you must be able to tell them something they don’t know or can’t find on their own to gain their attention and respect. Is it a trend sales reps have to start to accommodate and/or take advantage of? Last fall at a NETSEA event, Joe Galvin , Vice President and Research Director for SiriusDecisions , was the speaker. His insight and knowledge regarding sales and marketing was deep.

SiriusDecisions' Joe Galvin on Sales & Marketing Trends In A 2.0 World

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As a sales professional in 2009, you must be able to tell them something they don’t know -- or can’t find on their own -- to gain their attention and respect. Is it a trend sales reps have to start to accommodate and/or take advantage of? Last fall at a NETSEA event, Joe Galvin , Vice President and Research Director for SiriusDecisions , was the speaker. His insight and knowledge regarding sales and marketing was deep.