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Microsites 2.0

Kevin Indig

Microsites were originally invented for short-lived campaigns. For example, Spotify had a microsite for the Listening Together campaign, which aimed to bring people together by listening to the same music when the Covid pandemic spread in April 2020. Ikea’s Life At Home microsite covers how different people live in their homes.

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What Is a Microsite?


What is a microsite? A microsite is a branded web page or small set of pages that is a standalone (i.e., Microsites are often created for large campaigns that have a specific goal, different from general company awareness. When might a business want to create a microsite? When might a business want to create a microsite?


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6 Strategic Design Tips for Converting Your Pitch into a Microsite

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Translating that content into a Salesforce Experience Cloud microsite can build on your strategy and create deeper connections between your team and customers. A few strategic design tips can help you optimize your microsite as a single source of truth and drive engagement. Make your goal the destination to which your microsite leads.

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ABM – Microsites for Priority Accounts


Microsites for Priority Accounts. Build a scalable microsite that delivers sales person contact info, specific marketing content, case studies and use cases that are targeted towards a specific priority account. What Is It? Value Proposition.

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Let’s Talk About Microsites & Dips In Traffic: Ask An SEO via @sejournal, @RyanJones

Search Engine Journal

Are there issues specific to microsites we should consider when traffic drops? The post Let’s Talk About Microsites & Dips In Traffic: Ask An SEO appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Ryan Jones answers for a reader in this edition of Ask An SEO.

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What Are Microsites, And How To Use Them?

Alejandro Rioja

This is where microsites can come in. In short, microsites are mini-websites created for specific… While a well-organized site architecture should make it easy for users to traverse your site, it’s occasionally preferable to keep things even simpler.

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Want Personalized Content that Converts? Here’s Why You Might Need a Microsite

Marketing Insider Group

Make it even stronger with a microsite, which will give curious customers the information they need without a complicated search. Microsite or Landing Page? It can be tempting to lump microsites with landing pages, but they’re actually separate solutions to different problems. Got a great campaign idea?

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