Social Network based Caller Routing

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Maybe they know someone in your social network and can even broker a chat with them (live through Facebook) about their recommended rod and reel combo for you. Tags: Social Networking Ok, let’s say you are searching the web for a new fishing rod.

Business Value of Social Networking

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Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Business Value of Social Networking by Achinta Mitra on July 29, 2009 in Social Media Marketing , Social Networking Saw a very interesting video where Seth Godin talks about how useful social media is to businesses.

Enterprise Social Networking Platforms: Think Amazon, Not Facebook


“This is just Facebook for the Enterprise” is the most common way most people describe enterprise social networking platforms. It’s inevitable that several enterprise software vendors will come up with their own flavour of social platforms.

Personal Brands RULE on Social Networks

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Yet many companies limit the use of Social Media at work which I think is very short sighted. "Of Of those not allowed to use social media at work, 65 percent said their managers block access to sites like YouTube, Facebook and Flickr because they're afraid employee productivity will suffer."

Do Automated Twitter Tools Game Social Networking?

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Dreamforce 2009: Engaging Effectively with Social Networks using

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Why should I care about Social Networks? . 96% of GenY has joined a social network. But why are people so interested in social networks? Generating a viral effect: leveraging the social graph.

There Are No Secrets to Social Networking, SEO and Web Development

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The Stories Behind 5 Social Networks That Never Caught On


What was the first social network you ever joined? While many people will recall it being Facebook or Twitter, others might remember some of the earlier, less popular social networks. After all, these networks laid the groundwork for the social media giants we use today.

Directory of Social Networks for Learning Professionals

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DIRECTORY OF SOCIAL NETWORKS FOR. SOCIAL LEARNING. SOCIAL LEARNING. Directory of Social Networks for Learning. social networks aimed at learning professionals. of networks for both educators and workplace learning professionals. Use the list to find one or two relevant networks to join. The list is ordered by name of network. name of the network creator, where known are shown in brackets. Social.

10 BtoB Marketers Predictions for 2010

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Around this time last year I wrote about some Predictions for 2009 and while I would say 8 out of 10 have already materialized and the other 2 are on their way, it has become clear that this year was the year we past the point of no return on Social Media.

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Five Ways Facebook Can Get You Fired!

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Can your social media activities cost you your job? So sit back, relax and enjoy another installment of the ways in which social networking can change your life. Tags: Social Networking Facebook social media You bet they can, and it’s my mission to show you how to avoid that fate! You are about to see a number of real-life case studies about Facebook.

10 BtoB Marketers Predictions for 2010

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Around this time last year I wrote about some Predictions for 2009 and while I would say 8 out of 10 have already materialized and the other 2 are on their way, it has become clear that this year was the year we past the point of no return on Social Media.

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Social Media Success Stories

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I get a few blank stares at times when I talk about social media technologies with friends and colleagues but I’m starting to win people over day by day. I now have 32 new people (and growing) that I can network with who share my similar background and interests. social networks

Social Media speeds Onboarding

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And what has been really interesting for me to see was the difference between organizations when it comes to things like social media. It would have taken me months to do that the traditional way, but with the power of Social Media and Social Networks it took weeks.

B2B Traffic Strategy: Embedding Content at Third-Party, Social Networking Sites

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With great delight, my producer friend, an acknowledged social media advocate herself (thanx Spooner!) The set-up: An upcoming product launch would be augmented by social media outreach and promotion: some traditional content (collateral, whitepapers, etc.),

5 Tips for Optimizing your Facebook Marketing

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So let’s go through some of your options when it comes to the tactics of social networking marketing. Have a Strong Presence A Facebook presence, like a website, is a fundamental tactic and should be on everyone’s list of must haves for social network marketing.

7 Ways Facebook will Change your Life!

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So get ready to enjoy what I think is a sneak peek into the future of social networking. Tags: Social Networking Facebook So I have just finished co-authoring a book called Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley) due out this summer. It was a very eye opening experience to say the least. But the one thing it taught me was a profound respect for the Facebook platform. What you are about to see is a number of ideas I have about the future of Facebook.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: B2B Marketing and lead generation via Social networking

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« Closed Loop Marketing Isnt Software | Main | The One Piece Of Advice You Cant Generate Leads Without » B2B Marketing and lead generation via Social networking Have you dipped your toe in the water of social networking yet?

So, is it social networking? …or social notworking?

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Well, it was only a matter of time before all the hype around social networking produced a backlash …and it now has. See for example Luis Paez’s provocatively titled piece “Social Media is Useless”, over at The Direct Marketing Voice. Actually, Luis backs away from the title a bit, marshaling some audience-reach stats to support [.].

Study: Top Execs DO Use Social Networks

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A new study shows decision-makers, such as business buyers, are increasingly using social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter to make buying decisions. As it turns out, customers (C-level execs) like everyone else want to own and control their own networks. Social networks are another, complementary sales channel where the emphasis is on useful, honest information. But not to talk about the new appetizer they just tried at a trendy restaurant.

With Facebook Pages - Who needs a Website?

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Tags: social media Social Networking Facebook

How Social Commerce leads to Advocacy Based Marketing (ABM)

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Every company today is headed for a Brave New World of eCommerce – and that is the world of Social Commerce. Almost a year ago, July 23rd 2008, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook Connect, which gives any website the power of a social network like Facebook right there on its own website.

Social Search could it be a Google Killer?

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Someone can (and will) connect search to my social profile (say on Facebook) thereby making a truly intelligent search engine that will know where I work, and who my friends are. Tags: Search Social Networking Facebook

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Ways to spend your Social Capital

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If you read the last two blog posts on Social Search could it be a Google Killer and When is Amazon go Social , you would begin to get a glimpse of the web in the next 24 months. Increasing Social Capital will become more important than ever to you and your web experience.

Cost per Advocate - the new CPA Model!

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In my last blog post we discussed How Social Commerce will lead to Advocacy Based Marketing (ABM) because of things like Facebook Connect. Now with the new era of Social Commerce about to dawn then perhaps advertisers will want to BUY targeted ads based on social profile of an individual.

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Avaya makes Business Communications more Social

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We just launched a new product that is a true leap frog from where most enterprises are today and will make it easier for enterprises to integrate social technologies like Facebook into their overall communications and contact centers while saving them real dollars in the near term.

Social Networking or Social Notworking?


With all the hype that's built up around social media marketing, it probably shouldn't be surprising to see a backlash of sorts in the form of a spate of recent articles suggesting that social media is worthless for marketers. Let's get real; social media is a hammer.

Spredfast Offers Systematic Management for Social Media Campaigns

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Summary: Social Agency’s Spredfast helps marketers schedule social media campaigns the same way they schedule paid advertising. If social media worked the same way, companies would first buy a monitoring system to track what’s being said, followed by tools to respond to comments made by others. But a recent eMarketer article B2B Marketers to Increase Social Spend cited two surveys that showed this is also a matter of policy.

(Almost) 100 (of the) Best Social Media Marketing Blog Posts and Articles of 2009


Social media marketing activity exploded in 2009, and so did coverage of these practices. Every social media consultant , corporate marketer and PR professional was challenged to keep up with the latest writing on the topic. So in case you missed any of these, here are almost 100 of the best blog posts and articles covering social media strategy and tactics, measurement, monitoring, research, pitfalls to avoid, policies, tools and more from 2009.

Best Marketing Strategy Insights of 2009


Don’t Forget the Brand in SEO, PPC and Social Media by Search Engine Journal. Garrett Pierson advises marketers to capitalize on their brands in all areas of online marketing, such as by search-optimizing for all common variants of company and product names, and presenting consistent brand images and messages across all areas of the firm’s social media presence. In Social Media, It’s Not Just Business, It’s Business-To-Business by Brian Solis. ** 5 Stars.

How Twitter can used for good - Veterans help turns to social networks

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A Veterans group is going to start using Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets to try and reach other Veterans that might be struggling with mental health issues. This is one of the best parts of Social Media. But with the power of the internet and the proper use of social media, you can connect with people. I'm glad to see this Veterans group using social media.

Top 80 B2B Marketing Posts for 2009

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We are happy to announce the Top Posts as defined by Social Filtering - meaning by everyone involved directly or indirectly. This technique was also used to generate the Hot Trends in B2B Marketing for 2009. Top 80 Posts - December 1, 2008 to November 30, 2009. How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy - WebMarketCentral , March 24, 2009. Would YOU Trust a PR Agency Not Involved in Social Media with YOUR Social Media Programs? -

Tips on Using Twitter to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

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I’m always trying to think about how marketers can better leverage the social media technologies that are out there and then share them with you. Socializing Your Landing Pages. On his reside blog , Philip Nelson describes how Eloqua includes a number of Twitter links below the main call to action to continue the conversation via Twitter and other social media outlets and to leverage tools like Twitter to further promote your marketing materials.

Social Media will Disrupt every Function in your Company

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We are at an interesting inflection point with Social Media today. Social Media already has changed Marketing forever. Marketing is still playing catch up and will be for a while since we are still at the very early stages of the Social Media game. Tags: social media

Show Me the Numbers: Hard Data on Internet Use and Media Spend

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Many are contradictory, but it's clear that marketers need to invest in social media, which might eventually replace search as the primary way that customers find them. And, in particular, are social media as important as industry gurus claim they are? Probably the most comprehensive study along these lines was Global Faces and Networked Places , released by Neilsen in March 2009. At that time, social networks were lumped into content, which had a 34% share.

Social Media is better for the Consideration Phase

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It’s a little like social networking in the sense that – success breeds success! But what is really interesting to me is the fact that beyond Tier 3 tactics (according to the chart) you start to see the social media tactics. Tags: social media Buying Cycle

Social CMO – Will CMO’s miss this opportunity?

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2009 was the year Social hit its tipping point and from here on out we will never be able to go backward. Product companies will have a strong social approach to product development using Social Media. Why you need to build your Social Capital?

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Twitter and B2B: don't be fooled by the silent majority


This fact, according to the widely quoted recent report by Harvard Business School , "implies that Twitter resembles more of a one-way, one-to-many publishing service than a two-way, peer-to-peer communication network". Apparently, 90% of Twitter traffic is created by just 10% of users.

Lessons on Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

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I've heard more B2B marketers citing LinkedIn as a key social network they want to add into their lead generation and marketing strategy. I often get asked questions like "how do you generate leads via LinkedIn (without alienating your network)?

#FirstTweet: Proof That You Should Be Open to New Social Networks


And I think this proves that we should keep an open mind when it comes to new and emerging social networks. — Katy Perry (@katyperry) February 21, 2009. — Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) March 10, 2009. — Tyra Banks (@tyrabanks) July 17, 2009.