A Content Marketer’s Guide to Marketing Resource Management


For many large companies, the marketing department is almost a corporation in its own right. To manage the operation effectively, you need a combination of people, processes, and tech all working in concert.

6 Reasons to Get Excited About MRM 2.0: Percolate & Allocadia


MPM + CMP = MRM 2.0. But, as both a marketing leader and former research nerd, I am quite excited about today’s news. We just announced a new partnership with Content Marketing Platform category leader, Percolate (see Gartner’s recent research naming Percolate a leader in the space). A match made in heaven for Marketing Operations. But these areas often fall on the shoulders of the Marketing Ops team to manage and control. MRM 2.0


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How a Content Hub Can Help Content Managers


As the content marketing technology landscape continues to evolve, content marketers have more and more tools at their disposal.


6 Reasons to Get Excited About MRM 2.0: Percolate & Allocadia


MPM + CMP = MRM 2.0. But, as both a marketing leader and former research nerd, I am quite excited about today’s news. We just announced a new partnership with Content Marketing Platform category leader, Percolate (see Gartner’s recent research naming Percolate a leader in the space ). A match made in heaven for Marketing Operations. But these areas often fall on the shoulders of the Marketing Ops team to manage and control. MRM 2.0

4 Best Free Human Resource Management Tools

TrustRadius HR

Free human resource software is out there but is often buried in paid advertisements and endorsements. Once the limitations are outlined, you can decide if the no-cost route is right for you in human resource management software. Management can create and edit schedules.

A 2×2 view of systems of record in martech


The phrase “system of record” has been bandied about in martech for years. But this assumption often belies that fact that there are many different kinds of data in the modern marketing organization — not to mention the broader domain of rev ops. Marketing Software

How to Improve the Recruiting Process


From building and maintaining a talent pipeline to targeting passive candidates, the hiring process can feel daunting. Research from the Society for Human Resource Management showed that recruiting and hiring were the top concerns for HR professionals going into 2021.

Salesforce.com and Oracle Buy Social Marketing Systems: Not the End of Marketing As We Know It

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Salesforce.com yesterday announced agreement to buy social media publishing vendor Buddy Media for $689 million, thereby adding another big fluffy piece to its “marketing cloud”. Oracle followed suit this morning with an acquisition of social media monitoring and semantic analysis vendor Collective Intellect. This followed Oracle’s $300 million acquisition last month of social publishing system Vitrue. Is this the death of marketing as we know it?

SAS Acquires AssetLink: Great for Enterprises, But What About the Rest of Us?

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Summary: SAS's purchase of AssetLink ensures it's a viable alternative to IBM/Unica and Teradata/Aprimo for integrated marketing management. The real question is whether mid-size firms will be able to afford those systems. SAS today announced its acquisition of marketing resource management vendor AssetLink. SAS’s marketing systems are also sold mostly to big firms. So we’re really talking about the “enterprise” market here.

MarketingPilot Offers Integrated Marketing Management for Mid-Size Companies

Customer Experience Matrix

MarketingPilot started as an operations management tool for mid-size direct marketers, with features for project management, list and media buying, source code tracking, expense capture, and vendor management. Since then it has expanded steadily to encompass the full range of marketing resource management and then gone ahead to add marketing database management and campaign execution.

Listen Up Marketers: We Need Our Own Operating System


Marketing is not the same function it was ten years ago—when B2B marketers were considered “sales support.” The digital revolution catalyzed the transformation of B2B marketing from cost-center to profit-center. Changes in the buyer’s journey have driven marketing teams to step up and take ownership of the entire funnel. Now, most marketing organizations do the majority of work internally rather than through agencies across specialized teams (social, demand gen, etc.).

Creating a vibrant performance process


According to a 2021 study from The Society for Human Resource Management, 62% of HR professionals say it’s been difficult to maintain workplace culture during the pandemic and 53% of U.S. ” Help managers become coaches, not taskmasters.

Allocadia Named Strong Performer in Forrester Wave


“Allocadia provides best-in-class money management capabilities… Allocadia was founded specifically to help marketers run marketing like a business — from budget planning to ROI and spend optimization.”

Allocadia Named Strong Performer in Forrester Wave


“Allocadia provides best-in-class money management capabilities… Allocadia was founded specifically to help marketers run marketing like a business — from budget planning to ROI and spend optimization.”

Social Hiring: Changing the Traditional Recruitment Process

Altitude Branding

The process of hiring new employees in an organization has always been considered a cumbersome and expensive task. Human resource managers have to go through countless resumes, shortlist, and conduct interviews to ascertain the most suitable candidate for the available job opening. Advertising and hiring a recruitment agency takes resources out of the company, which has a negative impact on the company’s statement of income.

SAS Adds Real Time Decisioning to Its Marketing Systems

Customer Experience Matrix

The Web site lists 13 “Solution Lines” ranging from “Activity-Based Management” to “Web Analytics”. The “Customer Relationship Management” Solution Line has 13 subcategories of its own (clearly no triskaidekaphobia here), ranging from “Credit Scoring” to “Web Analytics”. So is Profitability Management. Of the 13 products listed under Customer Relationship Managment, I can immediately identify three as based on acquisitions, and believe there are several more.

Tips for agile marketing planning on a global scale

BrandMaker Blog

Since implementing a collaborative MRM platform, TMD Friction has achieved a more agile marketing planning process, increased transparency across departments, and improved collaboration across its global marketing teams.

Plan 72

RedPoint Offers Broad, Deep B2C Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Matrix

On days when I have nothing else to be cranky about, I sometimes fuss at how business-to-business software vendors hijacked the term “marketing automation” despite its long and relatively honorable history describing systems for consumer marketing. Oracle ’s recent agreement to purchase Eloqua reinflamed that wound, since much of the commentary ignored Oracle’s extensive existing suite of consumer marketing systems. The system was also designed to scale.

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Data Driven Sales 2.0


The introduction of CRM (for sales) and now MRM (for marketing) has brought sales people out of the “information on paper and in my head” era kicking and screaming and into the age of technology and data. The screaming is over, for the most part, as any competent sales person now records information on a CRM system. The corollary lengthening of the buying process that also extends the sales cycle. This, of course, depends on your market. Data-Driven Sales 1.0.

Sales 130

Teradata Integrates Its Marketing Automation Acquisitions for Enterprise Marketers

Customer Experience Matrix

Last year’s biggest marketing automation acquisitions were products for consumer marketing: ExactTarget by Salesforce.com , Neolane by Adobe , and Responsys by Oracle. Consumer marketers have had their own, highly sophisticated marketing automation systems for years. Products like Unica (now IBM ), Teradata Customer Interaction Manager, and SAS Marketing Automation were introduced before the earliest B2B marketing automation systems and B2C email products.

What Does Data Analytics Have to do with F1 Racing? —How 0.1 Seconds Can Be the Difference Between Success and Failure!


For instance if it takes 80 seconds for a driver to do a lap and it takes 80 seconds to process a lap, taking a decision to bring the race car into the pits could be impacted as the driver may have to do another lap before pitting. Yet, so much time, effort and resources are wasted on gathering it. Not to forget the countless hours of discussion and pondering that go into sourcing better tools and platforms. Lesson for B2B Marketers: Use Analytics to Improve Process.

It's CDP Time for Marketing Cloud Vendors

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Adobe, Salesforce and Oracle all made announcements regarding Customer Data Platform products this week. None are world-changing: Salesforce described a planned extension of Customer 360 ; Abobe announced triggered journey campaigns that draw on its “real time CDP”, and Oracle described CDP services from systems integrators. Why does this matter to technology and marketing professionals? Customer Data Platforms have been a hot topic for the past three years.

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5 tips to help you make business decisions that get results


The owner often acts as the marketer, operations manager, and human resources manager all at the same time. You can find out how your business colleagues manage their businesses. Small business owners tend to do it all and wear all of the business hats when running their business. When it comes to the myriad of decisions to make, it can be stressful to feel the pressure of making the best decision to ensure your business has a profitable existence.

List of Mid-Tier Business-to-Consumer Marketing Automation Systems

Customer Experience Matrix

The world clearly has more B2B marketing automation vendors than it needs – my master list of demand generation products includes two dozen. By contrast, mid-tier consumer marketers often have a hard time finding good options. The major B2C marketing automation vendors -- IBM/Unica , Teradata/Aprimo , and SAS are more attuned to the enterprise market. Many marketing service providers manage Alterian systems for their clients.

Why account-based marketing is a game changer for Japan


I caught up recently with Ichiro Niwayama , founder of Symphony Marketing , the leading B2B-demand generation agency in Japan. His new book, Ultimate B2B Marketing: ABM , was published only last week, and has already leaped to #1 on the Amazon Japan business book list. Mr. Niwayama was kind enough to share his thoughts on where B2B marketing in Japan is headed, and why Account-Based Marketing will play an important part in its growth. For growth, we need marketing.

20 B2B Marketing Strategies That Will Deliver Success In 2021

Marketing Insider Group

Influenced by Sun Tzu and coined by Sagefrog CEO and Co-founder Mark Schmukler, this quote implies that there’s a clear difference between marketing strategy and marketing tactics. The Most Effective B2B Marketing Strategies. Have a Formal Marketing Plan.

The Marketing Ops Audit: Why It Matters and How to Do It Well

Vision Edge Marketing

Marketing Operations (Marketing Ops) is a well-established function. Whether performed by one person in a small company or a large team in a billion-dollar business, it is present in 70% of Marketing organizations overall and in 82% of Best-in-Class (BIC) Marketing organizations. Best-in-Class Marketing organizations are those that earn 90 or greater out of 100 from the C-Suite for their ability to prove their value, contribution, and impact to the business.

Top 2 Marketing Analytics Priorities for B2B Marketing Teams

B2B Marketing Analytics

As though the ever-increasing expectations of the c-suite from marketing teams to demonstrate the quantifiable impact were not enough and now we are in these unprecedented times, which have further highlighted the need for marketing to be more data-driven and efficient with their investments.

Top 8 Insanely Useful Content Marketing Tools Brands Need


There’s no shortage of content marketing tools at our disposal and, because of that, the number of choices can get overwhelming. DAM, PIM & MRM: BrandMaster, Lingo, and inriver. Email Marketing: Epsilon, Salesforce, and Constant Contact. Top 8 Content Marketing Tools.

Email Productivity Tips for Marketers

The Effective Marketer

Those are good, but I’d like to expand a bit on them and also put it in the perspective of a marketing manager. Five Email Productivity Tips for Marketing Managers. Marketing Technology for Workflow and Productivity. Unless you have a system like what my company offers [shameless plug!] for Marketing Resource Management or Marketing Project Management , odds are you rely on email to keep your team in check.

3 Timely Tips for Marketing Planning And Budgeting

Martech Advisor

Sherri Kolomayz, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Infor, shares tips for keeping new year planning evergreen and relevant for changing customer habits. As the calendar months roll into fall, visions of spreadsheets, pivot tables, calendars, and PowerPoint presentations loom in every marketer’s mind. With so many moving parts, from budget to messaging, it’s safe to say that most marketers feel angst and dread when it comes time to plan for the next year.

Plan 60

How to Have a Successful Marketing Automation Implementation


Now that you’ve selected your marketing automation platform (MAP), it is time to implement. Marketing automation is not a one size fits all approach and each implementation must be done to align with the current business systems and processes currently in place. Your marketing automation journey can be broken down into these four areas: Evaluation and selection, Demand Generation Strategy , Optimization, and Implementation of the system.

An epic landscape of 2,427 European martech solutions


For some of us, it’s collecting logos of martech companies and carefully categorizing them into little boxes on slides , to the delight or dismay of marketers at conferences worldwide. Market structure? Marketing Software

Infor Epiphany Marketing and Interaction Advisor: Good Examples of B2C Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Matrix

Epiphany was one of the high-fliers of an earlier marketing automation boom: launched in 1997 with an initial public offering in 1999, it traded stock for a variety of customer management systems before its price collapsed. Through all this, the company’s campaign management and CRM systems continued to sell with little change. The crown jewel turned out to be RightPoint, a pioneering real-time interaction manager since renamed Interaction Advisor.

B2C 152

Big List of Digital Marketing Acronyms


How can you keep up with all the acronyms in digital marketing? We collect more digital marketing acronyms every week, and we suspect there’s no end to it. So rather than fool ourselves into thinking we’ve captured all digital marketing acronyms, let’s just go with what we have so far.

List 52

Tales from the Toolbox

Vision Edge Marketing

Are you feeling a bit like a kid in a candy store when you consider all of the available marketing technologies? Marketing technology has been evolving at a rapid pace, and with so many choices, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. These technologies are often referred to by three letter acronyms such as DAM/MAM (digital asset or marketing asset management), MOM (marketing operations management), MAP (marketing automation platforms), and MRM (marketing resource management).

Best-in-Class Financial Management for Crisis Mode and Beyond


In these chaotic times marketers should control what they can control , so your first act should be getting your finances and plans in order. New investments should be focused on improving critical business elements like financial management and strategic planning.

Class 56

3 Steps to Become a More Agile Marketer Today


Becoming agile is the topic de jour for marketers, with more teams adopting the practices of their development counterparts, especially in today’s uncertain economic climate. Today’s marketers need flexibility in order to pivot programs when faced with the cancelation of all in-person events.

Content marketing for enterprises: Q&A with Percolate CEO Randy Wootton and VP of Marketing Greg Roth


Percolate’s content marketing platform is used by enterprise companies including Microsoft, Bosch, United Airlines, and BP. Percolate’s technology falls somewhere between a “content marketing platform” and a “marketing resource management tool.” Unlike some other CMPs, they focus less on the delivery of content and more on orchestrating the organization, planning, and analysis of marketing campaigns. Workday Cloud Platform.

How to Find and Hire a Director of Marketing for Your Business

Single Grain

This is a complete guide to finding and hiring a Director of Marketing for your business. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about: The role of Director of Marketing. Typical duties of a Marketing Director. However, marketing does not end here.