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How to Present your Ideas like a Pro


Learning how to present your ideas with persuasion is an invaluable skill. To successfully persuade your audience when presenting your idea(s) there are four key things you need to do: Engage your audience (grab their attention). Well, you need to PASS your presentation: PREPARE your presentation effectively.

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From tech tools to personalized presents: Holiday gifts marketers actually want


This holiday season calls for a more thoughtful approach to gifting, especially when it comes to the discerning marketer in your life. From cutting-edge gadgets that redefine work efficiency to bespoke items that add a personal touch, each suggestion is handpicked to surprise and delight the marketers in your life. Three French hens?


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Rethink PowerPoint Presentations


PowerPoint has been around since 1987, and it’s still the go-to or just about any business presentation. Content4Demand works with the Ceros interactive platform, which is effective for organizing and presenting information but it does so in a visual format that is friendlier, more organic, more exciting and more engaging.

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Tips on Which Presentation Tool Fits You Best

Navigate the Channel

Much of the advice about presentation tools focuses on new tech, but let’s start this by reminding you that you are the best or worst presentation tool. YOU are the presentation, not your slides or props. It’s presenting that people fear. First, understand how you excel as a presenter. Down in front.

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Win Sales Calls with Webinar Production

Speaker: Dawn Baron, President, Passion Profits Consulting, and Shelley Trout, Webinar Producer, Aggregage

As a B2B marketer in 2020, you are constantly asked to fight for attention in crowded markets with limited resources. Or, do you think the webinars you are presenting could be more effective? Or, do you think the webinars you are presenting could be more effective?

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The Importance of Account-Based Marketing: Past, Present, and Future

Only B2B

Because many new marketing efforts lack the proper segmentation, personalization, ideal client representations, or customer research. Because of these crucial elements, account-based marketing presents a fantastic opportunity. Account-Based Marketing: What Is It? Account-Based Marketing Examples. Live Events.

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Meta and Ignite Visibility present a new conversion API gateway solution by Ignite Visibility


Meta has partnered with Ignite Visibility to present a comprehensive webinar on the Meta Conversion API (CAPI) Gateway. Why you need server-side tracking In the current digital landscape, precise tracking of user interactions and conversions is essential to optimize advertising ROI. Sign up today!

API 88
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So What. So What's Changed?: A Conversation on Customer Engagement for 2022 and Beyond

Speaker: Peter Turley, Author and Award-Winning Marketing & Sales Speaker

Our job isn’t to remain stalwart in the face of this trend, but to tailor the way we present our business that meets the buyer where they are now. Join Peter Turley, author and award-winning marketing & sales speaker, for this insightful high-concept talk on modern customer engagement. Why you should be asking “so what?”