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How to Present your Ideas like a Pro


Learning how to present your ideas with persuasion is an invaluable skill. To successfully persuade your audience when presenting your idea(s) there are four key things you need to do: Engage your audience (grab their attention). Well, you need to PASS your presentation: PREPARE your presentation effectively.

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How Kaon Interactive Became the Leader in Enterprise Sales and Marketing Apps


Kaon Interactive President and CEO Gavin Finn recently met with Editor and Contributor Colin Barry from VentureFizz , a digital platform for technology, entrepreneurship and career inspiration in Boston, Mass. Kaon Interactive – Creating Engaging Customer Experiences With AR and VR. Colin was impressed. August 14, 2017. By Colin W.


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5 Simple Interactive Marketing Ideas for 2020

Martech Advisor

Interactive marketing can drive active engagement, improve brand recall, and make your content more meaningful and customer-centric. Here are our five simple interactive marketing ideas that can drive your 2020 marketing strategy. Interactive marketing is about crafting events to be driven by customers' actions.

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Tips on Which Presentation Tool Fits You Best

Navigate the Channel

Much of the advice about presentation tools focuses on new tech, but let’s start this by reminding you that you are the best or worst presentation tool. YOU are the presentation, not your slides or props. It’s presenting that people fear. First, understand how you excel as a presenter. Down in front.

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Win Sales Calls with Webinar Production

Speaker: Dawn Baron, President, Passion Profits Consulting, and Shelley Trout, Webinar Producer, Aggregage

As a B2B marketer in 2020, you are constantly asked to fight for attention in crowded markets with limited resources. Or, do you think the webinars you are presenting could be more effective? Or, do you think the webinars you are presenting could be more effective?

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How Sony Interactive Entertainment built a winning marketing data strategy


The marketing ecosystem is transforming at a rapid pace. Many marketers have moved their campaigns online to keep up, but connecting the data from many channels requires an optimized digital experience strategy. That’s why so many marketing teams are looking for new ways to collect and act on data.

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Kaon Interactive Wins Three Awards at DxMA Global Marketing Summit!


Earlier this week, Kaon had the pleasure of sponsoring DxMA’s global marketing summit which highlighted disruptive technology talks and global market briefings. Leaders from more than 50 diagnostics companies were present and many led captivating talks. May 23, Houston TX. May 25, Austin TX.

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So What. So What's Changed?: A Conversation on Customer Engagement for 2022 and Beyond

Speaker: Peter Turley, Author and Award-Winning Marketing & Sales Speaker

Our job isn’t to remain stalwart in the face of this trend, but to tailor the way we present our business that meets the buyer where they are now. Join Peter Turley, author and award-winning marketing & sales speaker, for this insightful high-concept talk on modern customer engagement. Why you should be asking “so what?”