10 – 15 leads a day using game theory

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To avoid raising the hackles of gatekeepers, let alone decision makers, and undermining the morale of your sales force, you need to learn a little game theory. Game theory is no game – it is advanced mathematics designed to predict behavior, developed for the U.S, If you saw the movie A Beautiful Mind, you got an intro to game theory phenom John Nash. Most people hate making cold calls.

Behavioral Economics & Finance in Poker

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Working on a consulting project this week, I stumbled on a paper by Hersh Shefrin , who has written extensively on the subject of Behavioral Finance. So I would consider players that employ game theory to be categorized as using Market inefficiencies in their economic model called a poker table. He sumarizes that there are three aspects (in general) to the topic. I started wondering about its implications in a poker environment.


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Creative Marketing in a Data-Driven Culture


Sutherland will deliver a keynote address at Eloqua Experience Europe at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London, where he will underscore behavioral trends and developments. Our models need to acknowledge this – and marketing needs to push back sometimes against the constant demands for more “accountability” Can you speak to the “game theory” as it relates to the notion of customer loyalty? . The same applies to network theory, path dependency, etc.

Four Models Every Marketer Should Master

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These models enable us to study the effects of different actions, so we can begin to make predictions about behavior, such as purchasing behavior. There are all kinds of mathematical models-statistical models, differential equations, and game theory. Campaign Lift Model: Estimates the impact of a particular campaign on the buying behavior. We know–models can be intimidating.

Book Review: The Logic of Life


A book written by an economist, that attempts to use economic theories to explain pretty much everything in life, probably sounds more like a cure for insomnia—perhaps even masochism—than a page-turner. The solution, therefore, is going to require changes in behavior, and beliefs, on the part of both blacks and whites. This leads to a discussion of "tournament theory"—paying employers based on their performance relative to each other, as in a tennis tournament.

SMX East 2017 Day 3 – Attribution, Video and Analytics


Analytics & Insights: “User Scoring and Behavior Driven Personas” by Sayf Sharif. Poulton compares the concept of DDA to Lloyd Shapely’s cooperative game theory, which attempts to assign “credit” for different players on a team for contributing to a game outcome. User Scoring and Behavior Driven Personas. Some interaction with content – Perhaps because mobile users are used to scrolling on mobile as native behavior.