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The 21 Best Content Curation Tools


This works much like the highlighting feature in Kindle…it acts more like a news curator than a compiler — and there are plenty of aggregator apps out there — but it’s a fast way to check out what others are reading, too. A personalized news aggregator.

7 Types of Push Notifications Users Actually Enjoy


It’s personalized on two levels -- it includes the user’s first name, and it lets him know that there’s a shop location nearby where he can use some of the credits he’s accumulated. That level of personalization is a tremendous asset to your audience.

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Your Digital Marketing Strategy Depends on Online Reviews

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Indeed, reviews are pretty much everywhere: from Airbnb to Uber, TripAdvisor to Amazon, reviews form a crucial part of the decision-making journey, and marketers have clamored to encourage positive customer reviews as part of their digital marketing strategy.

How 3 Core Shifts in Marketing Automation Can Transform Your Business

Modern B2B Marketing

worth of acquisitions made, and an aggregate vendor revenues increase from $225M to $1.65B! In 2012, Amazon filed a patent for a predictive analytics system that would allow them to begin shipping products before a customer even ordered them.

How to Get a B2B E-Commerce Implementation on the Right Track [Interview]

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One thing to consider is that e-commerce doesn’t have to mean a grid of products and a shopping cart like Amazon. It’s a complex undertaking for a B2B business to set up an e-commerce platform – or even enhance an existing platform.

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4 Steps to Creating a Launch Plan for Your New Customers

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These beginnings lack the support or attention of product launches, yet in aggregate, customer success is more critical than ad campaigns or logos. Link to resources of different types, including printed materials or videos. For complex products, offer different levels of training.

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Microsoft buys LinkedIn: the largest martech acquisition in history?


I know, “personal branding” isn’t the same as brand branding — so you might argue that this isn’t really marketing so much as simply modern career management. Vertical competition between companies at different stages of the channel.

15 best Big Data companies and why they stand out


Its ability to not only aggregate information that’s typically scattered across different sources (like spreadsheets, social media, or databases) into a single dashboard, but to then also continuously refresh the results, is a transformation for those involved in business operations.

32 questions you should ask when you interview a martech leader


Listen for how the person structures the response and what questions they pose.]. We’d like to aggregate data across marketing and customer service. What would you do differently in hindsight? This helps you see how hands-on the person is.].

You’re doing a terrible job with search and social


It’s such low-hanging fruit, though it does demand that you actually do more than just embed “share me” buttons, it requires that you commit to becoming a content-creator and not just a salesman or business person. Duplicate or Aggregate, “Tag”, or “Category” Content.

CaliberMind Offers B2B Orchestration with a Twist

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It also uses those vendors to find identifiers belonging to the same person (such as multiple email addresses or alternative company names) and to link contact and lead records to accounts. CaliberMind also uses the texts associated with each contact to build a personal profile.

A Brief History of Search & SEO


Then, in June, Google debuted personalized search, which used someone’s search and browsing history to make results more relevant. And it's compounded by the rise of such voice-powered digital personal assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa.

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Marketing Automation: Why You're Doing it Wrong


For example, we all know that devoting personal attention to our leads tends to generate the best results. Marketing automation can actually help you scale that personal attention. Marketing automation sometimes sounds like a dirty word, and for good reason.

43 Execs Explain How Millennials Impact B2B Buying Committees


. Today’s buying committees are diverse; Millennials are already taking their seats among Generation X and Baby Boomers at the buying table, making navigating the already complicated buying environment even harder thanks to their different preferences. . They’re just buying differently. .

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Big Data is Buzzing, But Small Data Packs a Punch [Q&A]

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Traditionally, customer data wasn’t centralized and each organization had a different view into their customers and prospects. What are the different data segments you consider critical to use when creating quality small data sets for leads?

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6 Ways to Filter Your RSS Feeds - ReadWriteWeb

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I use netvibes personally. Although one can get rid of this problem applying a text input field to the "Fetch Feed" box and run different services for each feed to filter. I use Mindity personally. People have been using filters to cut time organizing and reading email and I dont see why RSS should be any different. By the way, Gregarius is a PHP/Mysql RSS/RDF/ATOM feed aggregator licensed under the GPL. amazon. aggregators. ReadWriteWeb.

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Toward a New Knowledge Society

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t Go Back Again - personal knowledge - tacit knowledge Polanyi Depends on Context Ineffable You canâ??t with things like this (this is the basis for recommender systems) (like Amazon) Bezos Slide 31: No principles or rules describing â??qualityâ?? Evaluations are not an aggregation â?? Complex answers link User Profiles different types of data Evaluations Resource Profiles Slide 33: Each type of data is a feature setâ?¦. (beta). My Slidespace. Upload.


Big Data: 70 Amazing Free Data Sources You Should Know for 2018

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They could be reused in different databases and reports. UK Data Service : The UK Data Service collection includes major UK government-sponsored surveys, cross-national surveys, longitudinal studies, UK census data, international aggregate, business data, and qualitative data.

Ple - LTCWiki

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2 What is a Personal Learning Environment? 4 Elements of a Personal Learning Environment. Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) refer to the aggregation of single-functionality tools which enable learners greater control over their own learning experience. edit ] What is a Personal Learning Environment? Definitions for Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) differ. Learning is deeply personal, AND social.". Amazon S3 Aggregating Content.

Beautiful BABI: SiSense PrismCubed Offers Business Intelligence for Business Analysts

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Specifically, data from several sources can be merged on a common key, filtered, aggregated and processed through complex formulas. Combine data from multiple sources: PrismCubed provides a wizard to connect with different data sources, including SQL Server, Oracle, CSV files, Excel and Amazon S3 logs (which earns them extra coolness points). and measures (numbers which can be aggregated).

Your Guide to the Crowdsourced Workforce - ReadWriteWeb

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Crowdsourcing takes tasks traditionally done by a single person or small groups of people, and farms them out to a global workforce. Essentially, this is the same idea as the three sites mentioned above, but with a slightly different pitch. Amazons Mecahnical Turk service ( recent coverage ) is what the company refers to as an "on-demand workforce." See the 10,000 Cents art project as example of how one can leverage Amazons crowdsourcing service. amazon.


Top 40 Posts and Hot Topics of Inbound Marketing and Social Media

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We’ve all created our own personal filters to help us sort through the mess to find content we consider valuable and, most important, relevant to our interests. And it’s even better when a bunch of statistics are aggregated for us in one place! Well worth the read, the authors delineate 3 different types of WOM, propose a new way for measuring it, and explain how the IMPACT of WOM is critical, not just the volume thereof. Best of B2B Marketing. June 2010.