$122 Billion MarTech Expenditure by 2022


According to a Forrester Research report, investment in MarTech is likely to go up by 27% increasing the expenditure to more than $122 billion by 2022 !

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Global sensor market forecast 2022: IoT and wearables as drivers


percent until 2022 when the market would reach $241 billion. According to Allied Market Research (AMR), the global market of sensors is poised to grow with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.3 In the latest edition of its Sensor Market Report, Allied Market Research also looks back at the sensor market in 2015 […].

How growing corruption threatens brands


Related to this, the extensive bribery involved in the Qatar bid for the 2022 World Cup significantly tarnished the image of this country, as well as FIFA itself. Corruption throughout the world has grown to epidemic levels.

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Sales Page Optimization: 8 Online Course Sales Page Elements to Boost Conversions


And it’s expected to surpass $243 billion by 2022. Note: This post is a part of our CRO Month 2019. Share it with the #Optimizein28Days to promote optimization awareness and how CRO can help businesses thrive. The global e-learning market generated revenue of $165.3 billion during 2016.

Why are Marketers Doubling Down on Identity?


billion by 2022. A new report published by the Association of National Advertisers (or ANA) and The Winterberry Group projects that the amount US marketers are investing in identity-based solutions will more than double over the next few years, going from just under $1 billion this year to $2.6 This week, we explain why marketers are doubling down. The post Why are Marketers Doubling Down on Identity? appeared first on LiveIntent Blog. Perspective

Seizing the opportunity: What can come of the single-use plastics ban?


The UN wants to eliminate single-use plastic by 2022[1] and more than 60 countries have already taken steps to eradicate single-use plastics. Read More. The post Seizing the opportunity: What can come of the single-use plastics ban? appeared first on BDB.


Putting Dynamic Back into Email Design

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billion in 2022. While it may surprise those who view emails as an antiquated channel of communication, emails are still a crucial part of the way brands communicate with consumers. Just consider that in 2017, global email users amounted to 3.7

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B2B Highlights From the Latest CMO Survey

B2B Marketing Directions

by 2022. The findings of the latest CMO Survey by Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, the American Marketing Association, and Deloitte were published a few days ago. The latest results are based on responses from 323 marketing leaders at U.S. B2B and B2C companies.

Virtual Health: Marketing Essentials

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billion by 2022? Virtual health is one of the biggest trending healthcare topics of 2018 and we know it’s only going to get bigger in the coming years. Did you know the virtual health market is expected to reach $3.5

Ensure Your Cold Emails Reach Their Destination in 2019


billion by 2022. Email can do a lot of things. On one hand, it can be used to find the answer to your most nagging questions; and on the other it can make you seethe with righteous fury on the other. . Invented in the 1960s, email certainly is old school.

Seven Smart Strategies to Take Your Social Media to the Next Level

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billion by the year 2022 and taking a larger and larger role in mining mentions, automating replies, and inching customers towards an engagement. This year it’s estimated that 2.77 billion people will be active on social media.

How Voice-Activated Tech Will Change Content Marketing

Content Marketing Institute

Here are a few data points about the impact voice-centric digital communication is having on consumers – and how marketers are responding: 55% of adults will have a smart speaker by 2022, per OC&C Strategy Consultants , more than doubling the nearly 20% of U.S.

Virtual Health: Marketing Essentials

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billion by 2022. billion by 2022 with a compound annual growth rate of 49.8% Virtual health, or virtual healthcare, is a hot sector of healthcare—it is expected to reach $3.5

Digital Advertising Trends: What to Expect in 2019


Juniper predicts voice-based ad spend will reach $19 billion by 2022. The advertising ecosystem is changing. Everything from technology to user behavior has a direct impact on the digital space, and 2019 is poised to be a transitional year for advertisers.

A Journey From the Centre of the Inbox; Marketers Must Begin Crossing the Channels

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Not only have subscriber bases taken a knock with the arrival of GDPR, cutting up to 50% of the contact list for some brands, but the annual volume of email is expected to rise from 269 billion to 333 billion by 2022. Email is facing some challenges.

65+ Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence Statistics


Gartner predicts that through 2022, 85% of AI projects will deliver erroneous outcomes due to bias in data, algorithms, or the teams responsible for managing them ( source ). In the banking sector, Juniper forecasts the success rate of bot interactions to reach over 90% in 2022 ( source ).

Break Free of Boring B2B With Interactive Influencer Content


Cisco reports that VR/AR adoption is expected to increase 12-fold globally between 2017 and 2022. B2B marketers face so many challenges. You don’t need to add to yours by creating content that puts your buyers to sleep, if they even decide to look at it.

7 Ways Online Retailers Can Boost Web Page Performance

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annually through 2022, ensuring your digital presence is as compelling as it is efficient is increasingly important. With revenue from ecommerce projected to grow by 8.6%

Advertising with Connected TV: Combining the Old and the New to Reach Your Ideal Audience


However, planners and advertisers can’t ignore the 204 million people – or 60% of the total population – that will watch CTV at least once a month by 2022 in the US. Connected TV, or CTV, is a platform that combines the old with the new.

Get Motivation for Your 2014 Retail Marketing Plan


By 2022, brick and mortar retail spaces will be little more than showrooms.” – Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper, Co-CEOs of Bigcommerce. “If It’s easy to lose motivation in the midst of winter. The holidays are over and you’re back to the daily grind. But if you change your outlook and remember spring is on the way, you can regain focus and get excited about your retail marketing campaigns. Check out some of these quotes from eCommerce and retail industry leaders.

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What Is The Internet Of Things And Why Care?

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Cisco has projected that IoT has potential to grow global corporate profits by 21% in aggregate by 2022 and value $14.4 The phrase Internet of things or Internet of everything has been buzzing around the digi-sphere since 2013.

Voice Assistants – The Next Big Opportunity For Digital Marketers


The result, this channel is a wide open opportunity for advertisers so much so that Juniper predicts voice-based ad revenue could reach $19 billion by 2022. I distinctly remember when Apple first released Siri and everyone was enthralled with asking her silly questions.

How Do You Market a City? 9 Famous Olympic Bid Videos From Around the World


Beijing, China: 2022 Winter Olympic Bid Video. It''s clear this isn''t China''s first rodeo: Their 2022 bid video includes footage from the 2008 Summer Olympics they hosted, which was an impressive (and expensive) feat.

How AI Impacts Video View Time and Engagement [New Data]


By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. Online video marketing has been a big topic of discussion for marketers much of this decade – and rightfully so. Even before companies like Wistia came on the scene late last decade there were very specialized blogs dedicated to the topic of online video (remember ReelSEO? Loved that blog).

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5 Bold MarTech Predictions For Non-Risk Averse Marketing Technologists


Marketing Operations Companies Will Number That Of Marketing Experience Companies By 2022. As a marketing team we care about what marketing leaders see when they imagine the future of MarTech. What is the rock that will shatter the way we work today?

What is Ecommerce? [Quick Guide]


Ecommerce isn’t going anywhere, and it’s only going to keep getting bigger: According to Digital Commerce 360 , ecommerce will account for 17% of all retail sales by 2022. Ecommerce, short for “electronic commerce,” is the process of buying and selling physical or electronic items online.

How to Grow Your Freelance Business This Year: Quarter One


But in 2022? It’s a big moment when you finally give the middle finger to full-time employment and branch out on your own. Okay, even if you’re not so fed up with the corporate world you run away from it, there is an undeniable confidence and strength that comes from starting your own gig.

8 e-commerce trends to pay attention to in 2019


In fact, voice search is projected to represent a $40 billion market by 2022 as opposed to the $2 billion market it is today. Chances are you’ve heard the oft-cited projection that 82% of the web will be video traffic by 2022, right?

12 Must-Have Tools and Tactics for Content Distribution and Promotion


The Radicati Group reported in its Email Statistics Report, 2018 – 2022 , that the number of email users will reach 3.8 billion by the end of 2022. Content distribution helps brands share and spread content to their audiences and beyond.

Get Motivation for Your 2014 Retail Marketing Plan


By 2022, brick and mortar retail spaces will be little more than showrooms.” – Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper, Co-CEOs of Bigcommerce. “If It’s easy to lose motivation in the midst of winter. The holidays are over and you’re back to the daily grind. But if you change your outlook and remember spring is on the way, you can regain focus and get excited about your retail marketing campaigns. Check out some of these quotes from eCommerce and retail industry leaders.

Best in Class Technographics Now Easier to Use Than Ever in Salesforce

HG Data

million jobs and $859 billion in new business revenues worldwide by 2022. Recently, Salesforce shared some exciting research from IDC on the “Salesforce Economy,” showing how the collective impact of Salesforce and its ecosystem partners and customers will combine to create 3.3

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Sharing the World’s Greatest Stories: Should Coke Have Bid for the Olympics?

Content Standard

On May 17, 2014, the New York Times reported that NBC Universal had licensed the broadcast rights for the six Olympic Games spanning the eleven years from 2022 to 2032. That amounts to $44 billion between 2022 and 2032.

Video Ad Spend Balloons by 30 Percent in 2018: Are You Keeping Up?


percent will be using mobile coupons by 2022. It is a remarkable time for those involved in marketing. Never has there been more tools, tactics, and opportunities available to marketers.

Are You Ready for Content Marketing in 2018? 60+ Predictions

Content Marketing Institute

HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: Content Marketing in 2022: Very Personal, No Silos, and Lots of Voice. It’s hard to believe that, after 10 years, this will be the last time I share my annual list of content marketing predictions for CMI.

An Inbound Marketer’s Guide To Database Health


billion by 2022. Your contact database is the heart of your business. It’s how you market to prospects, how you nurture leads, and how you stay connected with customers. But what happens when good records go bad? When something changes with a lead?

What You Need to Know About Voice-Activated Content Marketing (and Three Tips!)


And a Juniper Research report predicted that 55 percent of all households will own a smart speaker by 2022. Unless you have been living in a cave, you are probably well aware that the way we communicate with our devices has been changing significantly over the last few years.

A Guide to Recruiting Financial Advisors


Consulting firm Moss Adams has calculated that the financial industry could face a shortage of over 200,000 advisors by 2022. Did you know that the average financial advisor in the United States is older than 50 years old? Or that only 5 percent of advisors are younger than 30 ( source )?

Why Automation is Key to Your SEM Success


chief integration officer at McGarryBowen agency, boldly predicted that by 2022, 80% of advertising processes will be automated — a threshold he claims will never be surpassed due to experiential marketing tactics that will always require hands-on involvement. The online advertising industry, like many other industries today, is awash with the terms “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning” — two buzzwords that by now are common parlance in SEM.

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The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Virtual Reality


But, the statistics don’t lie – by 2022, the number of VR/AR experiences in B2B will account for 40% of all experiences ( source ). In our increasingly digital world, new technologies constantly emerge and change the way we interact with buyers.

How to market for Singles’ Day and beyond


In fact, it’s predicted that by 2022 there will be 725 million users of social networks in the region. Singles’ Day, or 11.11, is known across East-Asia as the day to celebrate singletons as well as incredible discounts. In 2009 Alibaba began a campaign to focus on the fictional holiday and as a result, its sales have skyrocketed year on year. For the latest Singles’ Day, they raked in an astonishing $1 billion in the first five minutes.