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Want To Align Your Marketing Team? Try A Workshop!

Marketing Insider Group

Let’s face it – at some point, every business can benefit from enrolling team members in a marketing workshop. That’s why a workshop can revamp your business’s marketing efforts in an almost magical way. That’s why we’re sharing how a marketing workshop can get your team on the same page and working towards the same goals.

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Why You Need a Content Marketing Workshop

Marketing Insider Group

“Why do I need a content marketing workshop?” But a content marketing workshop can take you beyond the occasional blog post and Facebook page into a coherent […]. The post Why You Need a Content Marketing Workshop appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. you may ask.


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Season 2: Episode 14 – Using Bootcamps and Workshops To Accelerate Results

Square 2 Marketing

, we introduce the idea that workshops and a combination of workshops called bootcamps can fast-track the creation of the strategic work required to get your revenue generation system up and running.

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What I Learned at the Customer Data Platform Workshop

Customer Experience Matrix

I ran a four hour workshop on Customer Data Platforms this week at the MarTech Conference in San Diego.* This was voiced with some frustration at the end of the workshop, when several people said they had hoped to come away with a clear picture of what is and isn’t a CDP, but found instead that CDP systems differ widely.

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An ABM Content Strategy You Can Steal

Speaker: Mason Cosby - Director of Growth at Gravity Global

If you're trying to implement an ABM strategy but your accounts aren't engaging, this workshop is for you. Adding an Account-Based approach makes it even more difficult to get the content right. Instead of stressing about your ABM campaign content, join Mason Cosby, Gravity's Director of Growth, to learn: The 9 different approaches to ABM.

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The Silo-Breaking Workshop [Worksheet Included]


The Silo Breaking Workshop. At FunnelCake, we’ve designed a program called the Silo Breaking Workshop. The impact is huge We have run the Silo-Breaking Workshop with a number of our software customers and have seen results impact the way they do business in many different ways. Free Worksheet included. Get started now ›.

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Why You Should Have Customer Success Workshops


And that’s what makes customer success workshops a must-do, mainly for SaaS companies. . Instead of giving your customer service a reboot , invest in customer success workshops. What is a Customer Success Workshop? 4 Reasons to Give Customer Success Workshops a Try. They’re a Boost to Customer Service.

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Digital Revenue Leaders: How to Make Sales & Marketing Integration Your 2020 Strategy

Speaker: Jamie Shanks, CEO, Sales for Life

Next steps to kick-start sales and marketing integration through "insights committee workshops". Examples of marketing-led ISR's monitoring the "Sphere of Influence" and "Human Capital Investments" globally for sales. The framework you need to measure digital behavioral change, and correlate that change to revenue.