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2022 State of Experiential Research Study Survey Terms & Conditions


Rules: Participant must complete the survey in its entirety to be entered. Additional rules and restrictions apply. Terms & Conditions: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. […] Additional entries only accepted if referral email address matches the participant email address entered at time of survey completion.

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HubSpot’s November 2023 releases: The manager’s guide


HubSpot’s November releases include deal pipeline rules, improved funnel reporting, allowing prospects to add guests to meetings on the scheduling page and more. Previously, users had to scroll down in the right-side menu to find the playbooks. speed for listening to calls. Get MarTech! In your inbox.


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CDP Overview: How We Got Here, Where We're Going, and What Could Get in the Way

Customer Experience Matrix

It’s eleven years since the term “customer data platform” appeared in 2013. In fact, the formal CDP Institute definition – "packaged software that builds a persistent, unified customer database accessible to other systems" – is carefully crafted so that each term identifies a differentiator between CDP and some other type of system.

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The Golden Rule of Buyer Retention


And investing time into a long-term buyer is worth more than only going after new prospects. Trusted advisors foster and maintain long-term relationships for continuous value-exchange. They should be attuned to market conditions and remain alert to changes on the horizon. How might this introduce new challenges?

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EU authorities ban Meta from using personal data for advertising


This is because of a GDPA rule that says consent is not considered freely given if it is a condition of access to a service where the processing of personal data is not necessary to that service. “It The implications of the EDPB’s ruling go well beyond Meta’s bottom line. Why we care. Get MarTech! In your inbox.

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Five Ways to Avoid Scaling Your B2B Business Too Quickly


Through careful planning and prudent decision-making — taking into account market conditions, customer needs, and the company’s own limitations — B2B businesses can scale effectively , ensuring their growth is managed properly and avoiding the pitfalls of scaling up too rapidly.

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Master Social Media Influencer Contracts: A Brand’s Guide + Free Template


These contracts transform your informal conversations into official business partnerships with clear terms. A social media influencer contract or an influencer agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of a partnership between a brand and an influencer. What is a Social Media Influencer Contract?