Social Media RFP Gets An Update

Paul Gillin

Now they’ve followed it up with a second version that includes an “RFP Bill of Rights&# that “will hopefully help provide guidance on how to do an RFP right and fairly,&# Maggie says. With advice like “I will not issue an RFP ‘Cattle Call’”, “I will do my own homework and “I will give you feedback,&# it covers the tactics that (intentionally or not) often poison the client-agency relationship.

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150+ Questions for Your Marketing Automation RFP

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: I've posted a list of nearly 200 RFP questions that I hope many people will adopt to their own needs. That would give buyers clear, consistent information without issuing a RFP at all. If it's used widely, buyers and vendors both benefit. Death, taxes and RFPs. For business software vendors, all three are equally inevitable – and it's not clear which they dislike most.

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How To Write A Successful RFP For Your B2B Website Project

EMagine B2B Blog

Being in Business Development, I’ve had my fair share of completing Request For Proposals, or RFP’s. And if we’re being completely honest, RFP’s can sometimes, well…suck. I understand the nature of the Business Development game so I’m not saying ALL RFP’s are bad.

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3 Reasons Why Your RFP-Driven Firm Needs a New Website

Hinge Marketing

When confronted by professionals from both sides of this divide, we at Hinge turn to our research to help explain why websites are, in fact, relevant for RFP-driven firms. It increases the likelihood of receiving an RFP. It supports the buy decision after you’ve responded to an RFP. The post 3 Reasons Why Your RFP-Driven Firm Needs a New Website appeared first on Hinge Marketing.

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How Thought Leadership Can Help B2B Companies Avoid The RFP Process

The Forward Observer

Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer With a thought leadership marketing strategy, B2B companies can influence buyers, outflank the competition and expedite the purchase cycle. "We We are transitioning from a knowledge-based economy to a wisdom-based economy.

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5 Reasons Why Your Web Design RFP Is All Wrong (and Why It’s Hurting Your Business)


Well, many businesses will write a website RFP (request for proposal) and then send that RFP out to multiple agencies hoping they’ll respond. That’s a problem because as a business, you want the best agencies to respond to your RFP so you can get the best website possible.

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Is your marketing technology strategy sole source or best-in-class?


It could bet that you haven’t really paid attention to either strategy, and just send out an RFP when a component gets long in the tooth. Digital Marketing Digital Technology Adobe advantages approach attention best-in-class businesses choices clarity Companies components content costs delivery execution functions integration investments management marketing marketing technology order platforms pricing RFP sole source stack strategies systems Technology vendors work

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Tactical video for technology sales and marketing


RFP: Companies often use video recordings to provide evidence of top-level executive commitment to a project. And, of course, video can provide convincing evidence for assertions made in an RFP. Tech companies don’t need a “video strategy.”

What Does Your A/E/C RFP Response Really Look Like?

Hinge Marketing

Even when many of their most important marketing channels and touchpoints are spot on, there’s an important piece of the brand-building puzzle missing: the RFP response. Do not copy old proposal or RFP responses.

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The Right Way to Think About Your Marketing Software RFP [+Sample]


That's why we created an RFP for you to help evaluate your marketing software providers -- download your copy, form-free, here -- and wrote this blog post to show you how you can think about the RFP process. It’s a tough world out there for marketers.

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Why you need testimonials to persuade your customers


I have been helping a very smart client in their RFP process to select a vendor for their marketing campaign. Public Relations Reputation Management customer testimonials marketing campaign rfp process vendors

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The state of B2B marketing in Asia—moving toward digital


Many deals happen without an RFP, and if you are not personally connected, you risk missing opportunities. While teaching in Hong Kong for the semester, I’ve had the chance to meet some very interesting people.

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Real examples of how account-based marketing & selling is driving higher revenues on LinkedIn


They were able to attract an RFP from JCPenney and they were able to create partnerships with IBM and ServiceNow. Many social media and social selling experts say “volume” is the key to success on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

How to Go Beyond “Check the Box” RFPs

Modern Marketing

by Kevin Mcardle | Tweet this Ah, the RFP. Fan or not, the RFP process is a reality of doing business, especially in the B2B world. Yet, too often the typical RFP ends up being too general, resulting in a “just check the box” approach from vendors interested in winning the business. When selecting a list of companies to invite to your RFP, put yourself in their shoes. Conversations are invaluable for understanding what you need to ask on your RFP.

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6 Signs You Need Marketing Automation

Modern Marketing

See how others are using marketing automation, create a customized Request for Proposal (RFP) on the fly, and calculate the ROI of your investment – all in one place. The Eloqua Business Center hosts an RFP builder and ROI calculator.

Selling Into The “Hidden Opportunity Market”

Marketing Insider Group

We used to say, “sell ahead of the RFP.” Then, for more than a decade we’ve been telling clients, “sell ahead of your competitive herd.” Now we’re telling them, “sell into the ‘hidden opportunity market’.”

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Looking Back at 100: Top 10 Posts on the Webbiquity Blog (So Far)


How to Write an Ad Agency RFP. But if your company wants to use an RFP process to help in selecting a marketing agency, this post will help you craft one that meets your needs without driving the responding agencies crazy. As with the how-to-write-an-RFP post noted earlier, this outlines a solid, traditional process for mid-sized companies but overkill for small firms. Hard to believe that this blog, officially launched just a few months ago, has already surpassed 100 posts.

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How to win more RFPs using video


There’s one menace that looms over the head of nearly every salesperson, and can strike at any time: the dreaded request for proposal (RFP). Will you just fill out this RFP?”

Video 178

How to Buy ABM: Part 3 – Evaluating ABM Vendors


The best place to start is with a Request for Proposal (RFP). View the ABM RFP template. Now, let’s dive into the components of an RFP. Here are the sections you want to make sure the RFP covers, and why each is important.

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Influencer marketing is fully integrating with social media marketing strategy


I just submitted a proposal on behalf of Gerris Corp and a partner agency in response to a request for proposal ( RFP ) that actually gets it—and may well be the new normal. The RFP was for a year’s social media strategy consulting.

6 Seemingly Harmless Ways You're Sabotaging Your Proposals


Good for the upper-end of the sales pipeline, but you'll increase your chances of converting a prospect to a client if you treat your RFP responses like the strategic sales tools they're meant to be -- and that means avoiding these six hazardous pitfalls. 2) You take the RFP at face value.

Tips for pulling off a successful business event


71% submit an RFP: RFP stands for a Request for Proposal. In addition to looking professional, an RFP also is an unspoken way of letting the venue know that you are likely asking for other RFPs, so they might quote more competitive rates.

Agency and Vendor Searches without Losing your Mind

Jackie Walts

Now draft that into an RFP. Your RFP should state exactly how you want the relationship to work, what the needs are, expectations for staffing, budget, typical projects etc. My no-fail format for an RFP is a comprehensive list of client needs and then questions that let the agency show how well they meet them. Make the RFP clear and easy for the vendor to respond. While you’re working on your RFP, decide which firms you’d like to include.

Selling into the “hidden opportunity market”


We used to say, “sell ahead of the RFP.” ” Then, for more than a decade we’ve been telling clients, “sell ahead of your competitive herd.” ” Now we’re telling them, “sell into the ‘hidden opportunity market’ ” As a result of recent client work, I’ve re-examined CEB’s Challenger Customer for clues on how to improve B2B sales practices, especially for sales content.

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[VIDEO] How to Evaluate a Data Provider


The problem with the second way (RFP method) is it assumes data is a commodity. Go ahead and do the RFP style analysis – get counts on companies and contacts in your TAM and meeting your ICP – but don’t stop there. Does this situation sound familiar? I’m in the middle of evaluating sales coaching tools (3 to be exact), and while I see some pros and cons to each, there’s nothing really standing out to make one of them the clear winner.

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Marketers Do a Bad Job Selecting Marketing Automation Systems

Customer Experience Matrix

19% of buyers do a formal needs assessment and Request for Proposal (RFP). Maybe some are just skipping the RFP, which isn't always needed. I presented my Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing Automation Software Selection during last week’s Webinar with Neolane. (To

The Resources You Need to Master Marketing Automation [In Under 100 Words]


This post will help you decide , and this RFP will help you with the purchasing process. "Marketing automation" can mean a lot of different things, so first, let''s all get on the same page. This post is great for beginners.

RFP 62

An SEO’s Guide to Bottom-of-Funnel Keywords


These can take on many forms such as; Purchasing related keywords e.g., “RFP” or “proposal” or “quote”. If I had a penny for every time a client asked our agency to focus only on the most searched, highest volume keywords in their industry I’d be a very rich woman by now.

An SEO?s Guide to Bottom-of-Funnel Keywords


These can take on many forms such as; Purchasing related keywords e.g., “RFP” or “proposal” or “quote”. If I had a penny for every time a client asked our agency to focus only on the most searched, highest volume keywords in their industry I’d be a very rich woman by now.

If You Think Twitter Is Unhealthy, You Can Now Apply to Study It


The request for proposals (RFP) comes after more than a year of heightened scrutiny over Twitter -- as well as its other social media and online counterparts like Facebook and Google -- for the alleged weaponization of the platform and its influence on the 2016 U.S.

The Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2018 – A Meta-Analysis


Yet another post about 2018 B2B marketing trends? Yes, but wait—this one is different. Promise. Most “top trends” posts either tell what the blogger thinks (good), or curate the opinions of multiple experts (better).

Trends 363

What You Get When You Buy Technology


You could present a list of requirements or write a detailed RFP, and the vendors will all respond with written proposals. “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.”.

Buy 267

Content is the new currency—and your invitation to the dance.

Sales Engine

You’re going to be well positioned and you may get to help design the RFP.

RFP 151

Software Buying Has Changed: Are You Ready?

The ROI Guy

ADVICE: To be successful, you can’t wait for the RFP. When it comes to purchasing software, a significant 43% of your prospect's buying efforts were ad hoc, and not part of any established purchase plans. This according to Gartner’s latest research on tech buying trends.

Digital marketing requires laser focus


And if you get a different RFP every week, you change your target every week. Bulls Eye (Photo credit: Jens Dahlin). Three clients. Three stories. But they are all, in a sense, the same story. a failure to focus.

RFP 118

The Role of Thought Leadership Content in the B2B Buyer’s Journey

Circle Studio

Insightful content can earn new RFP opportunities. Content marketing can also help a firm earn new requests for proposal (RFP) opportunities. 41% of decision makers said that impressive thought leadership content led them to include a firm in an RFP opportunity, with 40% saying that good content directly contributed to their decision to trust a firm they were not previously familiar with.

RFP 48

The Power of Unsolicited Pitch Letters

Marketing Craftmanship

Unsolicited pitch letters, when they succeed, can also be an extremely effective way for your firm to avoid the RFP process…by anticipating their needs, you enable the targeted company to skip the beauty contest altogether.

RFP 130

5 Megatrends that Have Redefined Selling - Insights from a Sales Rock Star

Sales Engine

It is imperative to objectively exit sales cycles that you can’t win (or don’t really want), get ahead of the RFP process, and allocate pre-sale resources wisely. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the Bona Fide “Rock Stars” of the selling profession Friday morning in Mr. Neil Rackham.

RFP 141

3 Reasons for Low ROI from a Trade Show (with ways to improve)


This real-time data is key to identifying interest prospects have in a particular category (like cybersecurity, lead generation, big data, etc…), even if the company hasn’t released an RFP for that solution. One of the most popular avenues to generate leads is trade shows.

Long-Term Leads Demand Attention Now


A longer-term lead may lack urgency, but it makes up for it by giving your team a very real chance to form relationships with decision makers, and in fact define and manage the buying process (including designing the RFP). Near-Term Opportunities are Important, But So is Keeping the Pipeline Full. Your sales team likes nothing better than getting leads with a high probability of closing soon. So much so that many reps often ignore every lead they don’t consider hot.

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