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HubSpot’s June releases: The manager’s guide


Its content management system (CMS) and hosting are now “free-forever” to anyone with any HubSpot account. Managers with Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise edition can now set and track revenue goals and share access with teams and colleagues. Your developers will love this. Read more about HubSpot’s free CMS.

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Keep Customers Reading: How to Increase Landing Page Engagement

Walker Sands

Marketers spend a lot of time and money helping target audiences find their site, microsite or landing page. Time on-page is a direct reflection of users’ interest in your product or service, and it’s a key metric for gauging your site’s ability to effectively engage visitors. Move the needle with motion. Convert with content.


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Is WordPress really the answer for all businesses?


They may have previously used WordPress for a personal site or blog, or had an external agency build a microsite for them on WordPress. So for many organizations, especially larger enterprises, WordPress may not offer a good fit for general purpose WCM services, even if it’s an exceptionally productive blogging and micro-site offering.

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Introducing Contently Live


We knew that if we wanted to build the best content marketing company out there, we’d have to be great content marketers ourselves. With Contently Live , we’ve taken everything we’ve learned in the last six years and packed it into a customizable content hub developed specifically for content marketers.

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Microsites 2.0

Kevin Indig

Internals - find missing internal links in new and existing content, ensure proper site structure at scale (ex our largest customer has over 100,000 pages, and we generated thousands of internal link suggestions). Microsites were originally invented for short-lived campaigns. Microsites 2.0 CMS chokehold is real.

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5 Disruptions to Marketing, Part 4: Digital Everything


But the explosion of client interfaces is also disrupting marketing in a more direct way — increasing the number and variety of different kinds of digital touchpoints we need to build for our marketing, products, and services. A microsite. Let’s step back to consider how “simple” our digital environment has been.

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Seven Groups of Tools for Designing and Optimizing Websites


Once that’s accomplished, the page should include some additional helpful information about your business, products or services, and customers, and help visitors determine where to go next. You may use content planning and development tools to help create those. why you the best at it.