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More Than A Thousand Words: The Power of Visual Storytelling

Marketing Insider Group

The Power Of Visual Storytelling. Today, we announced an interactive microsite called The Power of Visual Storytelling along with an accompanying white paper and Slideshare deck that we created in partnership with Getty Images. When I first saw the microsite, I was blown away. And here is just one example of why.

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Storytelling Lessons From Kevin Spacey And House Of Cards

Marketing Insider Group

3 Crucial Principles Of Storytelling You Can Learn From Kevin Spacey + House of Cards. It is no secret that storytelling has become the pinnacle practice of 2015. So what advice does Francis Underwood have to dish on storytelling? Don’t Rush Your Storytelling. Not exactly…. Create Value In Your Brand.


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February’s Top Digital Marketing Trends That’ll Inspire Your Own Campaign


The company also hopes its marketing efforts to encourage teens to order a free tire gauge on its microsite don’t come up flat. Hundreds of responses using the #FriesChallenge hashtag have helped Taco Bell involve their consumers in the storytelling as well as in the success of the product.

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What Marketers Can Learn about Brand Storytelling from Detroit’s First Chief Storyteller

Content Standard

Hoping to offer a contrast to these narratives, Detroit is creating its own version of brand storytelling. On the Detroit’s Neighborhoods microsite, Foley has a platform to develop stories from across the city. Another mid-sized city, Cincinnati, Ohio, has followed a similar storytelling route.

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Content Marketing for Engineers

Industrial Marketing Today

However, to engage with engineers and address their needs (WIIFM), your marketing content needs to have a different flavor of storytelling. Emerson’s and It’s Never Been Done Before microsite is a good example of powerful storytelling aimed at an engineering and technical audience.

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Crafting Great Personas Can Inspire Potential Customers to Say ‘Yes’

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Get into storytelling. We use personas and storytelling to help potential customers understand the products we sell and how they might serve as solutions. presentations, demos, videos, mockups, microsites, etc.). It takes practice to craft stories that sell a vision to potential customers. What’s a persona?

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Content and Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2011


Two strategic insights I found especially helpful: Must have a real-time mindset (David Meerman Scott) The “consumerization” of B2B marketing (Tom Pisello) This summary of especially salient points looks like a pretty good content checklist: Content will get shorter (Doug Kessler) Relevance will become the new standard (Sandra Zoratti) Must become (..)