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3 keys for better email engagement in Gmail


No, I’m stuck in 2013 because many of the small, mid-market and enterprise marketers I’ve been speaking with over the past month are fretting over Gmail’s Primary tab, which was the big burning issue that year. You could overestimate customer engagement or miss clues that a key segment is burning out. Get MarTech!

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SEO vs. Google Ads: Where Should Marketers Invest?

Top Rank Marketing

Because you are publishing content on your own website, you don’t pay per click, making it a cost-effective strategy for businesses looking to reduce marketing expenses in the long term. Google Ads is the kindling: It’s easy to light super quickly, but without firewood it’ll burn out before you can get your marshmallow onto your stick.


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How an Employee Advocacy Program Positively Impacts an Organization


Why now is the time to make employee engagement a burning priority; and the role content plays in it to keep the momentum going. Leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts by heading on over to the Library Tab under Shows. Click on the podcast subscription and scroll down to Ratings & Reviews to give it a star rating.

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What Are Content KPIs and Why Do They Matter?

Navigate the Channel

KPIs can be sales-focused, including the average number of leads generated per quarter and deal conversion rates. And, of course, KPIs can be marketing based, such as conversion rate and cost per lead. Let’s spend a minute on two elements of traffic KPIs that we find particularly interesting to evaluate: Time on site and bounce rate.

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Email Deliverability Remediation: 6 Ways to Avoid Getting Burned


In all of our research, we noticed an interesting pattern: Many of the technologies and behaviors that are known to improve deliverability are actually used at higher rates by brands that have been blocklisted than by brands that haven’t been. So don’t wait until you’ve had your hand burned by a deliverability meltdown. Authentication.

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7 Advertising Takeaways from Super Bowl Sunday


On Super Bowl Sunday we saw clicks and conversions start to pick up around 8am, and peak at 10am-11am. The clicks and conversions consistently decreased through the afternoon as the game (and preparations for it) came closer. then we saw a brief spike around 9pm in clicks and conversions. Beyond 10pm the clicks again drop.

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What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Copywriting?


Headlines grab the reader’s attention, tell them what the content is about and entice them to click. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been a victim of a clever copywriter’s machinations and truly thought we were clicking on a link that would blow our minds, or leave us truly amazed by what a woman found in her cereal box.