2013 Year in Review: Top 6 focus areas for B2B marketers this year

B2B Lead Generation

With the quickly evolving nature of this medium, it is no surprise it was also the top category marketers wanted to learn more about in 2013. Read on for five more areas of focus that were top of mind in the B2B realm in 2013. This post was the most tweeted B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post in 2013 with, at the time of this writing, 199 shares. Anna Lee (@annaleenyc) May 6, 2013. Grant Grigorian (@GrantG9) November 4, 2013. “We

Are You Getting Effective SEO and Digital Marketing in 2013?

Tomorrow People

The World Wide Web changes daily and so it’s more important than ever for your digital marketing agency to deliver effective SEO and digital marketing, argues Duncan Cumming. The business world is moving fast, and with advances in technology occurring as quickly as they are, action needs to be taken to ensure that your business isn’t left behind.


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Are You Getting Effective SEO and Digital Marketing in 2013?

Tomorrow People

The World Wide Web changes daily and so it’s more important than ever for your digital marketing agency to deliver effective SEO and digital marketing, argues Duncan Cumming. The business world is moving fast, and with advances in technology occurring as quickly as they are, action needs to be taken to ensure that your business isn’t left behind.

10 Ecommerce Predictions for 2013

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Thanks to smarter marketing, better technology and consumers speaking out, 2013 just might be the year we see a real shift in how close customers and companies can really get. In 2013, expect to see: Testing (Finally) Becomes a Must-Have - Companies big and small have dabbled in this for a decade. As a consumer and a marketer, I’m looking forward to getting online in 2013. Posted in Behavioral Targeting Customer Experience eCommerce Mobile Social Media.

The 25 Best Slideshare Presentations Of 2013

Marketing Insider Group

So I looked through the most popular presentations published in the last 12 months and picked the top 25 slideshare presentations of 2013 for business leaders, marketers and growth hackers. The 25 Best Slideshare Presentations of 2013. KPCB Internet Trends 2013 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. The Future of Work Report 2013 from PSFK. The post The 25 Best Slideshare Presentations Of 2013 appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider.

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The 20 Best Marketing Conferences In 2013

Marketing Insider Group

20 Best Marketing Conferences 2013. Online Marketing Summit February 11-13 in San Diego, CA and Fall, 2013 in New York, NY. Sirius Decisions 2013 May 8-10 in San Diego, CA. Content Marketing World 2013 Sept 9-12 in Cleveland, OH ( Speaking confirmation is pending ). The post The 20 Best Marketing Conferences In 2013 appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider.

HubSpot's 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Forward Observer

For the 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report, HubSpot surveyed over 3,300 marketers from 128 countries. 48% of marketers will increase inbound spending in 2013 - the third year in a row inbound budgets have grown substantially. Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer HubSpot has released its fifth annual review of inbound marketing trends and tactics. The report confirms the wild west nature of the current marketing world.

DREAMFORCE 2013: Notes from the Keynote and the “Internet of Customers”


Blog B2B Marketing cloud computing Dreamforce 2013 Marc Benioff Salesforce1 Sean Penn UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Featuring 1,200 breakout sessions and an expo floor boasting 350 exhibitors; it certainly has become the most expansive software conference in the world.

2013 B2B Marketing Priorities [Study]

Cody Ward

Other results include the effectiveness of using marketing automation technology and how much companies plan to spend on marketing in 2013. Marketers Have Planned to Spend More in 2013 than 2012. The chart below reveals how marketers will adjust their spending plans by channel in 2013 relative to 2012. The post 2013 B2B Marketing Priorities [Study] appeared first on Puzzle Marketer.

Our Favorite Online Marketing Posts of 2013

KoMarketing Associates

It’s hard to believe that 2013 is coming to a close. Before we have to start thinking about that though, let’s take a look at some of our favorite online marketing posts from 2013, as selected by members of the KoMarketing team. 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors – Matt Peters, Moz. Google made a huge change to the way its quality score is calculated in 2013. Cheers to 2013!

2013: No Marketing Goals This Year, Just One Word

Writing on the Web

No goals for 2013. Here’s an excerpt from Peter Bregman’s blog Consider Not Setting Goals for 2013 on HBR: It’s not that goals, by their nature, are bad. I’m not setting any marketing goals this year. Goals are bad. I am not kidding, and there’s research to prove it. This isn’t just me trying to avoid feelings of failure when I’m not seeing immediate results.

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InfusionCon 2013: InfusionSoft Keeps Its Focus on Helping Entrepreneurs

Customer Experience Matrix

infusionsoft marketing automation small business marketing infusioncon 2013I spent part of last week at Infusionsoft ’s annual conference, InfusionCon, drinking the Kool-Aid and soaking up the Arizona sun. Pleasant as the 80 degree temperatures were to a refugee from the still-wintry Northeast, the real warmth at the conference came from 2,300 attendees bubbling with enthusiasm for their entrepreneurial adventures and how Infusionsoft supports them.

#SMX West 2013: Top Tips, Tools & Takeaways

KoMarketing Associates

Be sure to go check out my SMX West 2013 coverage page featuring live blogs, session presentations and tools. This past week I headed out to SMX West for three full days of search marketing sessions and industry networking. As I’ve said before , SMX is a great conference for any search marketer, whether you’re B2B, B2C, in-house, new to the industry, or a search veteran. There are sessions for everyone and the information is invaluable.

Tools 191

5 Action Items from #SMX Advanced 2013

KoMarketing Associates

The best thing about leaving a conference is feeling like you’re leaving with a list of things to do. It makes the time (and money) you spent worthwhile. The great news is that’s exactly what happened when I left SMX Advanced last week. The conference, held in amazingly sunny Seattle, offered a slew of great speakers who provided actionable items for the audience. From authorship to technical SEO to paid social tactics, the conference covered all aspects of search.

10 Top Insights On B2B Marketing From 2013

Marketing Insider Group

10 Top Insights On B2B Marketing From 2013. The 25 Best Slideshare Presentations of 2013. in this article, I looked for the best content of 2013 by brands that was entertaining, emotional and non-promotional. Although I wrote this almost 2 years ago, it is still one of my most popular posts for 2013. The post 10 Top Insights On B2B Marketing From 2013 appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider. Standard annual round-up post here. Top 10 posts of the year.

Search: Moving Beyond Your Website in 2013

KoMarketing Associates

When we think of SEO, we think about the big three search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) and how well our website(s) perform in the results of these search engines. It makes sense. After all, the goal of any good SEO program is to drive qualified traffic from search engines, to your site in order to generate leads and sales. The thing is, there are other ways to optimize for “search” that don’t include your website or the search engines themselves.

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Content Marketing: How a technology company used its employees to generate quality content [Video]

B2B Lead Generation

To help you learn more about content marketing ideas and tactics at Lead Gen Summit 2013 in San Francisco, we’re sharing this video replay of Edwin Jansen, Director of Business Development, The Ian Martin Group, presenting on content marketing from B2B Summit 2012. Related Resources: Lead Gen Summit 2013: Sept. Content Marketing B2B Summit 2012 content marketing lead gen summit 2013 social media

The Top #Nifty50 Women Writers on Twitter for 2013


The #Nifty50 was also featured in the new book by Mark ( @mnburgess ) and Cheryl Burgess ( @ckburgess ), The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill, August 2013) How Great Companies Make Social Media Work – Success Lessons from IBM, AT&T, Dell, Cisco, Southwest Airlines, Adobe, and Domo on building a social culture. We’re proud to acknowledge these 50 women from 48 different organizations as the top #Nifty50 women writers on Twitter for 2013.

And the Nominees for Best 2013 Content Marketing Ideas Are…

KoMarketing Associates

This year, as I got to thinking about the ways in which we’ll make our B2B content marketing collateral stand apart from the crowd and ultimately drive results for our clients, I turned to the 2013 Academy Award nominations. but, in spite of their stylistic differences, each can offer us insight into creatively approaching content marketing in the year 2013. Do you have ideas about content generation for the year 2013?

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Email Marketing: How to maintain low opt-out rates

B2B Lead Generation

Tweet I had the pleasure of attending MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit 2013 a couple of weeks ago, and while I was there, Jim Ducharme, Community Director, GetResponse, an email marketing vendor, asked me how to maintain low email-marketing opt-out rates. Related Resources: MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2013 Wrap-up: Top 5 takeaways for email marketers. Mining Gold through Email Integration: 3 lessons from MarketingSherpa Email Awards 2013 winners.

How Link Building Management Will Change in 2013 & Beyond

KoMarketing Associates

I believe this is where link building management needs to go in 2013 and beyond. We are experiencing a significant shift in the SEO landscape which started early last year and will continue to evolve. As search engines become more aggressive in dealing with links meant only to manipulate search engine rankings, SEO’s reliant on short-sighted link building strategies are suffering mightily.

Trade Show Marketing: Tips for increasing prospect engagement

B2B Lead Generation

We provided this opportunity at the recent MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2013 in Las Vegas two weeks ago (and our B2B Summit before that). Related Resources: Optimization Summit 2013 – May 20-23 in Boston. GetResponse Roundtable at the MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2013. Marketing Strategy Uncategorized B2B Summit 2012 discussions Email Summit 2013 networking prospect engagement roundtable sessions sponsors trade shows

Social Data, Structured Data & No Data: SMX East 2013

KoMarketing Associates

Last week I headed south to New York City to speak on a panel at SMX East. The panel, a Q & A on content marketing, was both entertaining and informative, and there were some great takeaways (thanks for the coverage Outspoken!). At the conference, I was also able to catch a few sessions on link building, structured data, social media and even Google Glass. While each of the sessions offered valuable tips, the main takeaway for me was the focus on data.

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Top Takeaways from HighEdWeb 2013


What are your EDU marketing tips or takeaways from HighEdWeb 2013? The post Top Takeaways from HighEdWeb 2013 appeared first on Fathom. When developing content for colleges and universities, it all comes down to communication. Duh, right? Content is communication. But in higher education, the communication issues get more complicated: If your school’s leadership doesn’t understand your content strategy, they don’t let you implement it.

KoMarketing Heads to #SMX West 2013

KoMarketing Associates

Our Director of Online Marketing Casie Gillette will be heading out to San Jose March 11th-13th for SMX West. SMX (Search Marketing Expo) is one of the largest search marketing conferences in the country and features three days of sessions on topics ranging from SEO to PPC to Social media, Analytics, and more. Casie will be live-tweeting from the conference so be sure to follow the @KoMarketing twitter account and our SMX West page for up to the minute session information.

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The Sights of Dreamforce 2013


Author: Rick Siegfried Dreamforce 2013 has ended! Sights of Dreamforce 2013 from Marketo. The Sights of Dreamforce 2013 was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link]. It has been an exciting and crazy week for everyone.

2013 in Review: Top Content Marketing Assets & Initiatives for the New Year

KoMarketing Associates

2013 was a successful year for KoMarketing. The beginning of 2013 saw us performing significant program work for clients in Europe. During the year 2013, we wrote. The most exciting part about our 10 most popular posts and columns of 2013 (based on traffic metrics for blog content) is that they came from seven different KoMarketing team members. How Link Building Management Will Change in 2013 & Beyond. KoMarketing 2013 Presentations.

Review 180

DMA 2013: Top Takeaways for B2B Marketers #DMA13

KoMarketing Associates

Two weeks ago I headed to Chicago for DMA 2013. If you aren’t familiar with the Direct Marketing Association, it bills itself as “the premier trade association for marketing leaders who want to advance and protect responsible data-driven marketing” and their annual conference is one of the biggest marketing trade shows around. My goal was to catch a few sessions, network with other B2B marketers, and learn about some of the new marketing technologies being showcased.

13 Stats Every Healthcare Marketer Should Know in 2013 (and Why)


As your healthcare organization determines the best online marketing strategy for 2013, it’s important to consider what statistics have been discovered in the past year. Similar to this list for B2B tech marketers last month, we are continuing the trend … Continue reading → The post 13 Stats Every Healthcare Marketer Should Know in 2013 (and Why) appeared first on Fathom.

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Top B2B Marketing Insider Blogs Of 2013 (So Far)

Marketing Insider Group

And please let me know what topics you would be interested in me covering for the rest of 2013? The 20 Best Marketing Conferences of 2013. The post Top B2B Marketing Insider Blogs Of 2013 (So Far) appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider. Well the year is half gone and we’re all busy doing our 1st-half performance reviews, right? I know I am! And here at the B2B Marketing Insider site, I try to do the same.

What Not to Do With Your Online Presence in 2013

Crimson Marketing

With 2013 well underway, are you staying ontrack with your online presence? . We recently ran across this good reminder list from Marketing Profs of do’s and don’ts for your online marketing activities. Here are just a few: Don’t: Substitute a social media page for a website. Do: Get a professional website. Don’t: Build a “flashy” mobile website.

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Content Marketing World 2013’s B2B Greatest Hits


If your metrics for success are based on volume (clicks, downloads, views, likes, etc.) then you might not be serving your pipeline and revenue goals. Blog Ardath Albee B2B Marketing Carlos Hidalgo content marketing Content marketing world Demand Generation Joe Chernov Joe Pulizzi Mid-funnel content Robert Rose

Black Friday 2013: which toy retailers topped the rank vs. frequency chart in SEM?


(Photo credit: Wikipedia). The Black Friday shopping weekend was an amazing opportunity to study the different search marketing strategies in play. The Search Monitor decided to look closely at one interesting vertical – toy retailers – and two important search marketing metrics in that vertical: ad rank and ad frequency. We were very curious how the leading toy retailers would balance these two important metrics. .

The Top-5 Content Marketing Trends in 2013

Everything Technology Marketing

Check out our latest B2B Content Marketing Report 2013 and find out what is going on in the world of content marketing. Here are five of the most interesting content marketing trends we identified: Content marketing is going mainstream and is becoming more sophisticated to help marketers generate more leads and enable thought leadership. The popularity of white papers as a content marketing format is declining relative to interactive, easily digestible formats such as video.

Trends 129

15 Actionable Takeaways From Social Media Marketing World 2013

Crimson Marketing

In case you weren’t able to attend Social Media Marketing World this year, I’ve just found this fantastic breakdown of key takeaways from the event: #1: Prepare for Social Displacement. Online disruption will most certainly happen due to social media. Users are feeling more and more comfortable sending messages over social platforms (instead of email), and asking friends or social communities for referrals (instead of searching). #2: 2: Connect With Anyone You Want by Giving Value.

Download the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Report

Everything Technology Marketing

Content marketing is going mainstream in 2013. Download the B2B Content Marketing Report (2013) * required First Name: Last Name: Email: * Company: Top-5 Content Marketing Trends in 2013 Content marketing is going mainstream and is becoming more sophisticated to help marketers generate more leads and enable thought leadership.

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Healthcare Marketing Insight from New Pew Report [Health Online 2013]


What does … Continue reading → The post Healthcare Marketing Insight from New Pew Report [Health Online 2013] appeared first on Fathom. Content Creation & Strategy Healthcare Industry SEO Social Media Health Online 2013 healthcare marketing Healthgrades online diagnosers P2P Pew Internet Pew Internet & American Life ProjectHave you ever gone online specifically to try to figure out what medical condition you or someone else might have?

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2013 Is Not the Year of Mobile!

Digital B2B Marketing

We see the predictions every year: This will be the year of mobile! Every year, the prediction falls short and every year the pundits dust it off and bring it back out. It isn’t because mobile adoption is slower than expected, or even because marketers aren’t paying attention to mobile. We won’t see the year of mobile because mobile isn’t a new channel we switch to, it is an evolution in behavior.

Mobile 143

11 Conferences for B2B Marketers to Attend in the Second Half of 2013

KoMarketing Associates

The conference roadmap is one of those planning initiatives and as I have been reviewing the conference opportunities in the second half of 2013, there is no shortage of impressive events to attend for B2B marketers. In addition to SMX Advanced, here is a look at the marketing conferences KoMarketing Associates has on the radar as we plan for the rest of 2013. This event is being held in multiple locations in the US and Europe throughout 2013. eMetrics Summit Boston 2013.

Pop Quiz: 2013 Tech World History


2013 was a huge year in the tech world. Take our 2013 Tech World History pop quiz, share it on your social networks, and challenge your friends/co-workers/pets to beat your score! Pop Quiz: 2013 Tech World History was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link]. Author: Maggie Jones It’s pop quiz time!