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Edgemesh announces new feature to fight ad and click fraud


E-commerce platform Edgemesh has announced a new feature aimed at identifying and protecting brands against ad and click fraud at the infrastructure-level. and combines that with the history of users’ actions to automatically detect bots and users who are continually clicking on ads but not generating conversions. What it does.

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Click Fraud, Data, and PrivACY: How to Avoid PPC Fraud and Protect Your Data

B2B Digital Marketer

When it comes to click fraud , data, and privacy, most B2B companies may not put a lot of thought on what happens to it. In this episode, Navah Hopkins shares her expertise on data, privacy, ppc, click fraud, and how B2B companies can implement these in their organizations. This puts a lot of organizations at risk.


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The Marketing Book Podcast: “Inside the Black Box” by Bob Hoffman

The Forward Observer

Between ad fraud, made-for-advertising sites, hidden middleman fees, crooked publishers, unreliable data, unreliable reports, viewability issues, click fraud, false attribution, consumer inattention, and the utter lack of transparency, advertisers are being f *d blind. Money goes in and nobody knows what comes out.

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21 PPC Lead Generation Tools for More High-Quality Leads

KoMarketing Associates

Click Fraud Protection with PPC Protect. Click fraud is a real problem, and it’s almost certainly affecting your ads. While it’s probably not worthwhile to bother with click fraud software if you spend less than, say, $10,000 a month on ppc lead generation, if your budget is higher, it’s worth a test.

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This week’s AI-powered martech features, products and platforms


Logiq ’s programmatic ad platform has AI-powered fraud detection and analytics. It analyzes vast amounts of data to detect fraudulent practices, such as click fraud, impression fraud and traffic manipulation. Get MarTech! In your inbox. Business email address Subscribe Processing.

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TrenDemon and Adinton Offer Attribution Options

Customer Experience Matrix

The system also does keyword research and click fraud identification. Pricing is based on number of clicks and starts as low as $299 per month for attribution analysis, with additional fees for autobidding and click fraud modules. Adinton was founded in 2013.

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Online Display Advertising; An Overview & Benefits

NuSpark Consulting

Issues like banner blindness, click fraud, and visibility certainly exist. Consumers who have seen banner ads is difficult to measure (for example, measuring (un)aided brand awareness, ad recall / awareness and purchase intent) and thus not easy to translate the strategy into value.

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