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Cobotics Is Becoming a Media Industry Game Changer: AI-assisted work requires upskilling as cobotics changes an industry


We are experiencing a new world of binge-watching, subtitles, looping, dubbing, and captioning as film, television, games, and other media accommodate a globalized audience., (April 19, 2013). Satellite and internet streaming services now span language and cultural borders. References: Fuller, R.B. New York: St.

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10+ Examples of Awesome Integrated Marketing Campaigns


Wasssup by Budweiser The Super Bowl is where television ads come to dream big. The campaign communicates its value proposition across television, print, radio, and digital platforms. Indeed, its subscription base rose by 100%, improving the public’s perception of the well-known newspaper.


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4 Omnichannel Advertising Trends Set to Dominate the 2023 NFL Season


The Impact of the Hollywood Strike on TV Before we jump into key trends, it’s important to note that this NFL season will launch at a unique time in television history. Think back to the 2013 Super Bowl. A gap in new content would seemingly lead to fewer consumers watching TV.

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The TV Is No Longer a TV

Chris Koch

Between 2008 and 2013, 5 million (or 5%) of US cable subscribers cut the cord, with 1.3% brandishing the scissors in 2013 alone, according to Toronto-based Convergence Consulting Group. When I told my wife and daughter we were trendsetters, they rolled their eyes and said I was just being cheap (again).

Cable 100
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Email Marketing: How do you create excitement around the content you have?


Tweet I like to think of email marketing as more of a newspaper than a television ad. When you’re creating a television ad, you can create one (or a very few ads) and place them across endless media buys. Many marketers I talk to who are just starting out in content marketing seem to face many slow news days.

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Your Customers Don’t Want the Science of Silly

Convince & Convert

Given my travel schedule and general lack of patience, I don’t watch much live television. More than 60 years past the invention of the television ad, and THIS is the best we can muster? This should be the star of a television commercial. image from Last night was an exception. Self-referential. This, I love.

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17 (mostly failed) Brand Tweets From The Oscars

Convince & Convert

If you’re going to try to capitalize on televised American water cooler moments you either need to be truly, inherently nimble and FAST like Audi and Oreo at the Super Bowl, or provide information that further the knowledge or entertainment of stream junkies. — New York Life (@NewYorkLife) February 25, 2013.