Survey: Documented Strategies Increase Marketers’ Odds of Finding Success

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However, those who document their strategies are far more likely to achieve their top objectives. However, marketers who have a documented strategy are 538 percent more likely to report success than those who do not.

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Documenting Your Content Strategy is Critical


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Documenting the Rise of Documentaries


Documentaries have captivated audiences with their authentic nonfiction storytelling for decades. But in recent years, audiences have demonstrated an even stronger desire to hear more stories based on real-world experiences. What’s driving this recent surge in the popularity of documentaries?

How Document Analytics Became Our Secret Weapon


Twenty-three years ago, the PDF, or portable document format, was released. When Contently acquired Docalytics—now called Document Analytics —a year ago, we knew it had the potential to change how businesses use downloadable content. Document Analytics also allows for sharing control.

Best Practices for Selling to Government Agencies

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Documentation and Communication Lead To B2B Content Marketing Success

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These statistics indicate that it helps to fully grasp a content marketing strategy before executing it, but how many B2B marketers have a documented plan? they rate them as more effective when compared with their peers who don’t have a documented strategy),” wrote the authors of the report.

Introducing Document Analytics


That’s why this week we’re excited to announce the official launch of Document Analytics. Contently users can upload downloadable documents like PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and Keynote decks into the Contently library.

DynamoDB 11 Billion Benchmark Add Documents Success!!! – Lessons Learned

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The initial ingestion phase concluded on May 17th with 11 Billion documents and ingestion speeds of 20,000 […]. TSG initiated our 11 Billion benchmark on Friday, May 10th.

Report: Documenting Marketing Strategy Helps Marketers Achieve Top Objectives

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More marketers are documenting their strategies, and new research suggests that by doing so, they are positioning themselves for success. The results found that the majority of marketers (48 percent) have a documented strategy. The top marketers who document their strategy are 538 percent more likely to report success than their counterparts, according to the data.

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Scribd: Just Another Document Sharing Site?

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It is the most popular document sharing site available, with over 50,000 uploads each day. OK, here’s the question: why would you want to market through a site that is based on sharing documents? Using Scribd makes uploading all of your documents a simple task.

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DynamoDB and Hadoop – Why Big Data will disrupt Document Management

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Solutions and approaches gradually evolved to include documents and the creation of the ECM (enterprise content management/document management) industry.

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Amazon Textract – Improving Document Indexing with OpenContent Management Suite

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For this post, we’re going to look into how we can use the indexing modules within the OpenContent Management Suite (OCMS) to improve document […].

DynamoDB 11 Billion Benchmark – Document and Folder Details

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TSG started an 11 Billion Document Benchmark with DynamoDB last Friday to test and verify the power of Amazon Web Services as well as the TSG ECM products on an unprecedented scale. As of this morning we have migrated approximately 9 billion documents.

DynamoDB – Amazon Web Services 11 Billion Document Benchmark

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TSG started a 11 Billion Document Benchmark with DynamoDB last Friday to test and verify the power of Amazon Web Services as well as the TSG ECM products on an unprecedented scale. billion documents averaging 20,000 ingested per second, well over halfway to our goal of […].

Documenting #microservices


the documentation format. Swagger Documentation should be easy to read, write, parse, debug, generate, fix, update, and more. After doing some research, here at Ataccama we decided to use Swagger to document our REST APIs. Our documentation is versioned using Docker tags.

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Vendor Selection: Writing a Good Requirements Document

Customer Experience Matrix

These should be packaged into a formal requirements document so you have them all in one place, easily organized and available to share with vendors. But don’t think you’re writing the document for vendors. These same elements should appear in pretty much any requirements document.

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Why Documenting a Content Marketing Strategy Is Key to Your Success

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Documenting a content marketing strategy is key to your success. Within the context of a team, documenting your content strategy enables you to establish and continually confirm that everyone is on the same page, working in concert toward a unified goal.

Report: The First Engagement Benchmarks for Downloadable Documents


At Contently, that’s a problem we’ve solved through our new technology: Contently Document Analytics. Key findings include: Though the average length of a downloadable document is 13.4 The post Report: The First Engagement Benchmarks for Downloadable Documents appeared first on The Content Strategist. ROI Document Analytics downloadable content FeaturedMarketers can track almost everything that lives on the web.

How to Upload Documents and Presentations on LinkedIn


In April 2019, LinkedIn announced that users can now upload documents and presentations to the platform. First, navigate to your LinkedIn feed , or the LinkedIn group where you want to share your document or presentation. Click on the document icon, highlighted here: 2.

Documentum and Alfresco – Automating Personalized Documents

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Recently, we’ve worked with an Insurance client to provide similar functionality using a Microsoft Word document with Mail Merge fields to produce personalized letters that can be sent out to clients. […].

Brand Guidelines: How to Document Your Style


The post Brand Guidelines: How to Document Your Style appeared first on Kapost Content Marketing Blog. So you’ve got some fabulous writers, both on staff and as freelancers. Their writing skills are superb, and they’ve demonstrated that they know their stuff when it comes to your.

Create a Living Document for Voice and Tone


To document, or not to document: it’s not really a fair question. You should definitely document your content strategy. Without documentation, you cannot maintain consistency throughout internal changes and across.

FileNet to AWS – An 80 Million Document Case Study

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As part of TSG’s ongoing efforts to assist clients move from legacy ECM systems like FileNet to modern cloud alternatives, TSG has recently published a case study highlighting how one FileNet customer was able to successfully move to Amazon Web Services.

DynamoDB – Database model for Document Management

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One of the ongoing myths about DynamoDB for Document Management we hear too often is “but isn’t that just for big data?” This post will try to explain the benefits of DynamoDB’s big data capabilities and data model in a Document Management context compared to traditional database systems. Examples will include how we are currently […]. Amazon DynamoDB

Combine, Split and Update PDF documents with only a Web Browser

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In many of the Case Management scenarios we see at our clients, particularly in the insurance industry, requirements often include functionality that allow the user to easily combine, split or correct PDF documents from within the web browser.

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5 Reasons for Documenting Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy and Calendar

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No doubt, putting your content plan in a documented format complete with the type of content you want produced and a deadline for getting it completed will provide a necessary rigor and discipline around this process.

Here’s Why You Need a Documented Content Strategy


The post Here’s Why You Need a Documented Content Strategy appeared first on Kapost Content Marketing Blog. When building your content strategy, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. After all, storytelling is a creative discipline. It’s a self-fueling jet engine with ideas that spark even. Beginner Content Marketing Marketing Strategy

Claim and Policy Documentation – Free User Requirements Template

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Based on our experience with multiple insurance clients, TSG has developed a common user requirements template for management of digital documentation. For those clients looking to update their documentation methods, we are happy to provide this as […].

Announcing the Adobe Document Cloud eSign Widget


We are pleased to announce a new widget available immediately to all JotForm users- the Adobe Document Cloud eSign widget. This gives JotForm users access to the market leader in PDF document sig.

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6 Content Marketing Statistics that Prove the Effectiveness of a Documented Content/Social Strategy


Do you have a documented content/social strategy? There has been a lot of hype over the past year about “documented content strategies” – you know, the type of strategy that’s actually written down and planned out, not just left to memory through verbal brainstorming and game planning.

Technology Services Group Releases new DynamoDB Document Management Capabilities for AWS

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TSG), a leading provider of document management integration software and, today announced that its OpenContent Management Suite (OCMS) for DynamoDB has been released on the Amazon Marketplace.

Six Useful Tips for Successfully Modernizing Your Small Business


It’s not uncommon for small businesses to still use outdated, unwieldy filing cabinets for storing paper documents like invoices, contracts, and receipts. Guest post by Lilach Bullock. Getting a small business off the ground isn’t easy.

New Research Says Documenting Your Content Strategy is Critical

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Marketers who take the time to document their content marketing strategy are more effective than those who don’t. That’s a great starting point, but taking the time to document the strategy you’ve created is a critical next step.”.

7 Steps to Documenting a Content Marketing Strategy That Works


You already know that having and documenting your strategy is important because you’ve probably read the same reports and case studies that my team and I have read. How to Document Your Content Marketing Strategy. If this documented strategy seems like a lot, that’s because it is.

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Use JotForm to Store and Retrieve Egnyte Documents


If you use Egnyte as part of your document cloud storage, you’ll be excited that you can now connect a JotForm form to your Egnyte account. With our new Egnyte integration app, your customers can attach documents, such as an employment application or resume, from within your JotForm forms. Product

Content Services and the Cloud: On-Premises vs. Cloud vs. Hybrid Approach – Document Strategy Guest Contributor

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When posed with the question “Are you considering on-premise, cloud or a hybrid approach for your content services?”,

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Documented Strategy Helps Brands Track Content Marketing ROI

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However, a well-documented strategy can offer new insights, according to a study on 2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends for North America from MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute. Tracking content marketing ROI remains a challenge for most brands.

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Document Review and Approval – Why Form AND Workflow are so important

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We recently met with a publishing prospect that was looking for a document review and approval approach. As we have been discussing here since back in 2012, there is a significant benefit to having both a form AND dynamic workflow approach rather than just relying on workflow templates. This post will summarize some of the […]. Activiti Alfresco Documentum OpenContent OpenContent Management Suite

25+ Useful Document and File Comparison Tools


Figuring out how a document has changed from one version to another isn’t always the simplest task. It’s further complicated when that document is longer or more complex, like source code. The tools collected here can help you analyze and compare your documents and files, as well as merge them if n.

Five Surprising Findings from the 2017 Marketing Strategy Report


First off, the three big useful (but not surprising) insights from the report are that the most successful marketers: Document their marketing strategy and processes: Marketing teams that document their strategy are six times more likely to report success than those who don’t, and those who document processes are five times more likely to say they’re successful. Which is why a documented strategy and audience research are so important.

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