Alfresco Content Accelerator – Document Notification Distribution Lists

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Policy and Procedure users will now have access to Distribution Lists in Alfresco Content Accelerator. Distribution Lists allows users to receive automatic notifications when a document or a case folder reaches a specific status or lifecycle state.

Documentation and Communication Lead To B2B Content Marketing Success

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These statistics indicate that it helps to fully grasp a content marketing strategy before executing it, but how many B2B marketers have a documented plan? Fifty-three percent of the most effective B2B content marketers claim they have a documented strategy in place, compared to 40 percent of the least effective marketers who said they do not have one at all. Thirty-five percent of B2B marketers do not have a documented editorial mission statement.


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Road Map to Success: Content Distribution Essentials That Win Eyeballs

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No matter how much time and care you put into building your strategy, outlining your editorial plans and processes, or crafting persuasive, engaging, high-quality copy, your brand’s potential for success often lives or dies by your distribution and promotion choices. The distribution phase is ground zero for your #contentmarketing program, says @joderama. Practical view of content distribution. Develop and document your channel plan. Evaluate your distribution options.

Quick Guide to Email Newsletter Distribution

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An email newsletter is a tremendously valuable distribution outlet many brands overlook. Often times, they get focused on distributing through social and paid resources, forgetting that the option of showing up in their customers’ or prospects’ inboxes on a regular basis is still an option. Below is a break down of everything you need to know to get started to put an email newsletter distribution strategy in place. Whatever you decide, document and commit to your schedule.

How to Upload Documents and Presentations on LinkedIn


In April 2019, LinkedIn announced that users can now upload documents and presentations to the platform. Or maybe an ebook your company wants to distribute to a relevant audience? To give you a better idea of how this feature looks in action, here's a recent presentation the HubSpot team shared on LinkedIn: Uploading documents and presentations is a smart way to connect with your followers on a deeper level and encourage more meaningful engagement.

Make the most out of content distribution to engage your audience

Creating new content is a huge bet, and curated content helps, but only if you put in the effort to distribute it. Internal content distribution strategies with External content distribution strategies with

How to Build a Full-Funnel Content Distribution Strategy


In the craze to create content that converts, B2B organizations often neglect the most important part: delivering key information using a clear, organized, and repeatable distribution strategy. Crafting a full funnel content distribution strategy that can push all the right buttons for both internal and external audiences. Fine Tuning the Content Marketing Distribution for B2B. Simple Practices to Build a Full Funnel Distribution Strategy.

7 Steps to Documenting a Content Marketing Strategy That Works


You already know that having and documenting your strategy is important because you’ve probably read the same reports and case studies that my team and I have read. But there’s a pretty big difference between knowing you should do something and knowing how to do it -- which might explain why 89 percent of B2B marketers use content, yet only 37 percent have documented strategies. How to Document Your Content Marketing Strategy. 6) Distribution Plan.

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What Are the Best Social Media Distribution Channels for 2019?

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So how can you know the best social media distribution channels for your content when the platforms are in constant flux? For starters, stop thinking about distribution and start thinking about communication. ” That said, these engagements need to happen somewhere, so you need to know the best social media distribution channels for your content distribution strategy. ” B2B Embracing LinkedIn for Content Distribution Strategy.

How to Disrupt the Chaos of Distributed Contractors With Teamlancing and Software


Here is a guide on how to disrupt the distributed contractor model with teamlancing and the right software. Google Drive is bundled with the popular G Suite product, which allows users to store and share files, documents, and assets in the cloud.

6 Content Marketing Statistics that Prove the Effectiveness of a Documented Content/Social Strategy


Do you have a documented content/social strategy? There has been a lot of hype over the past year about “documented content strategies” – you know, the type of strategy that’s actually written down and planned out, not just left to memory through verbal brainstorming and game planning. For now, here are some of the most influential content marketing statistics that prove the effectiveness of having a documented content/social strategy: 1.

Democratizing martech: distributing power from IT to marketing technologists to everyone


But they all agreed that they were disrupting the tightly-controlled limitations of previous IT regimes, accelerating the empowerment of highly-distributed and agile organizations. To return to our early examples of building websites and desktop publishing, we’ve gone from a world of scarce and expensive websites and typeset documents to a world of essentially infinite websites and typeset documents that nearly anyone can create for free (or at least for freemium).

What the Twitter IPO Means for Marketers


With the Twitter IPO and review of their S-1 document , one can anticipate more resources for Twitter to focus on four components of their value proposition: Public. Distributed. Social Media 5 tenets of modern marketing b2b marketing engagement initial public offering S-1 Document Social Advertising social services Twitter Twitter IPO

Digital Content Strategy: How to Create a Strategy That Drives Results


Here are 7 steps to follow to ensure your digital content strategy is solid (and documented). Content marketing has proven its ability to drive traffic and attract buyers. But not on its own. Publishing content with no strategic roadmap is a waste of time and effort.

It’s Time For Organic Reach and Paid Distribution to Get on the Same Team

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The focus on organic content and distribution began to surpass advertising and other paid promotion as the strategy proved to be both engaging for audiences and effective for marketers. Native advertising and content distribution engines have gotten a start—but there is still more work to be done. To overcome this, 50 percent of B2B marketers and 53 percent of B2C marketers attribute improved success to effective distribution and targeting. Revisit Your Distribution Strategy.

An Always Up-to-Date Resource for NetLine Campaign Specs, Formats, and More


This blog is a living, breathing document, so it’s entirely possible that we’re missing some of the latest and greatest information. Connectors Content Distribution Content Marketing How To Lead Generation NetLine PortalKeeping your content up-to-date is challenging.

How to Respond to Negative Customer Feedback on Social Media


Keep a detailed record of complaints and document suggestions, tips, questions, and challenges people mention. In a distributed marketing situation, where you have sales reps or individual locations receiving negative feedback or reviews on social media, the corporate office must take the time to investigate whether these complaints hold water. Transform negative social media feedback to positive relationships.

The 12 Best Special-Purpose Business Software Tools


Here are a dozen tools worth evaluating that cover business functions ranging from the common—word processing, spreadsheets, and business operations—to specific processes such as accepting online payments, shipping, package tracking, online fax and document management, copyright protection, and crowdfunding. Document Management. A mobile scanning app for the iPhone that lets you scan business cards, receipts, documents, or whiteboards. for documents up to 25 pages.

Implement the powerful CloudFlare CDN for free today


For those of you not in the know, a CDN is “A content delivery network or content distribution network with a large distributed system of proxy servers deployed in multiple data centers across the Internet. As I have said again and again in posts like Two more Google Webmaster Tools tips and tricks , Your website sucks , and Search success hinges on site speed , Google has a need, a need for speed.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Content Pros


The proliferation of documents, tabs, or separate process documentation are unavoidable. Habit #6: Document a Process. In their 2017 study, they reported that just 37% of B2B and 40% of B2C marketers have a documented content strategy. Which is exactly why, as a part of our research, we asked specific questions about content planning process documentation. The main thing is that you get it documented, and explicitly communicate it to your team.

Ask a Content Guy: How Do I Scale My Content Marketing Program?


In my July column , I talked a lot about the specific distribution tactics that work best, so I’m not going to rehash them all again. Document your strategy and forecast the compounding returns of your content. We’ve all heard the stat: More than 60 percent of marketers still don’t have a documented content strategy heading into 2017. Forecasting audience growth is always going to be an educated guess, but paid distribution helps make it fairly predictable.

Social media strategy leaders: Tory Starr


At this point, American Experience was just starting to understand the power of social media, and I asked if I could use the series’ Twitter and Facebook channels as a way to document the ride. The definition of social media keeps expanding as more platforms gain permanence, and the lines between social media and other distribution channels blur. Introduction to the Interview. Last month, I launched a new series here on Biznology , interviewing leaders in social media strategy.

The Formula That’s Helping Me Optimize the Most Important Marketing Campaign of My Life


For my e-books, slideshows, and other documents, we use Docalytics, which offers version control and advanced metrics for downloadable content. I can track each document’s performance on a page-by-page basis: This is useful for a couple of reasons. Strategy book launch campaigns content distribution Content Strategy Dream Teams marketing channels StorytellingEating your own dog food. It’s one of those business sayings I never quite understood.

State of Content Marketing 2017: The 3 Traits That Will Make Brands Truly Successful


Here’s a scary pair of stats, via the Content Marketing Institute’s annual Benchmark Report: More than 60 percent of marketers still don’t have a documented content strategy heading into 2017. ROI Voices Content Strategy data distribution MarTech Netflix technology TVIn 1956, a dust of mysterious plant spores blew into the town of Santa Mira, California. That’s when things started getting weird. Big green pods started growing around town.

Top 5 Takeaways from the ANA’s Most Recent Report on Content Marketing


Marketers Have a Long Way to Go with their Documented Content Strategies. Only 35% of marketers surveyed have a clearly documented content strategy – 52% do not, and 13% are “unsure.” Industries more likely to have a clearly documented content strategy included CPG, financial, insurance, technology, and travel; whereas those that did not included manufacturing and telecommunications sectors.

Outlining the Content Collaboration Process in Four Key Phases (Part 1 of 6)


Content creation is the intentional, strategic process of crafting text and visuals that align with the core interests of your audience and brand to reach documented business goals. There’s never enough when it comes to content production and distribution. Facilitate distribution.

But Really, What Is Content Marketing Strategy? Part 1


Content Marketing Institute research demonstrates that documenting a content marketing strategy is exactly what the most successful marketers do to ensure success. In their 2017 study, a full 61% of the most successful B2B marketers, and 63% of the most successful B2C marketers report having a documented content marketing strategy. In an article on the CMI blog, Joe Pulizzi laid out some dirt simple tactics for documenting a content marketing strategy. Part 3: Distribution.

The Best Email Tracking Apps to Analyze and Refine Your Marketing Efforts


Document tracking. Articles Analytics Distribution Email Marketing Marketing TechHow many times have you sent an email and wondered if the recipient received it? Did he or she click on the links or open the attachments? Did it get lost in their inbox or go to spam? Worrying and wondering about whether or not the emails you send get lost in cyberspace can become a thing of the past with the right email tracking app. Click To Tweet.

10 (Mostly) Quick Wins to Steal for Your Original Research Project

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A key challenge was identified in that research and a gated guide was created on how to document a content marketing strategy. Its State of Marketing report landing page uncovers key takeaways from the research – and the gated content bundles the report with documents and templates that align with these ideas: personas, a marketing plan, and a content plan. Content Distribution and Promotion Editorial Strategy and Planning

5 Types of Content That Naturally Attract Links: Insights From 628 Advanced SEOs

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Practically everyone understands the importance of “doing content marketing,” but many – even those with documented content marketing strategies – don’t know how to align the types of content they create with their desired content marketing goals. As soon as Jubaer began distributing these infographics as “guesto-graphics,” content ROI increased dramatically – earning hundreds of backlinks from dozens of different domains.

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Infographic: The State of Content Strategy


Eighty-three percent of marketers have a content strategy, and of that total, only about half have it officially documented (meaning it’s not just a nebulous concept that lives in their team’s heads). Having a documented strategy that is actionable and tied to key metrics is critical for marketing success, as our survey showed. ROI Content Strategy distribution InfographicEveryone knows that developing a content strategy is essential for content marketing success.

A Big Data Retrospective and Prospective with HG Data’s CTO

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Distributed data technology—like Hadoop, Elasticsearch and Storm—and elastic computing to support were not yet available. We’re indexing data at enormous scale—billions of unstructured documents daily—then applying our models to extract insight on the tech install space. Big Data Company Culture Uncategorized API competitive analysis CTO data data as a product data sources distributed data technology HG Data technology installs third party data

The Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy Template

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A content marketing strategy is the guiding document for executing how you’ll use content to meet business goals. It’s also a living document that will change and evolve as your business, products, and target buyers do. Where you’ll distribute the content.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t: What B2B Brands Can Do With Ephemeral Content


There’s also some wild employee adventures to document—like exploring a volcano. But thanks to events like the Shorty Awards , which includes a Best Brands on Snapchat category (the winner of which is chosen by a combination of public votes and scores from the Real Time Academy ), it’s worth keeping the platform on your radar and noting whether future updates can support your content distribution efforts.

Introducing Apple News analytics

For technical details on what Apple News data is available in, check out our distributed channels documentation. Changelog apple news distributed content product updatesWhen we asked our customers why they publish in Apple News, there was a clear consensus: Apple News features quality journalism from trusted news sources and reaches a large audience of new readers.

The One Thing That Helps Define Success with Content Marketing

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You should document this in your content strategy. To build a pathway to success, you need to prioritize your goals, then document a plan to achieve and track them. Distribute this content where your ideal buyers can consume it (i.e.,

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Coronavirus is Spurring Adoption of Digital Tools – Which are Here to Stay?


In response, companies have adopted technologies that remove in-person interactions and encourage a more distributed workforce. Document Signing. Payroll software, however, is nowhere near as simple to adopt as document signing.