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Forecast 2026: 3 Takeaways for the Next 3 Years of the PR Profession


What will the PR profession look like between now and the year 2026? The post Forecast 2026: 3 Takeaways for the Next 3 Years of the PR Profession appeared first on Brandpoint. Thanks to our findings from our 2023 Future of the PR Industry Research Report, we have a solid look into the future of the Public Relations profession.

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3 Unconventional Crypto Marketing Campaigns That Work Every Time


billion by 2026. Crypto marketing solutions will grow from $4.9 billion to $67.4 That means stiffer competition and a more volatile customer base.

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11 Examples of Programmatic Advertising Campaigns


Programmatic advertising spending will hit the bar of $725 billion by 2026, highlighting its significance in digital marketing. Programmatic ads may come in many forms, including display, video, audio, native, connected TV (CTV) ads, digital out-of-home (DOOH), etc.

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Spend on marketing analytics and data infrastructure to grow sharply


Spend across marketing analytics and data infrastructure is forecast to grow from $22 billion in 2022 to $32 billion in 2026 in the U.S., and European Union. That’s according to a new report from Winterberry Group, “From Data to Insight: The Outlook for Marketing Analytics.”

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33 World Cup marketing statistics you need to know


The most controversial World Cup ever is underway and expected to be the most-watched sporting event in the world until the next one in 2026. Ipsos ) United States : Location of the 2026 World Cup. This is why the marketers are out in force. To that end, here are some important World Cup marketing statistics. Sponsorship.

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Corporate Traveler Transforms its Business with Vidyard and Salesforce


trillion in new business revenue by 2026. in gains for every $1 Salesforce makes by 2026. Salesforce partners such as Vidyard are part of the growing Salesforce economy, which according to a new study by IDC * , is projected to produce more than 9 million new jobs and $1.6

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Cable TV subscriptions set to drop below 50% of all US households


That said, this growth will not be enough to offset the decline of pay TV. In 2022, 63.2% of all households will have either pay TV or a vMVPD, but this figure will decline to 54.8% Why we care: Getting your marketing mix right is always a challenge. While TV is still big, it continues to shrink.

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