Portals – Part II: Turning Challenges Into Success

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So you want to build a portal. You’ve defined your portal’s purpose (i.e. Building a portal may seem like a daunting project at first, but by reviewing and heading off the challenges others have met during these types of projects, you can set yourself up for success. .

Portals – Part I: What Is A Portal And Do You Need One?

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That’s where portals come into play. What is a Portal? Portals are essentially microsites that house secured aggregated content, and can be used for internal purposes ( intranets ) or for external knowledge sharing ( extranets ). The goal of any microsite is to distinguish itself from the main corporate website, providing a separate and more focused web experience for visitors, and that’s exactly what portals accomplish. that will be included within the portal.

Connecting On24 to the NetLine Portal: The real-time fulfillment solution for webinar warriors


In addition to the traditional white paper, the webinar is becoming one of the top content types used for lead generation on the NetLine Portal. 5 Easy Steps to Connect On24 to NetLine Portal.

Documentum – Making it Better with an OpenContent Search Consumer Portal

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One of our most popular methods to make Documentum better for our clients is to implement a consumer portal application based on Open Content Search. TSG implented multiple consumer portal applications for […]. Consumer Interface Portal Documentum HPI Open Source OpenContent

Facebook Unveils Youth Portal to Help Teens Navigate the Network


At 1:00 AM EST, Facebook released a statement that it has launched its Youth Portal: a guide to help teens navigate the network. Ultimately, it seems that the Youth Portal is quite possibly designed to keep teens on Facebook, which aligns with the company's overall goals in recent history.

Content in the Portal: How to Address the Partner Journey

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Jumbled portal access and a poorly designed interface is the main culprit regarding inaccessible content; additionally, your lead generation strategy may be too stringent and/or demanding—disinteresting partners to engage in further access for additional resources or opportunities.

4 Reasons a Partner Portal May Be a Horrific Idea if You’re Using Marketing Data


Marketing data is almost always related to how it helps you improve your lead generation efforts, conversion rates, brand reputation, and other customer-related initiatives. But the power of data is that it’s useful across your department and organization, even in the arena of building and maintaining relationships with your suppliers and other business partners. That’s […]. Digital Marketing marketing data

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Content in the Portal: How to Address the Channel Partner Journey

Computer Market Research

Jumbled portal access and a poorly designed interface is the main culprit regarding inaccessible content; additionally, your lead generation strategy may be too stringent and/or demanding—disinteresting partners to engage in further access for additional resources or opportunities.

Self-Service Portal for Data Delivery and the Oracle Data Management Platform

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The Self-Service Portal for Data Delivery is aimed at providing easy data delivery capabilities specifically geared for any Application Partner – one pre-integrated into the Oracle Data Management Platform (Oracle DMP), or someone new.

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B2B marketing lessons from Michael Brenner


He successfully pioneered a strategic web portal for SAP on the subject of business innovation that took the concept of thought leadership to the next level. A consumer example: L’Oreal owns the e-commerce portal makeup.com , where it even sells competitors’ products alongside its own.

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Portal für Persönliches Wissensmanagement | Portal für Persönliches Wissensmanagement

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Lesen Sie hier einen kleinen Einleitungstext zu unserem Portal für Persönliches Wissensmanagement. Vortragstext zum persönlichen Wissensmanagement Vortrag über persönliches Wissensmanagement WM-Wiki Neue Vorlagen im Portal Weiter. startseite. vorlagen. glossar. online-artikel. werkzeuge. weiterbildung. kontakt. impressum. login. Herzlich Willkommen. Weiterlesen. 1088 Aufrufe. Information Overload - ein Dauerthema. Verfasst von Gabi Reinmann am 14. Juni 2008 - 16:41.

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Holy, Hubspot! 4 Easy Steps to Real-time Lead Fulfillment


Did you know that you can connect the NetLine Portal to your CRM or MAS, and that it’s pretty easy? We have lots of customers who are using the Portal to load up their sales pipeline in Hubspot by generating leads with content syndication on our lead generation network.

B2B Marketing | Business to Business Marketing Information Portal

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B2B Marketing News SMEs flock to BT Tradespace 10 June 2009, 11:30 GMT BT Tradespace has announced 400 per cent year-on-year growth. The B2B social networking site – which was launched with the ‘specific mission’ of helping SMEs promote themselves, communicate with other businesses and grow – marked its second anniversary this month by signing up its 350,000th member.

Five levers of relevance for digital authors


You will still need portal pages. In my last article, Stop doing short-term campaigns , I said that cognitive effort was the “lever of relevance.” ” Several people have asked me what this means.

Documentum – How to make it better – 2018 Blog Series

Technology Services Group

Amazon Case Study Consumer Interface Portal Documentum Open TextBased on feedback from multiple clients, TSG will be conducting a 2018 blog series on how to make Documentum better based on our 20+ years of client experience. Over the course of the next several weeks, we will be sharing best practices with both new posts as well as some of refreshed versions of our […].

It's Official: WebMarketCentral is the Fastest Growing Web Marketing Portal


Thank you to everyone who's visited WebMarketCentral.com over the past few months—you've made it the fastest-growing web marketing portal site. It's gratifying that so many online marketing professionals have found value in the web marketing resources, news, tools and guides on the site.

Full Armor's Policy Portal: First Core Infrastructure Optimization Solution via Cloud

The ROI Guy

A new solution has been introduced that promises to change the way organizations implement and manage their core infrastructure via Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform. FullArmor’s PolicyPortal, running on Microsoft Azure, can help organization achieve infrastructure optimization leveraging the assets already in place, and without having to invest in incremental management infrastructure, training, labor or services.

Email Templates


Partners PortalUse this range of email templates to send tell your customers everythng they need to know about Shopfront, the UK’s leading B2B ecommerce software.

Further Expansion at the Web Marketing Portal


And as always, the Web marketing news and e-commerce news pages are a convenient place to keep up with what's happening in the industry. ** Terms: professional services marketing, Web marketing software tools, top marketing books, creative agencies, marketing agencies, b2b lead generation services The Web marketing and promotion portal: WebMarketCentral.com Contact Tom Pick: tomATwebmarketcentral.com RSS feed

The BMZ Content Portal for B2B Marketers Gains Traction


There's been a lot of activity since the B2B Marketing Zone (BMZ) officially launched two weeks ago. Traffic continues to grow and the number of featured bloggers has doubled. Awareness has been expanded through posts from prominent b2b bloggers like Brian Carroll , Ardath Albee and Cece Salomon-Lee.

Pricing Structures


Partners PortalAs an Aspidistra Partner we are able to give you a full break down of our pricing structure. This can be used to give your customers an insight into the potential cost of a fully integrated ecommerce solution.

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New Shopfront Features


Partners PortalAs an Aspidistra Partner we want to give you the most up to date information regarding the newest features in Shopfront. Latest Features. Feature 1. Feature 2. Feature 3.

Client Testimonials


As part of our Partner Portal package we’ve put together a PDF of our Client Testimonials for you to download a reuse. Partners Portal“Having a robust B2B ecommerce offering is certainly beneficial for our business, increasing sales and reducing costs. Our website is designed to be intuitive, our customers see it as a service for them. Now they can check on our stock levels, their accounts and delivery status. The feedback we gained was tremendous.

How to sell an integrated B2B ecommerce solution


Partners PortalCustomise this Sage, InDesign Template with your company details and logo so you can send it as a PDF to your prospectives. It tells them all about Aspidistra’s “best in class” Sage integrated B2B ecommerce solution.

Sales Kit


Partners PortalThe Sales Kit for Aspidistra Partners contains key information about the benefits of an Aspidistra ecommerce solution, when selling to your customers. Sales Kit includes: Infographics, containing facts and figures about ecommerce. Postcards, displaying vital information for all business departments on the benefits of using a fully integrated ecommerce solution. Pricing Structure, providing a full breakdown of our prices.

FAQ’s From our Partners


Partners PortalWhat’s the difference between your solution and others? Aspidistra’s solution for B2B ecommerce is Shopfront, a completely unique and individual piece of software developed from the ground up to be B2B, exclusively by Aspidistra Software Ltd. Orders flow seamlessly into Sage or Pegasus Opera with no need for extensive back office teams manually entering orders.

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Using Buyer Intent to Drive Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing Insider Group

Individual users and businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet as a research portal. This has led to changes in the way brands market their products and services.

Intent 180

This Is the Darkest Ad Parody I’ve Ever Seen


From independent content shop Portal A comes “Taco Bell: The Aftermath #CreamDream,” a legitimately disturbing parody in which a Taco Bell spokesperson eats 20 “Casablanca DreamDream Supreme” tacos while filming a commercial and then is forced to live with the consequences.

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Self-Serve is a Great Model for Vendors – and Customers

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Similarly, the mathematical cost calculation for providing a self-serve portal to customers is so clear it’s exhausting to imagine disputing the strategy. Let’s get it out there right away. Self-serve is an effective, cost-saving strategy for software vendors.

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Salesfusion Customer Generates $1.5 million in Revenue from Marketing Automation


[one_half valign="middle"] Partner Portal. Why Partner With SalesFUSION. [/one_half]

Salesfusion Raises Marketing Automation Bar with Predictive Lead Scoring


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Today we welcome LoopFuse into our family.


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How to Choose the Right Content Management System [Infographic]


No matter what kind of website you need, whether it is a simple online extension of your business, a personal blog, a powerful social networking site, or an influential news portal, one of these options may be perfect for you. Guest post by Tobias Dean.

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Commoditized Content: Is B2B Next?

The Content Factor

Now that Yahoo has purchased Associated Content , in the wake of AOL launching Seed.com , it is official that the major Internet portals see big profits in the ads they can sell on pages of cheap content. Two major events make a trend. read more.

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Smart Signals: Account-Based Data Append & Enrichment for Salesforce

Ignite Tech

Through the Infer portal (app.infer.com), customers are able select the data they want to append to their records in Salesforce, as well as the specific fields to which they want to append. excited to announce our latest enhancement to the Infer Smart Signals account-based data append and.

Portal 130

Salesfusion Acquires LoopFuse to Expand Midmarket Presence


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How to Start ABM and Create a Custom Scoring for Account Selection


Auth0 provides a modern identity platform for custom applications so understanding the identity and login portals of the 900 prospects was core to the research. Additionally, we would be able to assign “portal scores” to the remaining companies.

Lead Generation Business Models


Partner Portal. [one_half valign="middle"]. Why Partner With SalesFUSION. [/one_half]. one_half]. one_half_last valign="middle"]. frame style="none"] [/frame]. [/one_half_last]. one_half_last]. divider style="simple"].

Interview with Tony Baer

Onalytica B2B

Tony Baer – Principal Analyst at Ovum. Key Topics: Big Data, Data Management, Databases, Advanced Analytics, AI. Location: New York, USA.

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What Can Marketing Do for You?


Partner Portal. [one_half valign="middle"]. Why Partner With SalesFUSION. [/one_half]. one_half]. one_half_last valign="middle"]. frame style="none"] [/frame]. [/one_half_last]. one_half_last]. divider style="simple"].

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