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How Do B2B Marketers Use SIC and NAICS Codes for Effective Targeting?


The post How Do B2B Marketers Use SIC and NAICS Codes for Effective Targeting? All your shoe shelves look exactly the same. How would that make you feel? But, on the other hand, what if each of your shelves were marked with different codes carrying […]. appeared first on SMARTe Inc.

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List Research: Using SIC codes to find business lists

Direct Response Coach

When you research business lists for direct mail or email, you usually start with the SIC code. SIC, which stands for Standard Industrial Classification, is the universal coding structure for all businesses and organizations in the United States. (A

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Why are SIC and NAICS Codes Important to Marketing?


The most reliable way to identify a company is with SIC or NAICS codes. . SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification , which are four digit codes that are used by the US government to identify the primary business of the establishment. Companies in the same industry are assigned the same number or SIC code. industries.

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Research Strongly Supports Shifting to a “Converged Growth,” B2B Go-to-Market Organizational Model, Led by a Chief Growth Officer


” Forrester : “Organisations [sic] that are pivoting and turning the focus of their operations, technology and go-to market messaging to centre [sic] on the customer are twice as successful, and they enjoy longer customer retention, higher brand recognition, and even improved employee retention.”

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Best Social Media Platform for B2B Marketing: Can Twitter Stay #2?


” COSEOM , meanwhile, contends that Facebook is among the best ad platforms for B2B marketers, and even argues “it’s time that B2B Marketers take Tik Tok serious (sic) and consider it as an additional potential channel to reach their audience.” ” No mention of Twitter.

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What’s the missing link in personalized content marketing?


Smarter is to see what your Visitor ID system can do–they typically match to NAICS code (or its predecessor SIC), so why aren’t you categorizing your content around what you can learn about the visitor? You can call it theme or subject or pick your favorite word.

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Building The World’s Best Firmographic Data Foundation


As a result, ZoomInfo customers see a 100% fill rate on important segmentation metrics: industry classification (including NAICS, SIC), revenue and employee headcount, and can expect to see more data with its resulting attributes inside the platform over time. HOW DO YOU MEASURE DATA QUALITY?

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