How Technology is Helping Workplaces Transition to a Remote Environment


One of the positive aspects of operating in physical office spaces is that they are well-suited for collaboration. Everybody is in the same space, there’s the opportunity for interpersonal rapport, and it can be the perfect environment for innovation to blossom.

Why a Positive Culture is Business-Essential


If we can find a way to foster a positive culture of personal growth and upward mobility – believe me; you can, too. As a company with a more than 25-year tenure as a sales and marketing extension of some of the world’s largest companies, we’ve learned a ton about leveraging our positive culture to get us through uncertain times. Fostering a positive company culture is not just a nice thing to do. What steps do you need to take to create and maintain a positive culture?

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How to Create an Equal Work Environment


When I think about the strong and powerful people who have paved the way for me, I am determined to ensure that those who come after me in the workforce have an equal work environment. In this blog, I’ll cover how we can best work together to create an equal work environment as well as advice from several influential industry experts. The post How to Create an Equal Work Environment appeared first on Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. It’s 2018.

Developing a Strong B2B Marketing Plan in a Volatile Environment

The Lead Agency

Our top marketing trends of 2020 may be a useful starting point, as well as the following helpful tips and tricks for developing your B2B marketing plan while operating in a volatile environment. Leverage Content Marketing It is important to incorporate content marketing into your B2B marketing plan, regardless of the environment you are operating within. With challenges and changes to our business environment, come changes to customer/client needs.

Remote work: 5 steps to cultivate an environment where employees thrive

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According to research from Global Workplace Analytics , employees benefit from the flexibility and mix of environments that facilitate both collaboration in-office and stronger focus on tasks when remote. In addition to supporting employees with resources to support remote work , managers and team leaders should keep in mind these tips for cultivating a positive and productive remote environment for everyone.

How to Boost Thermal Comfort in an Office Environment

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With the number of time employees spend in their offices during the day, one of the main consideration for the employer should be to create an environment that is pleasant and comfortable to work in. As the global temperature is rising, the issue of thermal comfort in commercial environments is becoming more and more important. The first step in optimizing the thermal comfort in any indoor environment should be improving the wall and roof insulation.

What is a keyword ontology?


All the data you gather when you use keywords to learn what your audience needs and your position against your competitors can transform the way you make products for the market and build content that influences customers to buy your products. When you have your environment set up, you’re ready to start building associations between keyword clusters and product families.

Digital maturity — ideal state


” The fact is, a complete digital transformation results in a company that is in a position to continuously improve and optimize its marketing and customized engagement with customers. A corollary cultural change that will facilitate a successful transformation toward digital maturity is a move toward a more risk-tolerant environment.

Real World Applications Of AI-Powered CDAPs in Multi-channel Marketing Environments

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Before deploying the CDAP, attempting to build event-triggered campaigns and basic personalization capabilities required scarce engineering resources and were too slow to show a positive effect on marketing KPIs. The seamless, automate- optimize- scale cycle with CDAP drives agility, speed and scale and gives a lean marketing team the ability to punch way above its weight - all critical in the complex and competitive B2C marketing environment. Driving marketing effectiveness.

7 Phrases That Indicate You Might Be in a Toxic Work Environment


You have a less-than-great feeling about your work environment, and then, someone utters a phrase that gives you a sinking feeling. That's the feeling that indicates you might be in a toxic work environment. 7 Phrases That Indicate You Might Be in a Toxic Work Environment. That's one of the top signaling behaviors of a toxic work environment. A work environment that dictates otherwise gives us pause.

Shaping Community Behavior with Positive Language

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A great place to start your positive language makeover is your code of conduct/community rules. Here, more than anywhere else, is where we get bogged down in trying to prevent every possible negative situation that we forget about reinforcing positive behavior. Below are some examples of negative language from real-life codes of conduct, as well as positive rewrites of the same concepts. Positive: Respect others. Positive: Respect intellectual property.

Introducing Angus Nelson: B2B Messaging, Positioning, and Audience Building

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as an entrepreneur, this is a little side item, is learning how to position yourself, and all the weird things that go through your head when you do that. I got an opportunity to work for an association built around innovation, and being able to build messaging and positioning for a completely different demographic. The second milestone along the way when you were talking about the email list, and you said, "Positioning."

How customer values are transforming brands today


The controversies evolving from Trumpism on such issues like immigration, the environment and sustainability, health, partisanship, etc. have further galvanized consumer demands for brands to take a position on such issues, aggravated by an existing, ubiquitous lack of trust in corporate and government institutions. Rose Marcario , its CEO, said “we have to stand up for our values…our customers expect it,” i.e. a position that strengthened the loyalty of their core customers.

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Writing Content to Navigate a Changing Business Environment


Publish to Build Search Position. To build our web position, we needed to publish relevant content. The more people who visited our site, the more popular our site became, and consequently our search position improved. The post Writing Content to Navigate a Changing Business Environment appeared first on ContentMX. How Kintronics Used ContentMX to Transform its Business. Kintronics is a physical security company.

Teaching Corporate Resilience To Tomorrow’s Leaders


The workplace is supposed to be a gratifying environment where people learn to push their boundaries, overcome challenges and chart purposeful paths in life. However, today’s enterprises have to deal with volatile, complex, often ambiguous and uncertain environments.

How to Deal With a Toxic Work Environment, According to Science [Infographic]


A toxic work environment can impact your physical health , mental health, and overall level of happiness at work. Being positive and supportive to colleagues who are similarly affected by this toxicity can help create a sense of collective resilience. have figured out some precise steps you can take to make these things happen -- and they've created a new visual guide to cope with a toxic work environment.

What in the Name of Marketing Is Reverse Positioning?


The tactic used in these campaigns is called “reverse positioning.” Also called breakaway positioning, this marketing strategy uses techniques such as informing consumers about the different features of products, how they were made or function, or even their appearance. In breakaway positioning, a call to purchase may not be included. Patagonia reverse positioning example. Patagonia ran a successful reverse positioning campaign in 2011.

Web 2.0 and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) " Learning Matters!

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and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs). This is step one in what Steven calls your Personal Learning Environment ( PLE ). and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) « Learning Matters! Goerge Siemens recently pointed out (again) that PLEs are not necessarily ‘things’ we can build instituionally, a position I agree with. and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) &# Learning Matters! [.]. Learning Matters! April 13, 2007. Web 2.0

An Open Letter to Millennials Seeking Creative Positions


Not only am I looking for someone to fulfill the skills and experience needed of the position, but I want our agency to be the right fit for our next hire. I’m asking candidates questions to uncover whether we offer the benefits, culture, team chemistry, and work environment in which they could be happy and thrive. Be respectful, positive, smart, and genuine. This post originally appeared on The Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to The Agency Post.

The Bamboo Project Blog: Seven Strategies for Supporting Personal Learning Environments at Work

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31 Days to a Better Blog--Days 16 & 17: Heatmaps and Stumble Ads » Seven Strategies for Supporting Personal Learning Environments at Work. Yesterday I started to answer Glen Rosss question about how to support staff in developing and using personal learning environments (PLEs) by defining what I mean when I talk about a PLE. It explains the concept of a personal learning environment and it also describes and demonstrates how to use a number of different tools.

eLearning & Deliberative Moments: The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

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« Home | First-hand comments about Citizens' Assemblies » | ASCILITE 2006 success » | My first deliberative event » | Reading about Habermas » | Yarra River Values Forum coming up » | Deliberation is complex » | Publish or perish » | The plight of the Systems Dynamics modeler » | The complexity of learning » | YackPack for group discourse » The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE).

Ten Ways the C-Level can Positively Impact Marketing and Sales (Part One of Two)


Make sure you create an environment that allows for failure. A recent report published by MarketingSherpa asked B2B marketers what the top barrier was for overcoming their marketing challenges. 17% cited difficulty in getting buy-in or support from the C-Suite. Quite frankly I am surprised that the percentage is not higher.

6 Ways Using Innovative Technologies can Drive Growth


A Healthier Work Environment. It can give you a competitive advantage, and consequently, it will have a positive impact on profitability. Business Advice Business Development and Sales Digital Marketing Digital Technology digital technology growth new technology reputation management Skype Technology work environmentGrowing a business is no easy feat. You will be confronted with hurdles along the way, but the obstacles should not be a reason for you to give up.

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How to Build a Stronger Brand Image in a Mobile Marketing Environment


A brand that overlooks responsive design will lose fully half of its potential to build a strong brand identity. Responsive web design engenders a smooth user experience, which translates into a positive perception of the brand. To secure a good brand image in a mobile environment, you must let the brand speak for itself – quite literally. With proper integration, a strong brand image can be further cultivated in the mobile environment.

Ten Ways the C-Level can Positively Impact Marketing and Sales (Part Two of Two)


Without it, you’ll end up with an environment that limits what can be done, and fails to reach objectives. This is part two of our 2-part series on how the C-Suite can help affect marketing and sales for the better. (c c lick here for part one ). A recent report published by MarketingSherpa asked B2B marketers what was the top barrier for overcoming their marketing challenges. 17% cited difficulty in getting buy-in or support from the C-Suite.

The Sweet Spot is at the Intersection of Pain and Passion

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It has long been held that a company’s or product’s success depends on the ability to identify and position it against a customer pain point – a specific problem current and prospective customers experience. Larry Samuel, founder of AmeriCulture and author of Passion Points: Turning Consumer Passion into Marketing Opportunity , suggests that passion points are as important as pain points when it comes to positioning.

Spot 143

How purposeful branding is driving millennials and social entrepreneurship


While business entrepreneurs typically measure their performance with metrics like profits, revenues, and stock prices, social entrepreneurs are more concerned with generating a positive “return to society” and therefore use different metrics. They are socially conscious, especially about protecting the environment and creating a business that is environmentally sustainable. The world has changed dramatically in the past 10 years or since the 2008 recession.

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Renewable Energy: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

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Involvement in that campaign opened my eyes to the health and environmental damage caused by coal and the enormous health, environment, investment and employment upside of a move to 100% renewable energy. Retroactive changes and the lack of pipeline visibility for the post-2020 period are tarnishing the EU’s reputation as a safe investment hub whilst emerging economies position themselves as attractive alternatives. UN Environment.

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Marketo’s Position on the New Privacy Developments


Businesses that are trusted will excel in this new environment. Marketo’s Position on the New Privacy Developments was posted at Modern B2B Marketing - Marketo Best Practices Blog. | [link].

" 7 Easy, Powerful Steps to Create a Personal Learning Environment

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7 Easy, Powerful Steps to Create a Personal Learning Environment. Self-education is the ultimate form of personal-development because at its essence, personal development is about the intake of information that has the power to positively alter your behavior and way of thinking. A personal learning environment (PLE) is a system of free web-based services that helps learners manage and take control of their own learning. --> Passion-Based Learning. About. Contact. RSS Feed.

Creative strategies to improve your brand’s online reputation


If you want to drive leads and convert more sales, you should start by focusing on creating a positive online image and reputation. It takes 12 positive reviews to negate one negative review. Not only can your current employees help improve your online reputation, their activity on relevant platforms in your industry will help position your company as a thought-leader and active community member in your industry.

Online 112

When it Comes to Data Go for Best Not Perfect- What’s Your Edge?

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Prep your data by pulling it into an environment where it can be safely analyzed and manipulated. Analytics competitive intelligence data management Marketing Data Marketing effectiveness marketing excellence marketing performance positioning strategyWhat Grilling Has to Do With Data Management. Good data stimulates good decisions. This takes good data management. Living here in Austin, we can pretty much use our outdoor grill throughout the year.

How CSR and social activism are defining brands today


A Nielsen survey in 2015 of 30,000 consumers worldwide revealed that 67% prefer to work for socially responsible companies, and 55% will pay extra for products and services from companies committed to a positive social and environmental impact. . The positive response from major companies has certainly benefited their brand image, even improving their stock prices. To date most CSR actions have focused on causes that are relevant to customers, such as the environment.

Should brands take a public stand on social or political issues?


These recent demands for brands to take a clear position on social (primarily) and political issues are driven by three interrelated forces: Consumers, normally pretty quiet with their opinions, have become so frustrated with the lack of progress for correcting so many social challenges, and are now vocalizing their anguish, especially the millennials who are finally taking action. Can a brand use this platform for proactively turning a negative into a positive?

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DMEXCO 2018 review: AI becomes the new digital buzzword


Rather, the regulations have had a positive effect, and the industry has made significant progress. Utilising digital content to maximise real-time relevance is essential if brands want to stand out and drive positive response.”. It became clear from our discussions that each marketer has a different view of what constitutes a brand-safe environment – something reflected in our day-to-day experiences at ADmantX. It’s September. It must be DMEXCO.

Half of your audience hates you


But that is less and less likely to work in the heated environment we live in, where emotions are at the surface, and even the US president seems more like the Tweeter-in-Chief. Political positions by principles. The contentious political times we live in offer scant places to hide for the average company.

6 assumptions push marketing gets wrong


Theirs is the world of buying eyeballs and hoping some small percentage of the people attached to the eyeballs do something positive, or at least come away from the experience with a favorable brand impression. It’s no wonder that digital audiences are skeptical about traditional marketing messages, especially in B2B environments where it is their job to be skeptical. In this environment, content assets become offers, with manufactured urgency.