Marketing Automation Technology: Fast Growing Industry but not Always Fast Growing Results

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I just read a thought-provoking report titled: Forrester Data: Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, 2017 to 2023. Having worked in the […]. Marketing Marketing Automation Marketing Automation Technology

Should e-signature companies use Technographics?


million by 2023*. The electronic signature industry is growing fast, the global e-signature market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.7% during the forecast period, to reach $9,073.1

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Supercharge Your Sales Efforts With Deep Learning


Gartner predicted that AI and deep learning would be commonplace by 2023, mainly […]. Deep learning, one of the most effective approaches to artificial intelligence, continues to gain traction in the business world.

Since Consumers Still Hate Digital Ads, Brands Should Invest in Better Content


That number could get as high as $200 billion in 2023. My favorite YouTube video shows a baby panda sneezing. It’s 19 seconds long, so it’s easy to watch if I need a little cheer during the day.

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You’re the culmination of what you’ve shared and kept online


Start Today It’ll Be 2023 Soon! Time flies and it’ll be 2023 before you know it and you’ll have 260 blog posts out there about your profession before you know it!

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Email Marketing is Far From Dead…Here’s Why

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By 2023, the number of global email users is set to grow to 4.4 By 2023, we expect to see an increase of daily email sends to over 343 billion (Statista). By Michelle Voznyuk , Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing. We all get it. We all hate it.

3 Examples of Excellent VR Use in B2B Marketing


The global AR market is expected to grow from $11 billion in 2018 to over $60 billion in 2023 and the VR market is expected to jump from $7 billion to $34 billion in the same timeframe, according to a recent report.

45 Emerging Technology Stats to Know in 2020


billion installs in 2023. Meanwhile, VR platforms are expected to see 30 million installs across devices by 2023 ( Digi-Capital ). By 2023, digital voice ecommerce is expected to triple to an $80 billion industry.

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The Blooming of Brazil’s Tech Ecosystem Will Peak in 2020


The global medical robotics market is expected to reach $20 billion by 2023. Funny enough, I have carved out a specialty in content and PR services for Brazilian companies while working from San Francisco during the last five years.


How Marketers Can Be Successful with Blockchain Technology

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billion by 2023, even a fraction of that going back to charity could make a world of difference.

Online Shopping Statistics You Need to Know in 2019


And in the US alone, we’re expecting to have 300 million online shoppers in 2023. In 2023, eCommerce retail purchases are expected to rise from 14.1% Do you know about all the latest online shopping statistics?

Demystifying the Customer Experience


Spending on marketing automation is expected to grow by 14% annually through 2023 – and for good reason The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and marketers are sitting on a treasure trove of underleveraged data The best long-term personalization strategies let data do the driving. Forrester, for instance, reports global spending on MA tools will exceed $25 billion by 2023. Forrester: Marketing Automation Spend by 2023.

What’s the Mesh and Why It Matters for Marketers


billion by 2023, growing at a rate of 9.6 percent CAGR during the forecast period (2017 to 2023). “I read Peter’s notes, all of them, and he knew that a peer-to-peer Internet was possible in the future, but he was also basing that on, what, old desktop computers.

Demystifying the Customer Experience


Spending on marketing automation is expected to grow by 14% annually through 2023 – and for good reason The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and marketers are sitting on a treasure trove of underleveraged data The best long-term personalization strategies let data do the driving. Forrester, for instance, reports global spending on MA tools will exceed $25 billion by 2023. Forrester: Marketing Automation Spend by 2023.

Excerpt from The Great Pivot: Creating Meaningful Work to Build a Sustainable Future


Used car prices will crash by 2023 as people give up their vehicles; new car sales for individuals will drop to nearly zero. We are excited to launch Author’s Corner, a new offering from Biznology that will feature excerpts from our contributors’ latest books.

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Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Templates - Ultimate Guide


billion by 2023. ‘A cart has been abandoned.’ - this message might keep your mobile busy every other minute if you are an eCommerce store owner. Also, you should have asked your abandoned cart recovery plugin to get you notified about it.

Digital OOH will Explode in 2020. Here’s Why

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billion by 2023. Recent mobile, data and programmatic enhancements have enabled the swift digitization of OOH and a resurgence of interest in this legacy medium. Vistar Media’s Michael Provenzano provides five growth predictions for this traditional media channel for 2020.

How the NFL Draft Transformed from an Event to an Experience


So, new cities—like Cleveland in 2021 and Kansas City in 2023—are getting a chance to host a premiere NFL event. Reading Time: 4 minutes. The NFL Draft should be relatively a straightforward event. Teams take turns selecting new players, just like in gym class kickball.

How does your email sound?


And research firm Juniper predicts that voice assistants will be used by 275 million people by 2023. As email marketers, designers, and developers, we care a lot about how our emails look in our subscribers’ inboxes. But have you ever asked yourself how your email sounds ?

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Top Tips for Creating a Budget for your Email Marketing Campaign


billion in 2023. Email, although a conventional mode of marketing and communication, has weathered the storms of Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Mobile, and even RSS. What has helped email become a valuable medium over time is its periodic evolution.

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Intent Data Industry News: Buyer Intent Data Tools Insight, ABM Benchmarks, 2020 B2B Marketing Predictions, and More


According to the report, the Buyer Intent Data Tools market size has remained fairly steady with analysts expecting further expansion and growth by 2023. What happened in the intent data industry, ABM, and data-driven marketing for the month of October?

The Top Industries That Are Leveraging Marketing Automation Software


According to Forrester’s 2018 “Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, 2017 to 2023 (Global)” , spending for marketing automation tools will grow vigorously over the next few years, reaching $25.1 billion annually by 2023 from $11.4

The Top 6 Benefits of Content Automation


billion by 2023. Content automation has revolutionized content marketing, empowering marketers to get content produced faster and, for those who take a strategic approach, execute targeted content campaigns with better results vs. other marketing tactics.

Voice-Assistants Reading Emails: How Marketers Can Adapt

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And nearly 8 billion digital voice-assistants—embedded in smartphones, speakers, cars, and elsewhere—will be in use by 2023, according to Juniper Research. The launch of the Apple iPhone in 2007 prompted a decade-long effort for marketers to make their emails mobile-friendly.

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Talent and a Team for Our Times

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"By 2023, 95% of entities will have incorporated new digital KPI sets—focusing on product/service innovation rates data capitalization, and employee experience—to navigate the digital economy."

Big Data For Marketing: I Want My Real-Time Dashboard

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If the information created in the last 2 years is greater than the information created from the dawn of time until then, imagine what Big Data will mean to marketers in 2023 or 2033. “Data is the new oil.”

Why Digital Media is Killing TV Advertising


If these losses continue as projected, by 2023 viewing hours could be less than half what they were in 2010, and cut in half again by the year 2028. It's also projected that by 2023, digital will exceed two-thirds of total media spending.

5 Martech Trends to Drive Revenue in the 20s


Hence, they predict budget allocation for influencer marketing to be reduced by a third by 2023. Welcome to the 2020s! Marketing has seen explosive growth in the last 10 years.

Will Silicon Valley remain world’s tech innovation center?

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Nearly 60 percent believe that it is likely or very likely that the technology innovation center of the world will move from Silicon Valley by 2023.

What Adobe’s acquisition of Marketo will mean for B2B marketers in 5 years

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To find out what this will mean for B2B marketers, I decided to pull a Back to the Future with my trusty flux capacitor , and make a quick trip to the 2023 to find out what the biggest changes will be. .

B2B Ecommerce Marketing Benchmarks and Best Practices

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trillion by 2023. When most people think of ecommerce, they tend to think of retail or “B2C” ecommerce. Marketing for B2B ecommerce gets almost no attention. This shows up clearly in search query data, like in the chart from Google Trends below.

CDP investment outcomes: 2.5x more likely to outperform competitors


billion by 2023, up from $903.7 ClickZ recently hosted a webinar called “The Customer Data Maturity Model: Where Do You Sit?”, featuring some of the top minds in the CDP industry and marking the launch of a new seven-stage Customer Data Maturity Model.

Stats Every Marketer Should Know About Content Individualization and Artificial Intelligence


By 2023, autonomous marketing systems like individualization platforms will deliver 55% of cross-channel marketing content based on real-time customer behavior and data.

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5 Marketing Predictions We Expect to See in 2020

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billion users in 2023. Much like everyone else, we’re making lists in preparation for the new year. While 2019 was a big year in product updates for us at OutboundEngine , we’ve also spent the last 12 months watching trends and changes to technology.

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4 Factors That Will Affect Marketing Automation In 2020


Marketing automation spend is expected to reach $25 billion by 2023 , thanks in large part to revenue growth potential. Somewhere, most likely long ago, someone decided that chaining yourself to your desk and developing a workaholic lifestyle was something to be praised.

Terminus announces updates to AI-driven ABM platform


billion by 2023. Leading account-based marketing platform Terminus recently announced the release of updates to its ABM platform. Added features leverage Terminus’s B2B Account Graph” – a database of company-level digital identities that users access via the platform.

The Future of Content Marketing Management Software


billion by 2023. Years from now, as a marketer, what would you want your content marketing software stack to look like? Would it be a set of integrated, best-in-breed tools, or a single platform that does everything? Would it even be called a content marketing platform?

What’s Trending in Marketing For March 2019

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By the year 2023, it is estimated that nearly 250 million Smart TVs with addressable capabilities are expected in the market. media spending by 2023.

The technologies set to transform video content


In fact, LogicMonitor predicts that by 2023 , 83% of enterprise workloads will operate from the cloud. 30-second summary: Technologies such as AI, machine learning and VR have been gaining traction for what they are currently able to accomplish and what they will be able to do in the future.

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BIMI Email Standard Decoded: Best Practices, Benefits, and Way Forward

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billion by 2023. Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is a new email authentication standard. CNN, Groupon, and Aetna are some of the top brands that use BIMI to build trust through emails.