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How to Train Your Media Planning AI (The Right Way)


Efficiency KPIs and Dependent Variables If you want to predict the cost efficiency of media placements, you need to include cost efficiency KPIs as dependent variables in your training data. Effectiveness KPIs as Dependent Variables If you want to optimize the effectiveness of your advertising (who doesn’t?),

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A Guide to Google AdWords Paid Search Bidding Strategies

NuSpark Consulting

If you goal is website conversions, it’s usually best to allow Google to optimize your bids with Smart Bidding (below), If your goal is purely traffic , focusing on clicks is the way to go, and cost-per-click (CPC) bidding may be right for your campaign. Here’s an overview of paid search bidding strategies: Manual Cost Per Click (CPC).

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How to Get Started with Performance Marketing


Here are some of the key metrics and KPIs commonly used in performance marketing: CPM. CPM stands for Cost Per Mille, or Cost Per Thousand, and it is the cost the advertiser pays for 1000 impressions of a digital ad. A higher CPC usually means that the value of the conversion is higher.

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How This Ecommerce Store Doubled Its Revenue Using Our Facebook Ads Advice

Single Grain

Specifically, he was struggling with rising CPMs (Cost Per Thousand or, literally, Cost Per Mille, which is Latin for “thousand”) and customer acquisition costs. Learn More: Ecommerce Advertising Strategy: How We Doubled PPC Sales for ThinSlim Foods (with a 3X+ ROAS).

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7 Key Metrics to Help You Analyze Your Facebook Ad Results


Return On Ad Spent (ROAS). Cost per Purchase. Cost Per Action (CPA). #1 That’s why advertising in the news feed on Facebook will have a higher CPM (cost per mille, or the cost for a thousand impression), than on the right hand column ad space. 2 Return On Ad Spent (ROAS).

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How to choose third-party data segments based on your campaign’s goals


CPM: $1 – $3. CPM: $1.03. CPM: $1 – $5. Similar to building awareness, segments below 10MM may prove difficult to scale or too expensive to drive a positive ROAS. CPM: $1.03. CPM: $3 – $10. CPM: $3.42. Goal: Brand Awareness. Size: 25MM – 100MM. Size: 69.5MM. Size: 3.6MM.

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What is Programmatic Advertising?


With programmatic, advertisers can make sure to maximize the relevancy of their ads for specific targeted audiences and improve ROAS. Programmatic advertising works on a CPM (Cost Per Mille), or Cost Per Impression, model. CPM is the price per 1000 ad impressions that appear on a website.