5 Paid Traffic Sources Every Online Marketer Should Be Testing


As websites compete more fiercely for traffic, costs are rising. That’s why marketers must be smarter about which paid traffic sources they are using and when, and how much to invest in each. What are paid traffic sources? Paid advertising. Or simply, paid.

What is organic traffic and why it is essential to your online strategy


Nowadays, you can generate visits to a website without spending any money on ads or buying email lists — that’s what we call organic traffic. Organic traffic is, with good reason, the main goal of many companies that include digital strategies in their effort to acquire customers.


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Click Bots and Fake Traffic Cost Online Advertisers $35 Billion via @sejournal, @BrianFr07823616

Search Engine Journal

The world of pay-per-click advertising depends on traffic to keep it running. An open secret, this problem is much more widespread than many digital marketers might assume, with some estimates claiming fake users make up almost 40% of all web traffic.

50 Facts about online consumer behavior not to ignore


81% of consumers research online before buying. ( If the goal of marketing is to reach the consumer at moments that most influence their buying decision, then understanding online consumer behavior is key for any business. Here are 50 facts about online consumer behavior not to ignore. 94% of B2B buyers research online for purchase decisions. 89% of shoppers do online research before purchasing an item in-store. Greenfield Online ).

Learn Today, Sell Tomorrow: Increasing ROI & Conversions Through Search Metrics

Search metrics can drive conversion by helping website owners, and marketers learn from their online visitors. The data provided by an onsite search engine can help personalize the eCommerce experience and turn a visitor into a repeat buyer.

Business Facts To Inspire Your Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

Since the pandemic, many small businesses have rushed online in hopes of saving their revenue. Only 2-5% of all website traffic comes from social media. 64% of small businesses use social media (even though it only drives 2-5% of traffic and leads for the average business).

How to Boost Your Website Traffic with a Giveaway

Single Grain

Have you ever tried hosting an online giveaway? Well, if you are a brand that’s looking to increase website traffic drastically, then yes! Big brands often use giveaways to boost website traffic. What Are Online Giveaways? How Do Giveaways Boost Website Traffic?

How to Build Traffic Generating Links


In the past, link building started as a way to improve organic search rankings, and the secondary benefit was helping readers and actually generating traffic that way. Build Traffic Generating Links. They send relevant readers to your website and help you generate that traffic.

Tools that help monitor and measure social traffic


All too often social media marketing departments rely on interactions and likes rather than utilizing tools that measure more than just engagement (such as statistics, demographic metrics, and conversion goals along with other online and offline media mentions). These types of tools can give you the big picture of where your traffic is coming from, who they are, and what they are doing. Channel Specific Monitoring and Traffic Tools.

6 online marketing strategies for small businesses


Investing in online marketing for small businesses is democratic and brings a lot of benefits. Being well positioned in search engines is a way of getting organic traffic and building trust — since it is the first contact a person has with your brand.

How to Use SEO to Increase Your SaaS Website Traffic


Having increasing website traffic is a great indicator that your business is growing organically with online visibility. More traffic means a greater likelihood of conversion, and possibly a sale.

Drive More Traffic to Your Online Community with These 4 Tips

Higher Logic

The post Drive More Traffic to Your Online Community with These 4 Tips appeared first on Higher Logic. Tried-and-true tips for building an acquisition strategy for your open online community.

You’ve Got Traffic. Now What?

Industrial Marketing Today

You’ve done all the hard work of optimizing (SEO) your industrial website and now you have a steady stream of traffic to your site. The other half is all about converting that traffic into leads and customers. I find there is a strong but mistaken belief among industrial companies that somehow their site visitors will interrupt their online activities and pick up the phone to call their sales people. What then is the solution for converting website traffic to leads?

How the SpaceX Launch Stole Online Traffic


Convert experienced this quiet, but significant shift in focus online with a noticeable.

Creative strategies to improve your brand’s online reputation


Online reputation management is an area of marketing that often flies under the radar, but its impact on your business is much larger than you may think. In fact, 92% of consumers read online reviews to learn more about a business before making a purchase. If you want to drive leads and convert more sales, you should start by focusing on creating a positive online image and reputation. Use the five creative strategies below to start boosting your brand’s online reputation.

Online 112

Organic Traffic Basics & How to Get More Website Visitors


Organic traffic is a great way to reach new customers online. It’s scalable, it builds trust in your brand, and best of all, it’s free. What is SEO

How to attract more traffic to your blog with off-page SEO


Organic traffic is always tied to relevance. Have a frequent and relevant presence online, interacting with your audience in meaningful and non-invasive ways. All the organic traffic you attain brings even more traffic — people follow people, and trust builds trust.

A Guide to Blog Writing Services for Increasing Traffic Fast


A new dental practice and want to be more visible online to customers in your area. Let’s set the stage. Pick your character: A SaaS startup that just launched a new website, but is struggling to get visitors to it without dumping a bunch of money into CPC ads.

CPC 83

12 Killer Ideas for How to Market Your Online Course


And now, you’d like to join the ranks of these legends by creating an online course of your own. Figuring out how to market an online course so people actually show up. In this post, we’ll look at: Why create an online course? Why Create an Online Course.

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Ecommerce SEO for Product Pages: 15-Point Checklist to Boost Traffic and Sales

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consumers research products online when contemplating a purchase: Yet you’d be surprised by the number of online store owners and marketers who overlook the optimization of their product pages (except maybe Amazon!). When shopping online, people can’t touch or try on the products.

Content Marketing Results: 18 Ways to NOT Get Blog Traffic

Writing on the Web

What do you need to know about about the way people read online to make your content marketing efforts pay off? What are you doing or not doing on your blog that screws up your traffic? I’m posting twice a week, but I’m still not getting comments, and my traffic stats stink. I can almost predict where the low traffic problems come from based on looking at a lot of blogs over the last five years. He doesn’t have low traffic and he gets comments.

Advanced Blogging Panel: How to Create Content That Drives Traffic and Engagement


How can businesses use blogging effectively to increase online visibility and build relationships with their target audiences? It’s not unusual in companies for their blog to account for 60-80% of total website traffic, with most of their online leads coming through the blog.

Taking Our Own Medicine: Our Strategic Approach to Generating More Organic Traffic

Marketing Insider Group

We are keenly aware that one of the biggest struggles any company deals with is generating more organic traffic. Quick Takeaways: You don’t need a huge budget to attract quality website traffic. The Problem: The Struggle to Get Traffic and Attention on Your Website Is Real.

How to Manage Your Online Reputation with Content Marketing

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Your online reputation is one of the most important channels because that’s where the world finds you. While it’s impossible to control everything related to your brand online, you can manage your online reputation with content marketing.

Online 285

How the Right Blog Writing Service Can Boost Tech Company Traffic

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Tech companies can take advantage of a blog writing service to educate their customers, who will naturally be searching online for information about complex topics. Get started today and generate more traffic and leads for your business.

How to write an Seo-Optimized content to boost traffic and sales?


Because our main goal is getting traffic and sales from the content. Hence, getting high traffic and sales is not possible without optimizing your content. And is there any technique or rule to follow for boosting traffic and sales through SEO-optimized content?

5 Traffic-Driving B2B Blog Topic Ideas

KoMarketing Associates

KoMarketing regularly writes B2B marketing industry news stories, which has helped drive traffic, educate clients, and make them a top resource for B2B news in Google News. B2B Online Marketing Blog Content Marketing b2b blogging b2b content blogging content marketing news writing Don’t know what to write about when it comes to your B2B website’s blog? This is often a common problem for many bloggers and marketers in almost every industry.

How To Get 3x Traffic and Google Rankings with Content Marketing

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Content marketing is the best way to drive organic traffic to your website. In fact, companies that do content marketing best earn 3x the traffic than brands that don’t do content marketing. Search engines are the starting point of almost every online experience.

6 Must-Have SaaS Tools for Online Marketing of your Business


Online marketing is that Marvel superhero that took its time to arrive in the marketing arena but is here to stay for a long time. With the rise in competition, it becomes even more imperative to have a solid online presence. 6 effective tools to boost your online marketing 1.

More Traffic? Or More Conversions? No Contest.

Buzz Marketing for Technology

A bit of a trick question: If you had $100 to spend, would you be better off devoting that money to doubling the traffic to your site? Despite years of front-line, real-world experience to the contrary, more and more online marketing budgets are disproportionately aimed at driving traffic, rather than conversions. To be sure, driving traffic is a critical mission for any e-commerce site. Slice and dice your site traffic analytics all you want.

10 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2020

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Want to grow your organic traffic by 20-100%? Looking for SEO techniques that'll increase your rankings and send you free, qualified traffic? Unfortunately, this makes things much harder for those of us who rely on Google’s organic search traffic as a lifeline.

Content Marketing Hacks to Increase Web Traffic and Leads

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Repurposing and updating old content boost organic traffic and extend the shelf life of your best content. Why are traffic and leads so important? Organic traffic and leads generated are perhaps the two most important KPIs in your content marketing strategy.

Types of Online Conversions


Different brands in different industries will need to rely on different types of conversions; for example, an online retailer will rely on more direct product purchases, while a B2B service-oriented company will need to generate more leads from contact forms.

7 free ways to drive traffic to your landing page


How to get free traffic to your landing page. So toss aside your self-doubt and put on your business hat, because we’re going to cover how to get free traffic without feeling slimy. How to get free traffic to your landing page. Jump ahead.

Why You Want More Organic Search Traffic to Your B2B Website

BOP Design

Organic traffic includes the visitors who arrive on your B2B website after performing a search online using a search engine. Ideally, these organic traffic visits come from searches using terms (also known as keyword phrases) that are relevant to the products or services you sell.

How to Build Organic Traffic to your B2B Website

The Lead Agency

Therefore, the strategies that will drive traffic to a B2B website are different from those that will attract the individual consumer. Therefore, to drive traffic, you need to satisfy their needs and make the information they are seeking easy to find.

Professional SEO Checklist: Ten Technical SEO Tips to Improve Your Traffic (Almost) Instantly


Organic search drives, on average, 64% of all B2B website traffic , and 60% of visits to technology sites in general. So needless to say, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital part in improving online presence and traffic for B2B sites. Guest post by Mathew Jade.

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How To Increase Ecommerce Traffic & Conversions via @sejournal, @shopperapproved

Search Engine Journal

Learn proven ways leading online sellers are using social proof, UGC, and website security for better conversions and search visibility. The post How To Increase Ecommerce Traffic & Conversions appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

The best 34 SEO add-ons and extensions to increase your traffic


As a free tool, it provides an astounding amount of data: domain level search traffic estimates, key phrase queries (both nationally and globally), key phrase variants, and domain level backlinks. Sources – this is where you can specify the source of traffic.

Fast & Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic, Part 2


The last two strategies to increase website traffic will come in handy for getting a newsletter off the ground if this is something that’s been sitting on the backburner. Once there is a content strategy in place, the key to gaining consistent traffic from the newsletter is sending regularly.